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  1. "B.C. Hydro says the dam, which is currenlty under construction in the northeast, is crucial to the province’s energy future." Of course the dam is 'crucial', just like the one before it and those that will follow. At the current rate of population growth hydro electric development will never keep up with demand meaning nukes will probably be necessary too.
  2. 'The Creature From Jekyll Island', a must read if you seek to become informed.
  3. "“The families of 21 Canadian detainees have asked FAVE to help get them out of the northern Syrian camps. The majority of these Canadians are infants and children who are suffering from hunger and illness in frozen tents,” said group’s director, Prof. Alexandra Bain." Too bad for the isis creeps, but their fate should not be a matter of concern for Canadian taxpayers imo.
  4. boestar. Call the place great if you like, but that's kind of a subjective perspective don't you think? Although Toronto was never completely free of violent crime most of its problems used to center around parking, rent control, traffic overload and public transportation. People could generally go on with their lives without having to be on guard and aware of everything going on around them at all times and believe it, or not, residents of the burbs could actually leave their windows open, doors unlocked and as short sighted as it may have been, they could even leave their vehicle running while they ran into a convenience store and expect it to be there when they returned. At one time the police investigated small stuff like bicycle thefts, but nowadays they aren't generally inclined to investigate most property related crimes and direct the public instead to contact a telephone reporting center where a record of the event is created for insurance and statistical data keeping purposes. Like a lot of large and small communities anymore, Toronto's police force is overwhelmed by serious criminal activity and don't have the resources to deal with the ever increasing volume of petty crime, which leads to declining public order and increasingly more crime ... check out the 'Broken Window Theory'. As large North American cities went, Toronto 'was' definitely one of the greatest and safest places to live, work and visit.
  5. WJ introduced a couple of new concepts to the piloting world that I thought were pretty good ideas such as leather jackets etc., but I thought the grooming policy demeaned the profession and I'm glad to see the practice is finally falling out of favour.
  6. Thanks Homerun. Was the preliminary report purposely vague? Although some interesting tidbits were included, the preliminary report remains factually incomplete and leaves the reader with unnecessary additional questions. I was hoping some technical data from at least the FDR would have been included?
  7. I am in favour of everyone being eligible to receive a basic living wage but only if that is also linked to doing a set amount of basic work (based on physical and mental ability). No work, no pay." 'I couldn't agree more, but I'd like to hear how you would deal with honest to goodness deadbeats? I mean, it's one thing for us to demand work in return for pay, but knowing the freeloader will decline and turn to crime to support himself, should society act preemptively and remove the individual from the streets before he becomes a problem, or wait, let him misbehave and then spend decades and loads of cash trying to recondition the perp?
  8. "HST REBATE???? LMAO I have never seen one" Me either; the HST tax is purely a wealth redistribution scheme. On top of that, none of the income taxes paid by the 10% are used to finance public services; that money is used to pay interest on debt. Accordingly, to fund its growing operations the government takes on new debt annually, which adds to the total ensuring Canadians remain indebted to private banks in perpetuity. The banksters love taxpayers.
  9. Interesting stats; thanks Malcolm. I still wouldn't want to be a resident of Toronto, but the numbers do make you wonder if the whole damn Country isn't becoming a giant thug filled cesspool? trudeau's visionary leadership sure isn't serving the interests of Canada, but I'll bet Soros is quite pleased with the downward spiral the Country is in.
  10. The crime situation is worsening across the northern burbs ringing Canada's largest and most dangerous City, which led a friend to invest 10 K in a home security system. I don't think it's going to be enough?
  11. Nice gesture. From what I can tell, a heck of a lot of good Americans are willing to do their best to support their Country & President through a difficult time; they know they'll be paid in due course. " Imagine a private sector CEO telling his employees they must continue working but they won’t get paid because the BOD won’t give him money" Why pretend? What about the real world interventions of government into the private sector that take place such as the time they hijacked the negotiation process and legislated ready to strike private sector employees to remain at work and attend a forced one side takes all arbitration on the basis the organization provided an essential service for the moment?
