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  1. ITN.net does not show how many seats have been sold. It gives an indication of how many tickets the airline is willing to sell up to a maximum of 9. A flight might be oversold already and the inication might be that they will still sell 9 seats in all classes. Not anywhere near the same as the employee website.
  2. Milton, TPG and Hollis go back as far as Continental I believe.
  3. Since the news of Msrs Hill and Lafond at Westjet, Simcoe has been very silent.
  4. If Open Skies is such a great yield management utility, why is Westjet replacing it?????
  5. Vsplat, you have stated it well. Your key phrase is "Nor will anyone until the union/management woes are solved." This is not a money issue anymore. The unions could allow DC pensions tomorrow and it would not change TTI's decision one bit.
  6. Don H: I have been getting a paycheque from Air Canada for the last 31 years, the last three as a retiree. Prior to that I had a close relationship with TCA/AC also. I don't say these things as an outsider, but one who has been there: When the employees turned on Hollis for giving CRJ's to mainline and not the regionals. As the employees paraded with flags waving to support Claude versus Pierre and vice versa. When employees laughed at Lamar and were glad he was gone because 'he caused the strikes in '98 and '99. I was interviewed by the RCMP when they were looking for evidence on Yves Pratt (one of the few that deserves villification to this day). History makes the heart grow fonder and they all look great after they left, but they all were cussed by employees at some time in their careers. Even if it was over a little thing like banning employees from First Class. I don't hope to see Air Canada go down. I was and still am proud of my years there. I just don't think it will turn out any other way. I hope I am wrong.
  7. Actually, I think that this has gone past concessions. The unions have shown that they are not ready or willing to make this airline run. It will take some monetary concessions and a whole lot of attitude change before any investor is going to get interested for anything more than break up value. I don't believe that any one out there right now would touch Air Canada as long as the four major unions are involved. The hand was over played. It does no good to point fingers, or to say woulda, coulda, shoulda. It does no good to say that if RM leaves things will get better. The unions have treated every CEO at Air Canada the same for the last 30 some years. It does no good to say that 'My group did a good job, it's the other guys'. This is over, this is finished. Just waiting for the final flight on the last day.
  8. What has happened since last Friday to sour the deal? One union says 'Take the boat back to China'. Another negotiates a deal and then it is overturned. Another union says 'We don't need your money'. Another union takes out newspaper adverts that say 'Service is priceless' even though they negotiated only job cuts a few months ago. I think that TTI and Li in particular just had enough. The last 3 months financials at Air Canada showed hope, but the labour environment finally showed that the future had no hope. I bet that money was not the deal breaker in the end.
  9. Is that 12% of Domestic flying or total system flying. Makes a big difference.
  10. I guess that answers question number 1. But, just why does CUPE say that SOLO would not do the job???
  11. I agree with you Frosty. The only difference to not having a pension plan at all is that the contributions are forced from both sides and untouchable in the short term.
  12. All very true, but what I can't get my head around this week is; There are many destinations that are not constrained by bilaterals or slots. Zoom is selling as if a scheduled carrier, but they are being very weak at doing so. They are only offering limited service (not daily) from even prime markets such as Toronto to London. Gatwick slots are not a problem and Zoom has the route rights, so why not mount a decent service. To get to the continent, airports such as Koln would love to see the service, or Berlin. Instead they are scattered over seven Canadian cities to just Glasgow and Gatwick. Soon someone is going to get with it and start a trans-at LCC style.
  13. "I would say they don't know how much it is still going to change. This airline has to rush pell-mell into becoming a predominantly international airline, because to survive and prosper, it should get 50% of its revenues from international flying and no more than 30% from domestic. (Right now it's about 40%). Senior AC executives believe, as Milton enunciated yesterday, that the world is going discount, not only within regional markets but ultimately in ALL markets. " The question about the future is not: IF the LCC airlines break into the international market; OR WHEN will they break into the international market; BUT WHY have they not done so already. The LCC craze has been a long time developing within the USA, then Europe, now Canada, Asia etc. What has been holding it back from the trans-Atlantic markets? Freddie Laker was involved years ago. Will the dam break when the current round of talks concludes between the USA and the EU?? Does the second point about LCC going everywhere, belie the first point 'that Air Canada needs to make more of its revenue from international'?
