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  1. What has not been implemented and why is what TTI will/is looking at. I suspect they knew the answer before they asked the question. It will be interesting to see their take on the results.
  2. It is a tough job to pay down debt. Alberta case: The debt was paid down while every self-interest group in the province was bleating about 'Spend the surplus on me'. Canada case: No debt pay down and billions p!ssed away, legally and illegally. The poorest excuses were 'Legacy' items for Chretiens history books.
  3. Fido


    Ok, they won't use a dime of YOUR tax money. They will spend all of YOUR money on something else like a new sign at the gates to a National Park. They will just use other people tax dollars.
  4. You missed the key part of the press release: ", will, for each labour group, closely examine the achieved value of the concessions made by the unions in the May-June 2003 labour negotiations in relation to the levels promised by each union (approximately $850 million in total for unionized employees)." Some of the unions have dragged their feet on implementing the changes that they agreed to last summer.
  5. Only one correction in your thesis Dagger. LH does not handle AC in Frankfurt. Passenger services works directly for AC and aircraft handling is by either Fraport or Accoin. Last that I looked the maintainance workers were direct employees of AC also. Still, the ground employees are not a big cost item to worry about when adding services. In fact, in an operation like Frankfurt the staff is already there and this makes them more productive for little added cost. I was just there yesterday at checkin, in between the two Tornto flights and before the Calgary had left. There were five agents and me, the only passenger.
  6. "like so many other judges have" What other judges????
  7. The accord which covers preferencial use was in the documents filed by Stikeman-Elliot on page 54 here: http://www.stikeman.com/ac/uploads/exhibits%20segaert.PDF It is a standard document used in Canada for gate/bridge useage. I first saw the language 20 years ago when it was first drafted by Transport Canada.
  8. The real question is: Are the operating times collected automatically or are they collected manually via radio call from the flight deck?
  9. Not anymore of a split operation, but still a split operation. The GTAA are twisting in the wind trying to justify their actions. By the way, why not Westjet checkin at T-New and gate their aircraft at T3? Since checkin space is supposedly the only problem at T3 (now that CAIL, C3, Tango have all vacated the checkin hall). They could bus their passengers from one part of the airport to another. Then GTAA could say that Westjet does not have a split operation either.
  10. The funniest statement out of GTAA in years. page 18: "Bussing passengers processed at T1New to or from a gate at T2 is not a “split operation”"
  11. The connent so far has been about the Westjet lawyer. Maybe some should also read the Air Canada side of things. Particularily the following. Search for the copies of the Memorandum of Understanding (page 36) and the Terminal Facilities allocation Program (page 39). Sergaent exhibits: http://www.stikeman.com/ac/uploads/exhibits%20segaert.PDF Through out the material you get the impression that no other airline was interested in going into T-New and that Air Canada was footing the bill for all of the development that was required by tenants. Now GTAA goes and gives the space to other tenants, after the work has been done and bills paid.
  12. or this from snopes: http://www.snopes.com/autos/hazards/gasvapor.asp
  13. Urban myth??? Check this out: http://wgntv.trb.com/news/local/eveningnews/wgntv-news-042303cellphones,0,1460530.story
  14. Hmmm, My mistake for reading press reports instead of the actual document.
  15. The most common one is for the airport authority to pick up all of the advertising costs. This can be on airport, in the city, or nationally. Depends on how much of a subsidy the airport authority is willing to give.
  16. There are a large number of ways to get around that sort of agreement and make it cheaper for a certain other carrier.
  17. Did WS announce they were going International??? The rebate does not apply to Transborder.
  18. From what I have heard about Husky oil is that Li gave everyone a chance to be good and worthy to the company. He then cut and replaced the ones that proved to be otherwise. Some were gone within six months, others took longer to hang themselves.
  19. Try this link: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum5/HTML/012886.html
  20. I caught a few of those "Airline" shows on A&E that were about Southwest. In one, there was a scene or two about a flight arriving where a group of teenagers and parents almost had a riot onboard and refused to sit down etc. The first reaction of the passengers off the plane (who had no involvement in the dispute) was that "everyone on that flight deserved a free ticket" for having to put up with other rowdy passengers. I have yet to watch one of those episodes that I could not correlate their issues with an actual incident during my years at the airport.
  21. I didn't know that Air Canada flew to Muscat Seeb Int'l Airport =MCT
  22. I would agree that there was a lot of fancy dancing on and around the law. The CTA [on a complaint from Westjet] twice found that Greyhound would be in effect the operators of an airline and refused to issue them a license. This on the basis that Greyhound could not prove [nor did they submit] that they were Canadian controlled. The Minister of Transportaion David Anderson over-ruled the CTA and forced them issue a license. His justification was : "An efficient transportation system gets people where they want to go at the lowest possible cost. That's why, in June, Transport Minister David Anderson announced that Greyhound Canada Transportation Corp. would be permitted to market and sell passenger air travel on aircraft owned and operated by its partner, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd. The announcement responded to an appeal to the government by Greyhound and Kelowna Flightcraft to overturn rulings by the National Transportation Agency that prevented the launch of their new passenger air service. The agency had ruled that Greyhound would be the operator of the service and therefore needed an airline licence."
  23. The airline Greyhound was owned by the bus company Greyhound. Laidlaw bought the bus company and did not want to be in the airline business. They shut it down.
  24. Westjet just announced that they will be following Air Canada on folding the surcharge into the fare.
  25. Don't try using your Fido in B.C. outside of the Vancouver and Victoria metro areas. Not in the interior, not in the OK, not until you next get to be insight of Calgary. Don't expect to use it farther than a stones throw from highway 2 in Alberta and in the Edmonton and Calgary cities. Fido is not much good to you between Calgary and Regina, except the cities of Calgary and Regina and then is no good until you see Winnipeg on the horizon. On the other hand it worked excellent on the Great Wall in China!!!
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