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  1. He is from a minority ethnicity
  2. As soon as I see or hear the term "Expert" I question their credentials to be called that.
  3. I think that the public should question the safety of the airlines that are selling the cheapest tickets.
  4. As the Medical Health Doctor said 'Fewer tests, fewer positive results'.
  5. Now my page down button is broken again
  6. I just had my page-down button fixed and now it is broken again.
  7. Because they read about it in a book somewhere
  8. I quit working to get away from being sent to China all of the time.
  9. I bet both Air Canada and Westjet are preparing bid sheets on some of their aircraft.
  10. This brought back memories from 30 years ago (or more) of an A320 in YEG that was due to make a flight to YWG. It was determined that the gear would have to be extended the whole way (I cannot remember why) Dispatch came up with a fuel figure to accomplish this and now we just had to determine IF any passengers wanted to go along for the ride. I had the task of making the announcement in the hold room and explained that it was going to be a bit noisier and take awhile longer, but the flight would be safe and since it would be flying much lower the view would be great. Not one person desired not to go! I was surprised that the flight took only about 10 to 15 minutes longer.
  11. Probably an increase in GST is next
  12. Well, in the case of John Gradek his future became a Professor at McGill
  13. Try and convince a journalist of that
  14. My sister is currently in the hospital in Port Moody (fractured vertebrae from a fall) and no one is allowed to visit. I suspect that my nephew from Kelowna might be able to as he has the power of attorney but he would have to tackle the Coquihalla to get there.
  15. John Gradek may not have a right to be bitter but he does have reasons. He was caught up in the "You were former Air Canada so you must not have a future here anymore".
  16. I saw that video last week and sent it to my 10 year old grand-daughter. I asked if she could dance like that. She said no but she would work on it.
  17. But no visitors are allowed
  18. Take a look at the schedules The capacity being flown is a small fraction of what it was a year ago and then it is not near full.
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