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  1. Hey now !!! How did this turn into "pilots are pigs"???? Not fair...not fair.... Perhaps some are so please be a little more specific. :)
  2. www.globalfusion.com click on Forums and you will find the forum there with all the directions.
  3. "Long time user"???? as in "reader" I would assume unless you change your handle like some change their pants "Obese"?? What is your definition of obese? I was at the gym the other day and overheard two muscle men describe a woman on the treadmill as an "obese duck' but in my opinion she was only about 10-15lbs over the limit.... And finally....believe me, this is the wrong forum to ascertain how to structure your love life. This place runs rampant with personel who have AIDS,,,Airline Induced Divorce Syndrome :>
  4. Perhaps you should "cut and paste" this on the EZ Board Forum so those AC pilots will know how you feel. just a thought.
  5. Check your email for an explanation
  6. In all seriousness, it has been said, (posted), by a few that they have the highest regard for AMEs. I would like to echo that sentiment based on my personal experiences both in the CF and Civil Aviation. There has been more than one time, especially when a junior birdman on a particular aircraft, where I have called upon their experience and expertise to resolve what I considered a problem. We all know what our responsibilities are as far as our primary jobs go but there are some in the pointy end that feel that they “know it all”. What a crock. I challenge any pilot to know ALL the intricacies, nuts and bolts, glue and other voodoo magic that hold an aircraft together, on par with a qualified AME. I don’t expect every AME to be able to ascertain SGR and I know he doesn’t expect me to know where the 3 bolts are that hold on the engine. As pilots, I would hope the AME respects our ability to fly the machine, but it is a two way street. I would also hope every pilot respects the AME’s ability to do what the vast majority of us can not do. Respect begets respect.
  7. Any luck with the on going modification for the cockpit (enlarging the workspace for some individuals egos)????
  8. Sort of like ..think of a card, "click", oh my it's gone !!! Except this is with symbols and numbers. Been circulating via email for quite sometime now, but still a good brain teaser. Try this....Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it, five in the middle is seen; First of all figures, the first of all letters, take up their stations between. Join all together, and then you will bring before you the name of an eminent king.
  9. Interesting info, Would appreciate your references re, $30.00 worth of fuel and leasing brakes/tires. To be honest, this is the first I have ever heard of this info. Re noise....The right sound of noise is very comforting to those of us that fly. It beats the crap out of the "other" noise one might hear as the aircraft trundles off the end of the runway. If your biggest complaint on any flight is the "noise" of the application of reverse thrust, you have had a great flight
  10. Ahhhhh my non smoking wrench man...thank you for the info. If we did have those new fangled brakes, do ya think they would have had us decrease the amount of reverse we were supposed to apply on every landing ??? I don't have a Boeing manual anymore but it seems to me that reverse was supposed to be applied within 2-4 seconds, or there abouts, after touchdown in order to benefit greatly from its application. Now if we had the carbon brakes, would "Billy" change the book, do ya think??? And lastly, was carbon an option for the T-Rex or did they start to use them on later models.. So many questions...so little time....
  11. (((You really think we follow people around the circuit needlessly in order to increase our pay?))) Actually I was told you follow people so that you youngn's could find the airport (((think Air Canada pilots, on the whole, fly ANY different than any other pilot group in the world? ))) Again I was told there really wasn't much "flying" done in AC, (except for those REAL pilots that flew the DC9 and 737), and that most of you just sat there counting your money, making travel plans, and moaning about the fact that your fingers were becoming stubby from all the button pushing :>
  12. Very Interesting, thanks for taking the time to post the info. To be honest, I can't remember what type of brakes we had/still have in the T-Rex. Re-Reverse..I know that when I landed on 24L in YUL and we were allowed to clear at the end, I just used to dump the buckets and use idle reverse but on most landings I always used reverse, not enough that the pax would do a face plant in the seat infront of them, but I did use it. Naturally I did use brakes as well and in hindsight I guess it was a controlled application of both.
