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  1. Stand by for the rising numbers of COVID cases amongst the unvaccinated.
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/06/united-airlines-vaccine-mandate-employees.html
  3. I just Googled “story of the RC Concorde” and amongst lots of video, I found this article and a video of the man and his airplane: https://www.airlineratings.com/news/largest-concorde-model-takes-skies-spectacular-display/
  4. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/bnc/avo/d/burnaby-wwii-rolls-royce-merlin/7358593048.html
  5. Can’t argue with that. Don’t often get to see Concorde do a roll….?
  6. “reacted urgently, decisively and skillfully to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company” I would have thought this was part of the job description of senior executives…not typically something “above and beyond” worthy of bonuses especially when your employees are facing hardships that they aren’t.
  7. I hope a video is posted of the recovery.
  8. Beer or gas, J.O. What's it going to be? ? I got $229 out of ICBC but I had to go to the bank to deposit the cheque. They could have just taken it off my next renewal. The wife only got $103. There was a woman on the news recently who received a cheque for $1. Yep......one dollar.....?
  9. I’ve watched that video a couple of times. Quite the project. After you watch that video, here’s an updated one posted to YT in 2017: https://youtu.be/Iop_cjxLVSI
  10. Found another interesting video, this one on the development of the Merlin engine. Sad to think the manufacturing machines were likely all scrapped.
  11. ....hopefully this will bring a few minutes of happiness. It certainly did for me
  12. Excellent post, Kip. I’ve had two so far. I’m 59. Both good results. Best sleep indeed. Last thing I remember being asked pre-procedure: “How are you feeling?” “Bit drowsy....” I replied. Next conscious thought: waking up in post-surgery. Go get one.
  13. Don’t know yet. The announcement was only made late last night. Details to follow.
  14. Sounds better than “negative rate....”
  15. “Negotiating a loan” isn’t as sensational as “bailout” when it comes to the press...
  16. Cheryl Ladd you say? I shall look up “Millennium” on the IMDB....?
  17. Warning and caution lights illuminating are not unique to aircraft that have sat idle. They can illuminate at anytime. Light comes on, follow the checklist, talk to maintenance and go or no-go depending on the outcome. Not really news-worthy.
  18. Saw an AC MAX parked on gate 44 YVR this morning. No idea where it was going and based on the coating of frost, it hadn’t just arrived. Good to see one on a bridge again.
  19. Looks like the EMB120 Brasilia has evolved into the 21st century...
  20. We hear the language. Dogs just hear noise they’re trained to react to.... Good to hear the dog was safely returned to her new parents.
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