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  1. and our glorious Health Minister
  2. As soon as I see a 'journalist' use the term "workhorse" I quit reading
  3. about as much as a BAC-111 taking off from Dorval
  4. Edmonton is forecasted to feel daily highs of -30 this weekend (without 'windchill') We would love to see some 'global warming' tomorrow
  5. I find it interesting that as the number of tests goes down the positivity rate goes up
  6. I fully agree Maybe he is going to apply to run as a Lieberal in the next Federal Election? Morneau is gone so he might see a place for himself and we all know that you have to be Green to be a Trudopalite
  7. The nice thing about unions is they never fail to drag up an old Cliché
  8. Can they get ALL of that onto the paycheck?
  9. Remember the base figure that "Travel accounts for less than 2% of Covid cases"
  10. Was that made the last time that the MUC Police put on a protest?
  11. I gave blood yesterday and had to take off the cloth mask that they previously had given me and had to put on the new disposable one. As I returned to my car I noticed the dozens of masks 'disposed' in the parking lot.
  12. and then you could be like my daughter in Ottawa: Last week she was on the phone from home and the Minister said that she wanted an answer "By close of business today". It was already 1600 so my daughter wondered did she mean 'close of business in Ottawa, or Delta BC where the Minister was sitting at home with her family, or 0400 which was when my daughter signed off that morning from the day before.
  13. or as Catherine McKenna said 'say it loud enough'
  14. He is not smart enough to call any shots His minions in the PMO do everything
  15. Since the Canadian teams are only playing each other there is no room for an American team
  16. If you ask "Why is the airline industry always the first target"? The answer is 'Because they can'
  17. Do not forget that our Health Minister had a #1 qualification that she was a graphics artist and could colour posters really well
  18. The point was that he met the #1 requirement
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