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  1. Wow...... . . . . . . . . Wow... Holy S*&t Even though I'm a Pilot I'm a little scared of heights and what those people did took great big brass balls In my view.
  2. Hi Russ, Wasnt counting profit sharing and overtime because when the chips are down you can't count on them. Glad to hear some guys are working short months and don't own suitcases but the average joe works a little more and tucks their kids in over the phone on work days. Not complaining because it really ain't a bad job, especially if management could show us that there is the promise of a viable future here. In my experience here, the "very senior" folks with the really good skeds have been very senior with good skeds as long as I can remember because of the youngish demographics. Many middle of the pack Captains, especially in the west will retire middle of the pack (even though they have a lot of years in) with average skeds of 16 - 17 days per month. 'course I could be wrong like ya say.. Just my view. Cheers, PP
  3. I'm a 13 year Jazz Captain and I'm still short of 100K. Don't know where you get your info. And as far as seeing family every night, not true. After the rash of base closures approx. 600 of 1550 Pilots commute somewhere else to work. Sure you could say that the families could move too but most people don't want their families to suffer the damaging effects of upheaval every time the company changes their plan. btw the only Jazz Captains I know that have ever made even close to 120 were entrepeneurs on the side. Cheers, PP
  4. Seeker, I fail to see how you can get on a high horse and point fingers at people for "gloating" about our good weather. After all it is a free country and we can all move around and live where we choose. Many places show their charm at different times of the year. Besides, your earlier comment "Sure, but one of these days there will be an earthquake and there'll be no gloating then." is the only comment that I found disturbing. Weather changes daily but death and destruction has a bit of finality to it. Anyhow, I'm not bent outa shape about it. Its only a forum. Cheers, PP
  5. Ah its not all that rosy here on the coast. We've got a real noise pollution problem. Why just this morning I was trying to get a little peace and quiet on my deck with my morning coffee and all I could hear were birds squawking, outboards roaring and lawnmowers buzzing. You easterners would hate it here. PP
  6. So you think they should work when sick?
  7. http://www.fly12go.com/en/news/2007/44.shtml They must be safe now. The whole MD fleet has been blessed.
  8. I know it's been explained before and I have forgotten, but what is the origin of the term "dot" to describe retirement? Thanks, PP
  9. I hereby vote this to be one of the most sensible things said on this forum. I really wish more people understood this simple concept. Cheers J.O. PP
  10. "The early-stage discussions come as WestJet tries to narrow the gap between it and the country's largest carrier, Air Canada" WHY? "With Oneworld in its sights, Calgary-based WestJet is seeking to graduate beyond its roots as a regional niche player" WHY It's a well travelled trail. Niche seems to work better in Canada. Best of luck. PP edited for punctuation
  11. http://www.holoweb.com/cannon/commons.htm "Fine words from a "loon" " You got a problem with Loons? Seems they know a thing or 2 about flying. "People try to put us down!"
  12. "It even gives you the wind/direction readout as you taxi." How would it do that? I can't imagine how it would sense it. PP
  13. Perhaps they were just "banking" unused dead-heads, which is perfectly legal and above board at both Jazz and Mainline.
  14. "Another issue of DH that will pop up is soon I'm sure is how there are some Jazz pilots that are not really DH "to work" on a high priority,,,,,worst is I overheard a couple bragging about their scam in the earshot of the general public,,,,,,,,,and me." Ikfu, How do you suppose a Jazz Pilot can list themselves as "Dead-heading" when they are simply commuting. I am not aware of any avenue to list oneself as pos space business travel. Usually this is done by flight-ops or crew-sked. Since you are pointing a finger, perhaps you'd like to continue the story with a little clarification. PP
  15. Ive seen it happen a couple of times. "oh what a cute dog, lets let him out for a minute' By the ramp or FAs. I would never ship my dog on ANY airline.. PP
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