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  1. On 6/23/2021 at 7:36 AM, seeker said:

    You do realize that giving your grand-daughter the opportunity to show she's more capable is hurtful and discriminatory to the dumb kids, right?  Everything has to be at the lowest common denominator so nobody suffers the embarrassment of not being in the smart kid group.  The fact that not having a smart kid group would be harmful to the smart kids is beside the point.





    Are you with the Vancouver School board?

  2. I do not know how anyone will make a decent statistical analysis from the pandemic.

    It still remains that the chance of any one individual getting the virus is very low to start with.

    So getting an idea that doing one thing or another will change the outcome is worse than gambling at the slot machines.

  3. On 6/6/2021 at 8:38 PM, Kargokings said:

    Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland signalled her displeasure Wednesday over the multi-million dollar packages handed out to the airline's executives as the company negotiated a federal bailout, calling the bonuses "inappropriate."

    Has Freeland had her salary reduced at all, ever?

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  4. On 5/31/2021 at 1:47 PM, Kargokings said:

    Liberal Campaign Slogan:

    Vote Liberal  if we lose the election, all the $$$$ promised for 2022 and beyond by Justin will be nothing but a pipedream . image.png.55061a81cc1015427d3ad8dd0118f584.png

    Most Liberal promises are pipedreams anyway


  5. On 5/15/2021 at 8:07 PM, Kargokings said:

    The main argument CBC put up, and argument in this context is a charity word, was that they launched the suit “to protect the trust Canadians have in the independence of their public broadcaster?”

    That ship had already sailed

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