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  1. Schooner69

    Friday's Tale

    Kip: You ever get to the Okanagan, we'll go flying. We only leave money at our destinations... John Swallow
  2. Schooner69

    She should’ve filmed it...

    " know this how...?" I read a lot. JMS
  3. Schooner69

    She should’ve filmed it...

    Moon the Loon: 'xactly! Of course, it is possible that he was a porn star travelling between gigs and he was just emulating an opera diva. You know: running the scales, keeping the equipment in fine trim, etc. Practice makes perfect! John S
  4. Schooner69

    She should’ve filmed it...

    1. If there's no pictures, it didn't happen. 2. "...for hours". Must have been brain dead. (So to speak...)
  5. Kip: You can probably still remember when I passed on Charley Winegarden's distillation of all you have to know about high speed aerodynamics is "E equals EMM CEE squared and you can't push on a rope..."? With minor modification, that formula works equally well for Chipmunks and Kiowas! You think I was over my head in Portage? You should have seen me in Cold Lake passing on everything I knew about CF-5 technical and handling characteristics! Them was the Good Old Days! John
  6. The difference is failure rates between TC and CCPs is insignificant...