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  1. The intrepid media will call it an AK15 assault knife
  2. You know those Antipodean workers at Canadian ski resorts that had trouble getting back home a year ago. The Federal Government decided that they should get CERB payments
  3. The operating room that I was in had a garden hose on a reel over on one wall. After nearly 10 years I am still not sure if that was what they used or not.
  4. and I think that you are right
  5. Oh by the way the superintendents are part of the union too, for the time being. They are trying to set up their own organization: The college of Alberta School Superintendents.
  6. My son is taking the approach of being involved in politics. He is a good friend of the Provincial Education Minister now. The Alberta Teachers Association is an incredibly powerful body and after 4 years of NDP 'leadership' it will take some time to get control back. In Alberta even the principals are part of the union.
  7. NYC school encourages kids to stop using words like ‘mom,’ ‘dad’ in ‘inclusive language’ guide My grand-daughter in Calgary switched classes after the new year. The new teacher insists on "In-clusive" language.
  8. Is there a Federal Minister that is not brain dead?
  9. I am left wondering which vaccine she will get?
  10. We have no problem getting to see our Doctor face-to-face
  11. You are dealing with 'journalists' Not the brightest group to start with
  12. My wife and I know of no-one The other days she asked our doctor if he had run across anyone and he said 'no one in his practice' which is a large multi-doctor clinic
  13. I think that it is JOBS that cause climate change
  14. I still do not know of anyone in my circle of relatives or friends or friends of relatives that have contacted Covid. My wife was at our doctors today and she asked 'If anyone he knew had contacted Covid and he said "Not a one".
  15. Damn My page down button is getting a workout again
  16. Rumour has it that the weekend had to pay the NFL to perform there
  17. It was not her driving skills that I was watching
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