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  1. Caller - Is this the Navy? I want to report a jet making a huge penis in the sky! Navy - Was it a Russian jet ma’am? Caller - I don’t think so Navy - Well then, be bloody thankful!
  2. I'm looking for a bit of input/guidance wrt to a comment made by the CEO of the YSJ airport in our local paper. It appears he wants to extend the current 7005' runway 05/23 to 10,000' because "With airlines modernizing their fleets and everything going for fuel economy, aircraft need bigger runways...they sacrifice performance for fuel efficiency". Currently Jazz operates out of YSJ with Dash 8s (YYZ and YUL) and there is a Beech 1900 service to YHZ. We do see approx. 35-40 Sunwing charter flights in the late winter, early spring to the Caribbean. My question is this, what is a safe runway length to operate a newer generation 737, flying approx. 2000nm with a full pax load with CRFI's at or above 0.30, 0 wind, -5C?. My thinking is that YSJ could use that capital for more pressing issues affecting this airport. 1) Centerline Lighting (CEO announced that will be part of the upgrade). 2) Runway 23 touchdown zone lighting (doesn't necessarily need to be CAT II certified, but as the 3rd foggiest airport in Canada, those lights would be a huge operational enhancement). 3) Partial or full parallel taxiway to 05/23 (Reduce airborne holding times by allowing preceding aircraft to vacate runway 23 sooner). 4) Extend the 5100' runway 14/32 to 6000'. I'm all for operation enhancements, just not wasted $$$s because you want a runway the same length as YQM (to put things in perspective, YSJ currently ranks 70th in total aircraft movements in Canada). We will never be a Moncton. Thanks in advance Dale Hackett Chief Pilot Irving Oil YSJ
  3. Hi Jane Happy to help out.....any ex/current 412 Sqd guys/girls out there....Jane's looking for some help. Cheers Dale
  4. That evening is a sold out "Centennial of Flight" dinner at the base as well. Should be a fun weekend.
  5. snobrd6


    This is what YSJ has planned, still awaiting TC approval but I'm sure most other aerodromes will try and implement same procedures. Here's hoping that this isn't going to be as big a deal as some think!? Reduced Visibility Operations Plan Saint John Airport INTRODUCTION Saint John Airport Inc. management and staff are committed to providing a safe and efficient airside operation whether pertaining to vehicles or aircraft. A high priority has been placed on ensuring that all activity pertaining to airport airside vehicle operations are performed safely and minimizing any conflicts between aircraft and vehicles. The Reduced Visibility Operations Plan is part of management’s commitment to providing a safe airside operating environment. The objective of the plan is to develop and implement a set of procedures that will minimize conflicts between vehicles and aircraft during those periods of time when reduced visibility occurs. The procedures identified will limit or restrict vehicle operations on the movement and manoeuvring area during periods of reduced visibility. This plan is intended to provide interim measures to mitigate the absence of Runway Guard Lights. Saint John Airport Inc. intends to have these lights installed by December 1, 2010. DEFINITIONS Reduced Visibility Operations – Means operations below RVR2600 down to and including RVR 1200. Reduced Visibility Operations Plan (RVOP) – is a plan that calls for specific vehicle procedures to be followed by the Airport Operator when notified by FSS that the RVR is below 2600 down to and including 1200RVR. The RVOP will be activated or terminated when the RVR is at the targeted RVR. Critical Vehicles – will be those vehicles allowed onto the movement and manoeuvering areas when the airport is in Reduced Visibility Operations. Those vehicles are listed as follows: • Emergency Response vehicles when responding to an emergency, during vehicle run-ups, runway inspections and wildlife patrols; • All snow removal vehicles when clearing snow from the manoeuvering areas; • Foreman’s vehicle when performing runway surface condition inspections and reports or when monitoring runway conditions and snow removal equipment; • Electrician’s vehicle when inspecting, repairing or removing snow from around various airside lighting systems required for the safe operation of aircraft; • NavCanada vehicles when responding to Instrument Landing System or RVR equipment failures or warnings; • Airline equipment essential to aircraft ground servicing on the apron, only when required at flight times; • Atlantic Flight Center’s tractor (via the groundside road, east-end gate) only when required for aircraft servicing at flight times; • Esso fuel truck (via the groundside road, east-end gate) only when required for aircraft servicing at flight times; • PLH fuel truck (via the groundside road, east-end gate) only when required for aircraft servicing at flight