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  1. A&W are trying to dig themselves out of the big hole they found themselves in after trying to sell fake meat
  2. There were no 'girls' when I was a cadet
  3. I cannot believe that the marketing monkies still use that cliché
  4. The only thing wrong with this statement is: Before Trudeau was to answer that question, he would turn to Telford and say 'What should I answer'. At least this way we cut out the middle person.
  5. Nearly 60 years ago we did stuff like that in the Air Cadets
  6. Only in the minds of Politicians and Journalists because the refuse to look at anything other than infections It should be noted that death rates in Alberta are DOWN
  7. Yup I have pointed that out to a number of friends and relatives
  8. My page down button is wearing out again
  9. That was an established goal of the Federal Government back in the 1890's It was done so that those immigrants could have churches like theirs, stores that offered foods they were used to, newspapers that they could read and neighbours that spoke a language that they could understand. It worked then and it works today. In Edmonton Muslims have bought houses in the Northwest because there were already a lot of Muslims in that part of the city. As the years have passed they have bought houses nearer to jobs and education opportunities. A year or two ago a tiny mosque opened in a strip mall near me and the only reason I noticed was because of the traffic jams near there every Friday morning. There must be Muslims living near my house but buggered if I know who.
  10. For me the best part of this link was reading the headlines for what passes for news on Fox Network
  11. For me there are so many exemptions to the quarantine rules that it is like paying big money to insulate your house but then leaving the windows open all of the time.
  12. Is it time to pass on the "Banana Bread" loophole? In Ottawa the two sides of the border are so linked that just about anyone has an excuse to cross. The most curious one that seems to work is that you bake some banana bread and tell what ever checkpoint person questions you that you have a sick friend in the other province and you are taking them some banana bread to cheer them up for their Mental Health.
  13. Back in the dark old days when I had to work for a living we rolled around to 'salary adjustment time' I was given an appointment time to see the boss but when I arrived there I was met by the personnel manager. He gave me the scripted bs about what a good year I had and how appreciative the company was and then he handed me a slip of paper with my 'new' monthly salary on it. I sat there and looked at it and it was 25 cents a month more than my current salary. I said thank you very much that will buy me a lot. Then I told him what the 25 cents meant to me. At least he was thoroughly embarrassed.
  14. I would like to put a big smiley emoji on this but it is too truthfull
  15. That is probably the most weak assed rebuttal EVER Like Like
  16. I should have read the whole thread before I posted what I think is almost a word-for-word copy of yours
  17. Just look at our Federal cabinet to see how that works out
  18. Upper Deck is a lawyer isn't he? ? I say that as the proud father of a lawyer.
  19. My Grand-daughter in grade 5 gets 1 mark for getting the answer right and another mark for explaining how the answer made her feel. IN MATH
  20. It does have a monster motor though
  21. We need the whole picture like this not just the snapshot that a journalist wants to give us
  22. The intrepid media will call it an AK15 assault knife
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