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  1. Thorguard was invented by a chap from Florida and he made it with home made parts and stuff from Radio Shack. It is now in use by every major airport in the southern US, by dynamite companies, by the PGA for all of their tournaments, and by many other places that have large crowds at outdoor events. Have a look at their movie: http://www.thorguard.com/news.asp# Go to the bottom of the page under "Video Clips" The system is maintained by their people and their contractors.
  2. They could be higher or lower, there is no way to tell. Sometimes large groups are not assigned seats until close to departure. The seats are sold to wholesalers, but no individual names as yet. The empty seats might all be in the premium section and large numbers of people in the back end of the airplane have reservations, but no seat selection. Sometimes people just forget to select seats. The cheapest fares on AC (Tango) do not allow for advance seat selection unless paying an extra fee. Most people at this fare level do not bother to select seats until checkin.
  3. Using seat charts off itn.net is not at all accurate. On some airlines (Like United) premier seats are greyed out unless you hold status in their frequent flyer program. On all airlines there can be large numbers of people who have not been assigned a seat in advance (everyone on WS). Exit seats are not assigned in advance on most airlines and show as occupied. Up to 20% of the seats are not assigned in advance and left for airport checkin.
  4. Study the phenomenom a little and you would discover how stupid your attitude is.
  5. Save your praise until you see what he did give up instead of the $10,000.
  6. They don't ask these questions in the US unless you are going to Canada. They don't ask these questions in Germany, Sweden, Iran, China, Singapore, Japan, unless you are going to Canada.
  7. Hey Commonsense: I hear you and I support what you are saying. Your examples form the pillars of customer service. Go overboard in making the customer happy. You should not have to use the call button (if anyone ever answers the thing anyway. You can always talk nicely to a customer, even if they are a pain in the patoot. You should not be seen to be giving better service to a company employee than was/is given to all of the customers. and MM: Most customers would not bother complaining (only about 1 in 5 do). They just don't patronize your shop anymore and they loudly tell anyone they meet why.
  8. Sure it is a saving if you can transfer the call centre to some place where the agents are not making $40,000 a year and some verrrry expensive benefits. Does not have to be India, or the US. It could be a new shop in Regina.
  9. Check your figures. CAW portion was $50 million or 25%. The $10,000 does not all need to come from wage roll backs, but can come from lay-offs also.
  10. Yah Dagger: A lot of the VSP volunteers were turned down across the system this time. I suspect because of the 'job disappears' angle. This has caused some consternation at the higher levels, who have issued a directive that each case be looked at again and an indicidual strong case must be made for not granting the VSP.
  11. How did they get to the Timmy's at T3? Did they take a bus ground side or drive a piece of equipment over in the airside??? I imagine the latter and then accessed the terminal from there.
  12. I think that there was an outfit in Eurpoe that even had a bigger door in the front to handle cargo and mail.
  13. Wrong. Your pass does not allow you to go anywhere but places that you would be 'While in the normal course of your job'. You cannot access airside holdrooms on your days off just to accompany a relative or friend to the gate area. You cannot use your pass to enter a Customs area unless it is part of your job. Wandering about in another terminal where your company does not have any flights is patently against the use of the Restricted Area Pass.
  14. New Irish Airline Shuts Down After a Week Wed May 12, 3:09 PM ET Add Business - AP to My Yahoo! By SHAWN POGATCHNIK, Associated Press Writer DUBLIN, Ireland - A new Irish airline offering flights for one euro ($1.19) shut down services on Wednesday after a week's operation, stranding hundreds of passengers in Spain. In a brief statement, JetGreen Airways apologized to customers for closing down the business without warning but said it would not repay any of the more than 40,000 people who had bought tickets, including more than 400 people expecting to fly home Wednesday from their Spanish holidays. The airline advised customers to seek compensation instead from their own travel insurance company or, if they had no policy, from Ireland's aviation regulators. But travel agents, politicians and business rivals criticized regulators for granting JetGreen a tour operator's license in the first place. "The regulators who gave these people a license have completely failed in their duty," said Michael Cawley, chief operating officer of Ryanair, Ireland's dominant no-frills carrier. For months, JetGreen had published front-page newspaper ads touting its slogan, "Fly the Difference!" and promising "all the frills of yesteryear, delivered at the value people expect today." On May 4, it launched daily service between Dublin and the southern Spanish cities of Malaga and Alicante, wooing customers with promotions that included one-way tickets for as little as 1 euro, including all fees and taxes. It planned to add daily routes to Rome, the southern French port of Nice, and the southern Portuguese resort city of Faro next month, and had been negotiating with Aer Rianta, the state-owned operator of airports in Ireland, for more landing slots at Dublin Airport. The only JetGreen aircraft, a Boeing 757, was left parked Wednesday morning on the tarmac of Dublin Airport. For the previous seven days the plane had been used to carry passengers first from Dublin to Malaga, then back to Dublin, then to Alicante, and back to Dublin again in the evening. It was the second collapse of an Irish-based airline this year. In January, a small carrier called JetMagic shut down its services from the southwest Irish city of Cork after less than a year in existence. Opposition politicians appealed Wednesday to the government to tighten rules governing the bonding of no-frills airlines, which usually bypass travel agents in favor of direct sales on the Internet. "Traditionally people booked their airline tickets through a travel agent, and were covered by the operator's own bond. This would normally ensure the safe return of passengers," said Denis Naughten, transport spokesman for the opposition Fine Gael party.
  15. Certainly different from my experience in Calgary last time where the whole crew muscled past the people in wheelchairs and on crutches to get to the front of the line.
  16. Fido


    So if you take the $600 a month for ten years you gross out at $72,000??? Where is the saving??? Just issue lay off notices.
  17. Then how do you feel about not letting any trees out of the country, or gold from any mines, or newsprint, or fish, or.....
  18. If one is in uniform and readily identifiable as belonging to a certain 'group', then anything done by that person reflects upon the group. Best behaviour is required, and that includes being nice and not barking at someone for a transgression that is in a grey area.
  19. Conceivably one rider takes two trips per day. One to get to where they are going and one to get back. Some people may take more. The best you can assume is that 1/20 (5%) use the C train every day not 1/10.
  20. How could they give out $4.5 million when the 'profit' for the quarter was only $.5 million??? Could it have to do with the minimum 10% of salary guarantee??? Doesn't sound like profit sharing anymore, but more like defered wages.
  21. The figure of employees to aircracft is meaningless. There are too many other variables that come into play. Take a 120 seat B737 versus a 280 seat A340. Both aircraft require 2 pilots. The larger aircraft requires twice as many flight attendants. The ground staff for checkin, gate boarding, aircraft loading and maintenance also goes up. AC has their own ground loading staff at every domestic airport. Does Westjet or is it contracted? Does Westjet do their own aircraft overhauls? Do they also do overhauls for any other carrier? Does Westjet require more than 2 pilots per flight for any of their routes?
  22. Who is Brian Burke and what aircraft does he fly????
  23. I guess you are the one that does not understand. NO air carrier leaves Canada without government approval, NO matter where it is going.
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