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  1. "Ahhhh tower was that the right engine ... or the left engine?????... or your right ... and my left????" I doubt they had enough time to look themselves.
  2. Defcon: You said: "The RCMP seem to get their knickers in a knot over drug issues rather than the clear and present danger that threatens aviation today." I think you missed this part of the article: However, police are concerned about far more than drug smuggling; if it's easy for corrupted airport employees to move narcotics or drug money on and off planes, they ask, how much harder would it be for terrorists to smuggle aboard an explosive device, or even a malignant virus?
  3. Jetblue and Luv were down because they issued statements that fuel costs were squezzing their margins. Westjet got caught in the spillover.
  4. Fido

    A340 ??

    Unless you are on the one aircraft that has not been modified [#981}.
  5. Another non ASM producing revenue is Aeroplan and it can be huge.
  6. From the same report: Cargo revenues decreased $32 million or 21 per cent due largely to reduced cargo capacity on Pacific routes. Other revenues were $50 million or 20 per cent lower largely as a result of reduced third party aircraft maintenance revenues in the Technical Services division.
  7. Nah she wasn't mad. If she was she would have turned the guy in for a stunt like that.
  8. There are many others capable of providing satelite TV on a n aircraft. Live TV is not the only provider.
  9. Lease at less than $100,000 a month. There are even some that are $1,000 an hour plus maintenance.
  10. "Send them a picture of your money!! " In Calgary they have been known to respond by sending you a picture of handcuffs!
  11. If you go with the Centrino is there a way to turn off the wireless when using the laptop onboard an aircraft, or does it just go blasting away???? For that matter, how many people know where the switch is on their 801 cards to turn them off when they are not needed or wanted???
  12. This has had more to do with JBlue stock going down than anything else: JetBlue Is Pulling Out of Atlanta After Intense Competition From Delta, AirTran http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/031024/jetblue_setback_2.html
  13. The same could be said of Milton's arrogance or Air Canada's low prices.
  14. "How long will he be able to work the 'poor little airline' schtick without a backlash? " It worked for CAIL, it worked for CP-Air, it really worked for Ward. Tried and proven formula for getting employees and newspapers on your side.
  15. You might want to read the following article which gives a background on EasyJet and 'Their' res system. http://www.infoworld.com/article/03/05/06/HNaccenturesued_1.html
  16. Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA - News), the world's largest aircraft maker, on Thursday said it would shut down its 757 narrow-body jet line in Renton, Washington, in late 2004 after 22 years for lack of orders, http://biz.yahoo.com/rc/031016/transport_boeing_5.html
  17. "Jackson Triggs had a great year in the Okanagan" By co-incidence I happen to be in the Okanagen this weekend. We were at the "Wine and Roses" event last night and had a taste of the Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon. It was excellent and voted best of the evening by our group of four. I was speaking with the rep from the winery and learned that the grapes are grown near Oliver in the OK but then the juice is shipped to the Niagra region to be made into wine and bottled. So it has a BC/Ont provenance.
  18. I guess you haven't heard about the 30 to 40 million dollars GTAA is spending inside TNew just to buy pictures.
  19. I would be interested and also would like a pointer as to where to find these online. Are they from the old AEF archive site???
  20. Oddly, if you input NRT-GRU you get a [normal??] great circle route. When I first looked at HKG-SCL I could not find the track as I was looking in the wrong spot!!
  21. From your link: "the rhumb crosses all meridians at a constant angle. It appears curved on the gnomonic due to arrangement of the graticule but it can be shown that the angle is constant." From looking at the line drawn in the NRT-SCL case I couldnot decide if the line crossed the meridians at the same angle and that is why it changed the curve at the equator???
  22. If you put in just HKG to SCL it suggests a G/C route that goes south to OZ and then via the southern hemisphere as the shortest route. A course NRT-SCL makes a rhum [i think] that passes over Hawaii. Going to Canada is a diversion for both.
  23. When I read about the posties, I also thought about a CAW agent in Western Canada who lived in the Middle East for over two years while others took the shifts and kept the seniority number alive. The agent did not set foot in Canada for all that time.
  24. I doubt Milton knows how to play golf. I would bet he has never been on the tee box of a course.
  25. I had two trips that had to be cancelled last December. One on Westjet and one on AC/Zip. Both appeared to be the same rules. Credit given for use on future travel, minus some change fees. [This also applys to Econo-Fun-Latitude fares on Mainline, but not ALL fares on mainline]. When I went to use them in the spring time the Westjet experience proved to be the most satisfying. I booked a new trip and gave the old trip as a reference and the old trip price was used as a partial payment for the new one [even though the old trip was actually my wifes ticket] with some deductions [$20??] for changes. The AC/Zip experience was an incredible hodge-podge of Destina-AC-Zip on a conference call and charges for changes and then asking for my credit card to charge the excess fees. By the end I had no idea what I was paying and decided to wait for the e-mail receipt to figure it out. Even when I got that [after two more phone calls] I made an approximation for the expense account. The two procedures are much the same, but Westjet again proved to be much more simple.
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