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  1. Very true, but it also appears to the have the same naivete about TC regulations/procedures and getting something new to Canada certified.
  2. Sounds eerily like Westjets problems with TC in their first years as an airline.
  3. In Mark Hill's eyes only. In Mark Hill's and Westjets eyes David Neeleman had nothimg to do with Westjet either.
  4. I highly doubt that this problem was caused by weather. Did the weather prevent ANY flying to take place until the next day, or did a lack of airplanes, crew duty days, curfews, etc cause this passenger to fail to get to their destination??? As such it was an avoidable situation and as such Air Canada should have provided this passenger and others with accommodations and expenses, because she was a connecting passenger.
  5. If AC discovered that their info was being pirated and let it continue. Was the info from that point on correct, or did the sign-in of the offender cause the site to re-direct the individual to dummy data????
  6. I wonder why WS IT department didn't notice this much activity going outbound from their IP address.
  7. Not true. The site is available to 'anyone who is eligble for unaccompanied travel on Air Canada'. This could and does include spouses, children and nominated partners.
  8. I believe that there was only a small amount of activity at first that grew into thousands of hits per day before the plug was pulled.
  9. In Vancouver Point Grey? there is a Steven Rogers running for the C's. Is this the same one time pilot who was an MLA?
  10. The $20 million was performance based, because it was totally in stock and not cash.
  11. Or is mainline domestic now ZIP???
  12. I had a solution to that at the station I worked at: Even the guys would call down to the ramp to get some 'muscle' to push the chairs up the bridge. We had some young ladies working on the ramp at that time, so we would send them. The sales people quit phoning for 'muscle'.
  13. Don't get all carried away with CASM in this fight. If the seats are not full, CASM will get beat by 'trip-cost' every time.
  14. Nope not the same person, but I do like his/her style and the even handed analysis of this topic.
  15. The customer, oops sorry guest, does not give a rat's rear who Westjet has working for it. They look at the ticket yhey bought and the name on the aircraft (well some of them don't even see the name on the aircraft). Trying to deflect blame by saying 'we are not to blame, because ...' makes you sound like Air Canada.
  16. This is the second time I have seen this written and I just don't see how it could be true.
  17. At the end of the video when it is taxiing in, is that a Brazilian flag under the canopy?
  18. The rule of thumb was 8 'crews' per airplane. Since this is ULH flying the crew size could/would be double. Then add in more supervisor, managers, and because it is at the high end of the seniority system a higher ratio of vacation relief.
  19. One heck of a big bridge!!!! http://www.baa.com/main/airports/gatwick/a...er_6_frame.html View the video at the bottom of the page. I didn't think that the B747-400 tail would make it underneath.
  20. If you buy an E-Ticket it is charged to you right away. Using a paper ticket it is not charged until after the trip is complete.
  21. I do admire his directness and resolve to fight off the bureaucrats.
  22. Not a perfect analogy. If the other traffic was invisible, then it would be accurate.
  23. The difference that I see in this alledged case is that the AC site was accessed so many times that it appears that the data was giving a booking trend analysis. The same flights were hit daily (or even many times a day, judging by the number of hits) and when combined with another 'bot doing a query on fare levels available (legally from aircanada.com) could come up with a pretty good indication of the revenue generated by certain routes or even flight timings.
  24. ...and the pressure is on all of their co-workers around the airport to do the same and break the safety regs. The supervisor and manager would also be susceptible to criminal prosecution under bill C45.
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