  12. The clip speaks for itself.
  13. Decier For the purpose of the debate let's pretend boestar is in the 10% group you are intentionally ignoring and you're not. On top of paying his and your share of the provincial & federal income taxes, boestar's also 'forced' to pay a consumption tax the government takes 60% of to cover its handling fees before sending the remainder on to you in the form of a quarterly HST rebate cheque. Obviously the two considerations above don't come anywhere close to providing a full list of all the 'free' entitlements governments grant to the 90%. That being the case, isn't it fair for boestar to wonder when you will be stepping up to contribute your fair share to cover the costs of the burden?
  14. I was kind of expecting the investigating agency to issue a 30 day preliminary report on Friday?
  15. In today's nutty world the guy that posted the sign will probably be charged with setting a trap after a Darwinian finds a way to hurt himself testing the warning.
  16. I don't know if you realize it Deicer, but all the left wing doom & gloom predictions and wishes for the collapse of the Country you post are the work product of communists. Wouldn't the more important question be for you to be asking how Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist collective intend to survive when the 10% that already pay 90% of the income taxes are finally squeezed dry, or just give up on the Nation and take what's left of their assets, creative abilities and entrepreneurial skills elsewhere? I mean, all you have to do is look to countries like Venezuela to see how their pursuit of a socialistic ideology quickly left them to feed their children pets and sticks while they wait for more free stuff to arrive in the form of foreign aid. I don't understand why a North American left winger would want to pursue an agenda that is guaranteed to bring more of the same to their Country and children too.
  17. I guess personal success is a sin to those who prefer communism eh Deicer?
  18. I don't want to play defense for the guy, but sometimes the latch that holds the firing pin back is weak, or worn, which requires the services of a gunsmith to repair to return the weapon to a safe condition. Although this kind of failure could be sudden, it's more likely a slowly progressing breakdown the operator would notice developing. In that was the case, running a shell through the load / unload cycle aggressively may have led to failure and the weapon going off unexpectedly? On the other hand, ...
  19. Who would disagree with your position on media and personal political preferences boestar? But that all has nothing to do with the fact I asked a question above and received a link to a media opinion on an unrelated topic in return?
  20. Your answer is an example of the weak stuffing that fills the heads of extreme socialists ... with no ability to debate, I guess you're limited to posting links ... 'like a rock' eh boestar?
  21. The new authorities the law grants to police are downright Orwellian and a good indicator of the direction trudeau is taking the County, but this incident sounds like the work product of a somewhat over exuberant rookie.
  22. I don't know how the numbers are stacked anymore, but back when the cops busted a guy they calculated the value of the weed on a per joint basis at a price of $5, which left the public with a false impression of the product's value. For instance; in that scheme the consumer is expected to get approximately 2.5 joints per gm, which makes 120 gm, or 1/4 lb of product worth somewhere north of $1400. In the real world the user would have purchased the 1/4 lb for $600, the standard street price for that volume in the day. From there the price paid would continue to decrease as the weight of the purchase increased; a full lb might go for as little as $2K on the street where the authorities would claim a value of $5700. In practice that meant, whenever the police reported a bust to the public, or the Crown pursued charges in Court, the value of the bust was a bit of an exaggeration.
  23. This is all news about nothing. The 'migrants' are illegally in the Country and there really is a problem Batman! Why aren't the left wing media outlets running stories featuring past clips of present day democratic leaders vigorously advocating on behalf of the wall and a number of other enforcement initiatives? Answer; because the globalists have the majority of democrats, a few republicans and most of the mainstream media in their pockets and don't want the public to realize how corrupt governments really are, nor do they want us to recognize their effort to craft a new world order / society for themselves. With the majority of people now living in the digital world it's easy for the collective to fill the empty heads of the gullible masses with inconsequential nonsense to fret about. In effect, we exist within a mindless society, a nation comprised of Nero clones content to fiddle their lives away.
  24. Your anti Trump obsession is almost psychopathic in scale & scope Deicer. It's clear that you aren't a capitalist, a conservative, a supporter of Western culture, or even a modern liberal. So if you don't mind, I'd appreciate your taking a moment to answer a question. What form of political ideology would you prefer to see emerge from the ashes of Western culture?