  14. So you are agreeing then that he could spare some time to speak at a conference? By the way, the airline was in decent shape well after August 1999. Even with the CAW imposed troubles of the summer of 2000, the airline did not begin to tank until November of 2000.
  15. RM is renowned for working 12 to 18 hours a day 7 days a week. Telephone calls to the Ops centre in the middle of the night or from somewhere around the world, questioning 'what is going on'. How much time did you put in on the job yesterday????
  16. "I understand that AC has not come up with an acceptable system " Is Air Canada the only company in the world looking at PBS???? The last remark I heard from the union was that 'There is a not a PBS system in the world that is suitable (acceptable)'. Questions: 1. What is wrong with the system that was used by CAIL Flight attendants? 2. What is wrong with the system used by Air Canada pilots? 3. What makes CUPE so special that 'no system in the world is suitable'?
  17. "The EMB-190 in late 2005 will begin to usher in another level of savings. While these planes will actually increase cost per ASM, they will lower cost per RPM rather dramatically." Another variable to watch is 'Trip cost'. The smaller the airplane the higher the CASM is pretty well a given. However, if there are only 90 people buying tickets then get a 90 seat airplane and lower the trip cost (cost per RPM). Matching aircraft guage to passenger demand is preferable to trying to drop the price until the aircraft fills. Another reason for smaller aircraft on point-to-point city pairs is that the domestic competitors are going to add services on a point-to-point basis in the near future. Hubbing is not their plan.
  18. Attention News/Labour Editors: CUPE Wants Blueprint for Rebuilding, not Profiteering TORONTO, March 29 /CNW/ - "CUPE will be studying Air Canada's new business plan carefully to ensure it is a blueprint for rebuilding the airline and not a plan for profiteering at the expense of employees," said Air Canada Component president Pamela Sachs today. The union was responding to Justice Farley's extension to April 15th of the deadline for the airline to emerge from bankruptcy protection. CUPE had asked for the business plan produced by Air Canada and shared with Trinity, but not with employee groups, and today the court agreed. "Air Canada needs a commitment to quality, service and safety and it needs to rebuild a great team that can win back its reputation for service excellence and compete with the rest of the world - an airline that serves Canadians and their needs," Sachs said. "Air Canada needs investors who are committed to meeting these objectives, not profiteers. It's up to Mr. Li and company to show their true colours." "Air Canada's future cannot be secured with a never-ending list of concessions from employees. That climate of uncertainty and intimidation has failed the airline. We need an end to the negative environment that detracts from employees' commitment to go the extra mile," said Sachs. "We've proven we're committed to the airline by giving up billions to keep it flying. Now it's time for Mr. Li and Trinity to show their commitment." "We look forward to seeing the business plan we called for last week. Are the unseemly management bonuses still on the table? Will creditors and suppliers now be asked to contribute fairly? Is a new relationship with employees, one that leaves intimidation and confrontation behind, part of Air Canada's plan to turn this airline around?" asked Sachs. "No one has more at stake than Air Canada's employees. That is why we want to be part of the solution." On March 26th CUPE wrote to Victor Li setting out a five-point plan with essential first steps needed for Air Canada to once again become a pre-eminent airline. The letter is available at www.accomponent.ca For further information: Alejandra Bravo, (416) 798-3399 x270, cell (416) 305-8095
  19. Non unionized people are not entirely without rights. They cannot just be dismissed. There are standards for compensation for years of service and just cause. Easier and cheaper to offer an incentive to voluntarily leave, than to be kicked out. generally the older more expensive employees leave.
  20. Non unionized people are not entirely without rights. They cannot just be dismissed. There are standards for compensation for years of service and just cause. Easier and cheaper to offer an incentive to voluntarily leave, than to be kicked out. generally the older more expensive employees leave.
  21. Milton quits, then what? The employees get another CEO to hate and pillory. Air Canada SOP.
  22. Finally someone closer to my era: 1963 177 Sqn YWG 1966 692 Sqn YVR
  23. I read it the same way dagger: This is solely about the extension for repayment and OSFI. People were looking for a bail out from the Feds???? This is all that you get.
  24. Wait for RM's book. Seriously!!! But, then you probably won't believe it then either.
  25. If Husky was not able to sell all of their gas, then it would be a winner by now getting rid of excess inventory. But, we need to know if they are having trouble selling all of their Jet fuel now. Or, if they even make Jet fuel.
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