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  1. How much of a mess can a receptionist make that requires a janitor?
  2. All that top secret garb isn’t worth it if there’s no way to get it on target....
  3. Great post, Kip. I’ll be getting a 3-year follow up next month. First time around, one benign polyp removed. Now the 3-year checkup then 10 years if all is well. For the record, I’ll be 58 on 5 May.
  4. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/rcmp-divers-on-frozen-saskatchewan-lake-find-remains-from-decades-old-crash
  5. Sounds like a good memory to hang onto, blues...??
  6. Interesting. On the news this evening, the file photo of the airplane was a BA 747. That won’t cause any confusion......?
  7. Thanks Malcolm. I now have a quest.....?
  8. I’ll have to find his book. Looks like quite a story. Our generation knows peace and security because of what Jack Hilton and all veterans were tasked to do. RIP Jack. Thank you.
  9. That pretty much describes my flight bag. Bought it in ‘87 and after some restoration, still going strong. It’s older than most of the FO’s I work with now. It will see me to the end of this airline career.
  10. I prefer the term “seasoned” flightbag... Still have one of those as well.
  11. Very impressive. I’m never heard of “wing-paint reflectivity requirements”. Can anyone elaborate?
  12. No new orders from Jazz for Q400’s. The YYZ base is being reduced and the YVR base expanded. The only difference between WJ Q4’s and Jazz Q4’s is that ours all have HGS. The former SR Q’s only have 74 seats and will not be upgraded to 78 nor get WAAS capabilities. As boestar mentioned, these aircraft will be returned when the leases expiry.
  13. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-boac-747-retrojet-marks-british-airways-ce-455845/ My earliest aviation memory is my mother taking my sister, brother and I to England on a BOAC 747 in 1970. Still a classy paint scheme.
  14. That was a myth. According to this site: https://www.yesterdaysairlines.com/airline-history-blog/proud-wings-pt1-canadian-a320s There were initial fears that because the goose did not have an eye it would be percieved by Asian customers as flying blind and the airline went to some pains to point out that the bird insignias of Singapore and Japan Air Lines also were eyeless. In the end the Proud Wings scheme was very well received and gave a boost to employees and customers in the airline's darkest hours.
  15. The majority of Jazz Q400’s have WAAS and the ability to do LPV approaches. That and the old fashioned ILS. As well, the ability to take a 20-kit tailwind helps. The company has said they’re working on RNP approaches but I’m not holding my breath for that.
  16. Who could possibly think black, white and Type 4 green is a good combination? At least the previous paint job had some thought in it.
  17. Anyone know if all 747’s or DC10’s were built with this extra hardpoint or would a buyer have to check off that option box when ordering?
  18. I’m curious to know which half.....
  19. No need to worry. As this technology will cost huge money, no management team will ever buy it.
  20. As a 30+ year captain at Jazz, I would not say “I don’t care what happens with the AG pilot group”. Their ability to bid into Jazz positions is a part of the new MOS. There’s always items in a contract that will be good and some not so good. We don’t get to cherry-pick the items we like and vote just on those. We vote for an MOS based on the number of pros vs cons. For the record, I voted in favour of it. Since I plan to retire in the next 2-3 years, it didn’t really matter to me which way the vote went but the reason I did vote in favour was that it does provide stability for Jazz and those pilots who decide to stay in the long run. I would have been disappointed if the “NO” side had won but that’s democracy. For junior pilots, there will be some changes, not necessarily positive ones but in time, things will progress favourably.
  21. Known issue? Haven’t had any issues with the Jazz Q400’s. Will have to ask our AME’s.
  22. The Russians seem to favour function over form in aircraft design. They get the job done.
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