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  1. Dagger. Because your house is on fire shouldn’t make you wish your neighbours to catch fire, unless of course it makes you feel better. Jazz has done a good job and is most likely part of the master plan. This new contract will negatively affect everyone in the industry.
  2. And even more important, politician. There is still a lot of money in Ottawa.
  3. How right you are my friend... How right you are. But, isn't that why were here. Have a good weekend
  4. Actually ,there was rumour of Jazz merging with Transat a few months ago along with AC getting out of AC Vacations buying seats on another carrier. Is this one of the reasons Jazz getting out of Thomas Cook? Do I really think so? No. Just food for thought.
  5. My God Maverick... relax. Switch to decaf or underwear size. I suggest boxers.
  6. Thanks malcolm. How about deleting a post. I see the edit button but not delete. Thanks again.
  7. Flight Nursing in the Canadian Arctic
  8. Rumor is, news coming out tonight or tomorrow about AC's conciliator final decision. Any truth to this?
  9. Can someone from Porter explain why they want to form a union. Usually this means unhappy employees. Not always, but usually.
  10. Since it looks like the Minister might be successful in a six month extension, can AC afford the time?
  11. Hey GateKeeper... No apologies required. French form France but Canadian now and forever. Only trying to understand this mess. You do know the French take Union's and Strikes very seriously. I still can't understand how having one union for two professions. One will naturally try and take care of themselves and family which may not be advantageous to the other.
  12. You're being a prat...and I don't mean Whitney. Grammar was never your forte was it? No it is not.... I'm french, but should still come out the same. Instead of being defensive why don't you just explain.
  13. I really must not be getting this. Can we compare having CSA and F/A's, Dr. of medicine and Dr. of phycology, Pilot and Dispatchers in the same union.
  14. I still can't understand both professions in the same union. Can someone please explain.
  15. If my sources are right, Westjet regional will be Porter. Not only that, Canjet will have 5 - B757 for Air Transat work. This would leave AC low cost very difficult to work if its CR's "master plan". I should have a few doubles and cheer up. Any truth to these rumors?
  16. I'm very surprized that CR with Milton, the failing economy and the Fed's on his side would even consider a LCC. That's why I keep saying there is something more to it. Is the plan dividing the company and selling it off or kicking the door wide open to lower wages in the near future. Loosing money with the load factors in the high 80's and giving 2 2 2 3 3 % wage increase doesn't make sense. Low cost has never worked at the majors and CR knows it. Is this an attempt for CR to momentarily increase his shares and walking away as did Milton? I know we have sharp people on this forum so what do you think?
  17. In my humble opinion it's only a divide and concur tactic which normally works well for the company and investors.
  18. There was speculation TC wanted them to do Europe during summer season.
  19. I understand Thomas Cook no longer need for Jazz to be ETOPS certified. Cant be good news. Anyone know the reason?
  20. In my humble opinion I think it’s an attempt dividing the company in two. A few months later CR makes an announcement the LCC didn’t work out and rids of it. He is left with a long haul carrier competing with international operators, which I think has always wanted, as did Milton. I believe Milton said at one point the AC wages and structure are competitive with international flying only, the reason why the company is offering a raise at all. What do you think?
  21. Does anyone know if the TA comes close to LCC wages such as, WestJet, AirTransat etc.?