times. PROCEDURES With the cooperation of the F.S.S., the following procedures will be implemented by the Airport Authority: • The F.S.S. will notify Saint John Airport Inc. (SJAI) Commissionaire (638-5557) when the RVR has dropped below RVR2600 down to and including RVR1200. When conditions vary between the two RVR’s, the lower reading will prevail; • The Commissionaires will, on behalf of SJAI, advise FSS to implement the Reduced Visibility Operations Plan, and will notify SJAI Management by making a notation in the daily log book. • FSS will then broadcast the following on the Vehicle frequency (121.9): “Attention all vehicles. Reduced Visibility Operations are now in effect. All non-essential vehicles must exit the manoeuvering area and report off.” Anyone, other than critical vehicles, subsequently requesting access will be made aware of the RVOP. When the RVOP is put into effect only critical vehicles previously identified will be allowed access onto the movement and maneuvering areas and only for critical response purposes. • Maintenance activity not required for critical Reduced Visibility Operations will not be allowed. • Construction activity on the movement and manoeuvering areas will not be allowed during Reduced Visibility Operations, except when a NOTAM is issued closing part of the manoeuvering area. This would allow work to be safely performed on a taxiway or runway if there is a specified taxi route and barricades are properly placed. • Termination of Reduced Visibility Operations will occur when FSS advises the Commissionaires that the RVR is at or above 2600. • The Commissionaire will, on behalf of SJAI, request FSS to broadcast this on the vehicle radio frequency (121.9). “Attention All Vehicles. Reduced Visibility Vehicle Operations is now terminated” • It will be the responsibility of the Manager, Maintenance and Technical Operations to review this plan annually and make any necessary changes. • Initial training and refresher training will be provided on an annual basis. The most appropriate time to provide the refresher training would be at the start of each winter operations season when the seasonal employees are receiving their refresher orientation training. • Saint John Airport ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Firefighters) Category 5 response is available during RVOP conditions during operating hours (05:30-23:30). Cheers
  6. Handyman, I stand corrected, he was always "Maj" to me, not on a first name basis (being the young sprog that I was)! Sadly, Vena, Clancy's wife, passed away last year.
  7. Between Clancy and Jerry Kennedy, I don't know who told the better stories...I was lucky to be one of "Jerry's Kids" working in Standards in YMJ, what a fun time!
  8. Centennial of Flight Dinner If you want to see this fabulous piece of Canadian aviation history (Hawk 1), meet some of the gentlemen who flew with the "Hawks" and celebrate 100 years of Canadian aviation history, then see the link below. I know tickets are going fast. They sold 150 seats in the first two weeks! Hopefully see you there! Per Ardua Ad Astra
  9. Centennial of Flight Dinner If you want to see this fabulous piece of Canadian aviation history, meet some of the gentlemen who flew with the "Hawks" and celebrate 100 years of Canadian aviation history, then see the link below. I know tickets are going fast. They sold 150 seats in the first two weeks! Hopefully see you there! Per Ardua Ad Astra
  10. Handyman....were you refering to Clancy Sheldrup?
  11. Don't know if this has been posted in the past. It shows a 24 hour period of worldwide flt ops. Notice the day/night boundary and the increase/decrease in flights.
  12. Kip, as mentioned before, Thank you for your support! We now have the YSJ Mayor, YSJ Board of Trade and a local MP behind the idea. Well done. Dale
  13. Rookie You are correct on both accounts....the paper is owned by the Irving's and yes, I do work for them, but how that is "biased", I don't follow? We're based in YSJ, we operate daily out of YSJ and we're very in tune to the wx of YSJ; and because of this, and that no other operator had, in the past, requested the lights, we felt that we'd start the ball rolling....and rolling it has! There is only one local YSJ paper and it has deemed this story a good one, one worth telling, if for no other reason than to educate the paying public as to why they're being diverted, needlessly in many instances, to other airports. Will our flt. department also benefit from the bet. It will increase safety and our operational capabilities, but it will also do the same for every other operator coming to/from YSJ. As Don Hudson said "this is a good fight" and the response from other professional pilots to this story has been fantastic, many of whom have written to both the airport CEO and to the paper. BTW, this is the latest YSJ wx! METAR CYSJ 101400Z 20007KT 0SM R23/1000FT/N FG VV000 15/13 A2974 RMK FG8 SLP072= Enough said!