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  1. This is the company that Georgian got together with as part of their bid to take over Air Canada's Express flying a few years ago. I believe the first RJ flights operated by GGN were actually R1 aircraft/crews. Recall the 'Captain' who assaulted the AC ground handler in YYZ a couple of years back...
  2. Actually I can take a picture of any documents the company requires with my iPhone and email it to crew records. No paper involved, and is more secure for me because I still hold the original document and I have an 'electronic receipt' of sorts. I'm really kinda surprised that folks would be comfortable letting someone else open their own important mail. Can WJA pilots do work for other operators?
  3. Question: Why would an employer ever be in possession of someone's Av Docs (license/medical)? Along those lines, why would any TC medical information be mailed to WJ as opposed to the pilot? My company gets scanned copies of my documents, but that's all. My license stays with me and I would never let anyone else have it. Item #58 & #65 in the plaintiff's claim are my reference point. I'm a bit unclear on this (unless the OPP seized the document and gave it to WJ along with the company ID etc? And if that's the case it should have been immediately returned to him.)
  4. Search for 'public freakouts' on YouTube. Probably find it there soon enough The way people behave (or rather, don't) in public, and towards other people... complete strangers, is nauseating.
  5. Even still... 5 years apart in similar incidents is pretty close!
  6. Same back yard, different viewpoint Wonder if they get noise complaints? Love it.
  7. Agreed Seeker. I've seen some questionable operational behaviour on the ramp of some of these small tugs like pictured above. I always figured it was only a matter of time before someone damaged an airplane, or ran over another worker or pax. Never imagined someone being crushed by their own machine (if in fact that's what happened; I may be way wrong, but that picture is kind of telling). Condolences to all affected.
  8. I'm not a "Jet Driver", but is it standard practice to attempt to restart an engine that shut down (failed?) due to excessive vibration- enough to cause "much damage"? Also, interesting that the second "unaffected" engine on the JAL flight only sustained "minor damage" during the icing event...
  9. I noticed that too DEFCON. Looks like a significant buildup. I'm curious to know if the "360 spin down the runway" was real or just perceived by the pax witness. Being a pax in the back of a 1900 on a good day can feel pretty uncomfortable.
  10. I had a minor surgery performed at a specialty hospital several years ago. The next day the nurse doing rounds checked my incision and said, "I know who did your surgery without even looking at the chart... Doctor Meticulous. Lucky you!" That was a great thing to hear. Best wishes to all you folks who've gone through or are going through health battles.
  11. Moon- love the comment at about 0:43. "Crap..... That kinda...... blows"
  12. Could be wrong John, but I thought it was a bit lower... 30 is stuck in my mind.
  13. Hi Seeker There is an RNAV 16, and interestingly it has the lowest straight-in MDA of all the approaches at that airport. The latest TSB update says they were cleared for an approach to 07. From the TSB: What we know Moncton Air Traffic Control cleared the aircraft for an instrument approach to Runway 07 at les Îles-de-la-Madeleine Airport. Preliminary observations indicate that the aircraft was near wings level in a slight nose-high attitude at impact. More analysis of the aircraft attitude at impact is required. The wreckage is contained in a 150m x 150m field. The aircraft came to rest approximately 91m from the initial point of impact. Initial assessments indicate that the engines were producing power at the time of impact. The investigation will examine previous occurrences with this type of aircraft, and subsequent safety action taken in Canada, the United States (U.S.) and other jurisdictions. It is believed that there is a GPS tracking device installed in the aircraft. The team will recover the device for further analysis. Approach-and-landing is a phase of flight during which a high number of accidents take place. The investigation will be paying close attention to this Watchlist issue.
  14. Thread bump... for anyone interested in these videos. The videography is excellent. The movement of the second lander's wing is pretty 'wow'... So are the control inputs of the ATR landing . Good grief. Birmingham Crosswind Ops
  15. Operated by a Montreal area aviation businessman and, as near as I can tell, a flight instructor was his co-pilot. The CBC has released the names of all aboard. Word on the other forum is that the airplane was US registered because he couldn't get any insurance coverage on it in Canada
  16. CYGR 291548Z 04020G27KT 2SM -RA BR OVC002 00/M00 A2884 RMK FG2SF6 SLP768CYGR 291517Z 05017G27KT 2SM -RA BR BKN002 OVC008 00/M00 A2884 RMK FG2SF5SC1 SLP768 Assuming an approach on 07, the lowest MDA is on the LOC DME, 458'AGL. The RNAV is 598'. If the above 1548Z wx was the most likely, then the odds of good visual reference at the MDA would be low. It's a relatively short runway (4500') and a pretty hot airplane. Just my opinion, but I've been in and out of there several times, and it was never one of my favourites when the wx was down. Very sad for the Lapierre family, and for the Island people who are not unlike a big family themselves.
  17. Hi Kip Just wondered if your flights occurred during "sleep" hours (night). I know for myself, during those times, I'll do a pre-start brief, but try to limit anything afterwards, unless it is warranted (like wx changes or any delays). But nothing from the front-end is actually against my company policy. They want us connecting to the pax. In fact, we have clear direction given in our COM on it. The trick can be encouraging "new" FO's to make it a timely, tasteful routine. Just my observation.
  18. That too, but I believe every jet from the CRJ to the 777 does it. The lack of certain automation on the Q400 would make it riskier than a single engine taxi out on a jet I think. Autofeather is just one thing that comes to mind.
  19. At Jazz we only do single engine taxi-in. Taxi out is done on 2 engines. I believe it's the same at WEN and PD. Flybe in Europe I believe does single engine taxi out (and perhaps others), but there are some issues and risks associated outbound that may or may not pass the "risk assessment" for that procedure. There are significant fuel savings, and the airplane actually handles just as easy with one shut down in the right conditions.
  20. I think it is at AC (separate hotels) A couple of things. 1) Does WJ really encourage this social engagement type atmosphere, specifically including alcohol? I cannot imagine it does specifically, unless it adds a caveat to be responsible about it etc. 2) Why could the plaintiff not be scheduled for RES flying? Would there not just be a flag on the appropriate lines saying "No Fly With..."? I'm just curious if any WJA employees can answer that.
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