  13. Agree, but one shouldn't extend ones flight time just so one does not have to use the "boards". Billy Boeing calls them "shame sticks". He spent millions developing those things and considered it a damned "shame" if they weren't utilized. I also flew with a couple of guys who did not want to use "reverse" after landing as it might upset the pax !!!! I guess these fellows thought it was more cost efficient to replace the brakes than subject those poor engines to stopping and spooling up backwards and having to explain to the pax what all the noise was. :) In todays aircraft, as a pax, if I don't hear reverse, I begin to wonder.... Have a nice weekend
  14. 1) what's wrong with using speed brakes??? Aren't pilots supposed to "work" ???Used them all the time on the T-Rex, we had no FMS. Please don't tell me pax comfort. Most pax don't care how they get on the ground as long as it is safe and expedient. You might ask ATC who they preferred to control, for flexibility, "Buses" or DC9s/B737s" 2) If you asked the same question a few years ago, (why do a full STAR on a VFR day), the answer would probably have been "block growth", Hopefully that attitude is on the way out. 3) If it is VFR and traffic permits I would suggest a "pilot" flown Visual approach is the way to go....but then again, in the jet world in AC, the last aircraft "pilots" had to fly were the DC9 and B737 Just my thoughts from away out here
  15. I have had the prototypes ready to ship out for some time but have to have the Website up first as those that receive the prototype will be directed to our website, Hopefully by the end of this coming week.
  16. OK, I have responded to "my response" to you and got a "Black Square" as I was not the original poster. I put this up to let you know that DAGGER probably responded to his own post below "Re: HAWAIIAN GOES CHAPTER 11" and got a "white Period" but his original post was deleted so there is no "Black Period", or original post to look for.
  17. The "Blackened Period" is always the initial post. The "White Period" is what you get if you respond to the original post. The "Black Square" is what you get if you respond to another poster in the same thread but NOT the original poster. It also indicates that the postings may be out of sequence as far as the "time posted" At least I "think" that is how it has always worked To test it, go to a long thread and respond to the initial poster. Your reply will probably be at the end of the thread but it should have a "White Period" beside it.
  18. People who live in Whitby probably have a reason to cry
  19. Visualize, if you will, four Burning candles The four candles burn slowly,the ambiance was so soft you could almost hear them talking. THE FIRST ONE SAID: ”I AM PEACE! HOWEVER,NOBODY CAN KEEP ME LIT.I BELIEVE I WILL GO OUT." It’s flame rapidly diminishes and goes out completely THE SECOND ONE SAYS: ”I AM FAITH ! MOST OF ALL, I AM NO LONGER INDISPENSABLE ,SO IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE THAT I STAY LIT ANY LONGER ." When it finished talking, a breeze softly blew on it putting it out. SADLY, THE THIRD CANDLE SPOKE IN ITS TURN: ”I AM LOVE ! I HAVEN’T GOT THE STRENGTH TO STAY LIT. PEOPLE PUT ME ASIDE AND DON’T UNDERSTAND MY IMPORTANCE. THEY EVEN FORGET TO LOVE THOSE WHO ARE NEAREST TO THEM ." And waiting no longer it goes out. SUDDENLY... A CHILD ENTERS THE ROOM AND SEES THREE CANDLES NOT BURNING.”WHY ARE YOU NOT BURNING? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY LIT TILL THE END." Saying this, the child begins to cry. THEN THE FOURTH CANDLE SAID: ”DON’T BE AFRAID, WHILE I AM STILL BURNING WE CAN RE-LIGHT THE OTHER CANDLES, I AM HOPE !" WITH SHINING EYES, THE CHILD TOOK THE CANDLE OF HOPE AND LIT THE OTHER CANDLES The flame of Hope should never go out from your life and each of us must maintain Hope, Faith, Peace and Love !!!! Have a great weekend
  20. Well, I sorta go with Rob. It doesn't matter how many, or who protests, the war is not going to stop...so why bother ??? Scuba 02 gets really ticked with me cause everytime I see a bunch of protestors I always ask, "Don't these people have jobs?" Then again perhaps the majority are retired
  21. Perhaps you could delete your postings below in regard to LONGTIMER V. It seems his is gone, possibly deleted by himself, and I'm afraid your rebuttals don't have a posting to which one can refer. Thanks
  22. If I was a terrorist I sure be glued to CNN !!! Nothing like preparing for possible terrorist retaliation strikes in the US and then broadcasting where all the strongly fortified positions are. Perhaps I am in a minority but broadcasting your strong points doesn’t seem to make much sense, just about as silly as watching all the “retired” experts point out where the US troops are, and how they will carry out their mission. Some guys just love those 15 seconds of fame, (plus the few $$ they make), during their search for stardom. I will certainly acknowledge that CNN does have some good coverage of world events but only CNN could analyze the next 36 hours into oblivion in hopes of keeping their ratings up. Anyhow, with the pending war, there goes my chance for any prime time TV exposure as I explain to the public what is the real problem with AC, and how they will fix it…..this time….:>
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