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  1. Seeker, just to clarify, are you referring to operating and riding in the Dash 8 100/300 variants?
  2. Ah ok. I read there was evidence of fire at the AC Contactor box in the RH gear well with associated burn evidence on the gear leg (AvHerald). Things could've been bad there.
  3. They sure are Moon . There are AC contactor boxes in the nacelles, and also the FADEC boxes and their own power sources (Permenant Magnetic Alternators) are mounted at each engine. Of course there's electrical anti-ice equipment on the nacelles and the props that could also be sources of the excitement. I'm a bit surprised the TSB would send a "team of investigators" though. Must have done some serious damage to warrant that no?
  4. I believe that would be me. And I don't even recall the how or why of the other one. When I tried to do a password reset I got the automated email saying "Hi ####"....and I scratched my head thinking "whaaaa?" Anyways, Admin fixed it up lickety split and I'm me. Nobody else.
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