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  1. Canada would not need to revoke the Japanese agreement. They would just need to withhold their own authority. An airline needs both countries to agree to start an international service. I think it is cool that it was Douglas McArthur, but before Canadian Pacific started flying the route, they had to get authority from the Canadian government also.
  2. If Montreal is such a great place to have a head office, then why does there have to be a law that says Air Canada must be there??? Your comment 'Go get yourself a hood and wear it', is the typical racist comment of someone from the east.
  3. ...and I doubt that the agreement with McArthur (an interesting story that I had never heard), restricted the routes to only Canadian Pacific.
  4. Rolling 30 day average means the last 30 days???? Today is the 28th, so not much of March in that.
  5. How about three times a day service to Trois Rivieres because Leon Balcer was the transport minister
  6. From the Westjet web site: http://c0dsp.westjet.com/internet/sky/about/otpTemplate.jsp 30 day rolling average
  7. You are way off. The route rights belong to the government and are not part of any contract. They can award and withdraw them at will. The quote that Don refers to, did not necessarily refer to AC not getting CAIL route rights, but maybe not even keeping a few that they (AC) had already been awarded.
  8. One issue thatclouds the profit picture from the Crown Corporation days is that there was a dis-incentive to show a profit. Each budget centre was encouraged to spend all of their budgeted amounts as that was the base for their next years budget. The year end brought an orgy of spending on equipment, repairs and accessories to make sure that for the next year they started off from a high mark and not a cut in budget.
  9. Sounds like it was heard in the Westjet wing, by a Westjetter.
  10. The OSFI is not an independant body, but is an instrument of government policy.
  11. A key point in this history is that Air Canada badly needed money to go out and buy new airplanes to replace the B727's and DC8's. The government refused to put anything up in terms of equity or loans. This is the same as any other privtely held company that needs expansion. As you illustrated with Acme widgets.
  12. Your missing $450 million is coming from Deutche Bank. They are going to enf up as the largest shareholder and running the company.
  13. Goggles, your points on route checks and training are valid and have preceded RG by a long time. There is lots of money to be saved with what you point out.
  14. Study the Executive ranks at AC and its history. No-one is 'groomed' to take over from RM. As soon as someone is targeted as such or thinks as such, they disappear. RM does not like to smell the breath of someone coming up behind him. Smith will not be COO as long as RM is there. The job is either RM's or no-ones. Giguere was Exec-VP operations not COO. By the way Giguere's bio is already missing from the Air Canada website.
  15. Milton was employed by HH as a consultant for a long time prior to him becoming an employee of Air Canada. He worked on Cargo, Fleet Planning and Flight Scheduling before he was an actual employee.
  16. I guess that we will have to wait for his book to come out to see if it was HH or RM. But, seeing how Hollis brought Robert into Air Canada as soon as he got there and told him to find out what was wrong with AC scheduling. My money is still on RM.
  17. The problem with the AC cargo operation was that it only flew for a few hours everynight from Monday to Friday. The G time spent for crews was a killer along with the money spent on paying AC crews to not fly the prop airplanes that brought in the feed from smaller centres. That and the heavy expense of maintaining the cargo terminals across the country made cargo a money loser. The Cargo branch did not see a way to make it better so RM recommended to HH to shut it down and concentrate on using the combi's and the bellies of all of the 767's that were flying unused. Remember it was also RM who brought the 74E's out of the desert.
  18. Wait till Monday and the reporting relationships are published. I would bet that the VP Planning is VP of marketing also.
  19. AA only escaped Chap 11 by a 24 hour extension to the Flight attendant negots. You might find this article on AA timely to read: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/usatoday/20040421/bs_usatoday/americanstrainstofindfootingaftershakyyear
  20. The smart a$$ approach would be: TPG was involved in both!!! The truth is probably a little more deep than that. For both of them there was a strong airline recovery in progress when they got their second start AND they had a lot of co-operation from their employees (unions). I am not sure that Air Canada will get either.
  21. Thanks, but I look at it every day. It is pointed right at my daughters room!!!!
  22. Talked to my daughter an hour ago and it has started to snow at Sunshine. Yee-Ha, going skiing Thursday.
  23. The problem is that the CRJ isn't that good for the route. The CRJ seating is not conducive to anything over two hours and personally, I would not get on an Air Canada or Jazz CRJ for more than a quick YYZ-YUL. The Embrear's have been bought to replace CRJ's on routes where they should not be and as Dagger says to replace 319/320's for other longer routes.
  24. Maybe he was talking to Steve Smith???
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