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  1. Buffalo DHC 8-400 Crash

    BA definitely had a Cadet Pilot program when I was there, and I'm fairly sure they still do. Seems to work just fine for them too.
  2. The IPhone

    Only if Apple makes a CDMA version as this is the type of network Bell and Telus operate. Rumour is Verizon in the US want a CDMA version very badly and that Apple is considering making one. Might be a year or two though as AT&T has exclusive US rights until 2012 if I remember correctly.
  3. CanJet hijacking in Jamaica

    The latest from the BBC. Gunman holds up Jamaica aircraft A man has hijacked a passenger plane in the Jamaican resort of Montego Bay, and is still holding five crew members hostage, reports say. More than 150 passengers were on board when the man forced his way on board the Canada-bound charter plane but all have now been released. The man breached security and boarded as the plane was about to take off at around 2230 local time (0330 GMT). Negotiations for the release of the hostages are said to be taking place. "The situation is ongoing," said airport spokeswoman Elizabeth Scotton, quoted by the Associated Press. Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding is on his way to Montego Bay to take charge of the situation. 'No-one hurt' The gunman reportedly checked in for the flight then forced his way past checkpoints and went on board brandishing a firearm. He is said to have robbed passengers, most of whom were released after half an hour. A shot was reportedly fired but no-one was hit. Two of the passengers were held for several hours before being released, according to reports. The charter airline that owns the plane, CanJet, said 182 people were on board, including 169 passengers. "All passengers have been safely removed from the aircraft, but CanJet crew and the armed man remain on board," the airline said in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency. Information Minister Daryl Vaz said two of the crew had been released and five were still being held. He told CNN the gunman was Jamaican, a "mentally challenged youngster" who was demanding to be flown to Cuba. Most passengers were taken to a local hospital, some of them suffering from shock. Police and security services have cordoned off the airport and surrounded the plane. Correspondents say security at Montego Bay's Sangster International Airport is normally very good. The airport, one of the most modern in the Caribbean, handles about four million passengers a year.
  4. (CNN) -- Passengers were reportedly taken hostage on a charter flight at a Jamaican airport. They were boarding the CanJet flight from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay to Halifax, Canada, late Sunday when the security breach occurred, said Elizabeth Scotton, a spokeswoman for the company that manages the airport. Scotton would not say how many hostages were being held. About 150 people were scheduled to be on the flight, said Jamaican police Lt. Col. Derek Robinson, and it was not known how many were on the plane. A passenger, Brenda Grenier, called her husband and said a man apparently had sneaked aboard the plane and had taken hostages. Grenier and her daughter were safe, her husband said by phone from his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Jamaican police and the company's security personnel were handling the incident, Scotton said. Lt. Damain Bromley of the police said they were waiting for more information. An airport official reported the security breach, he added.
  5. Does anyone have a link to, or a copy of...

    My bets it's an Aussie.
  6. AC.A @ 98 cents

    Ok so first option is to purchase on the open market. The next is to issue from treasury. Every definition of treasury shares I have read states that treasury shares are shares that were purchased on the open market and held for later distribution. That being the case they do not cause dilution. As for buying back shares and retiring them, I think it's a great idea if the shares are undervalued. Retiring shares like this is like paying off a loan for less than it's face value. As for whether it's the best return on the companies cash, perhaps not, but WJ is very focused on it's core business and isn't about to start throwing the money around on other ventures so what else would you do with the cash? It's good for the shareholders in that it as you put it "props up the share price" although others might frame it differently and it's good for the company in that it helps quiet calls for "special distributions" from those shareholders who might like to get their hands on the cash if we just sat on it. As to who bought all that WJA, I have no idea 'cept it wasn't me
  7. AC.A @ 98 cents

    Not true at this point in time. The WJ ESOP shares are purchased on the open market so no dilution occurs.
  8. GE engines...

    "Big Round Thing" I'm guessing.
  9. What is the sweet spot for Oil?

    De-icer, you do realise that's 14.83 billion income on revenues of 137.7 billion. That's a margin of 10.79%. Hardly outrageous. I'm sure you'd be thrilled if AC posted that sort of margin.
  10. Booking travel to Europe

    Having flow them a couple of times I couldn't agree more. I especially love the csa that comes out at the check-in cutoff time and takes a place in the line to tell all the late-comers to "naughty word" off, as they are now going to miss their flight!
  11. USAF Tanker bid reopened.
  12. For you Obama fans

    I agree, that all sounds quite reasonable with few exceptions, what exactly is the problem?
  13. Large Fare Increase

    I think Canada Eh is right Steam and it's only recently that fuel has overtaken labour as a typical airline's biggest cost.
  14. A380

    It was Airbus' ball to begin with, Boeing just decided to join the party!
  15. Eos goes belly up......

    Somehow I think that no matter which rail provider you use it isn't going to come close to the service EOS was offering and that's the point. People willing to pay the money EOS were charging probably aren't interested in catching a train to London at the end of their flight. I used the trains regularly when I lived in the UK and do so whenever I am home as my parents live in a town with mainline access to London. Maybe I'm wrong but it just doesn't seem to fit with the product EOS offered IMHO.