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  1. Kip, I believe above you mentioned being a part of AIB's in the past. Was the Alert crash one of them, or was that after your military days?
  2. Now THAT is some good news. What a mess the past 2 months have been.
  3. That sounds like it, thanks Kip
  4. I had an instructor at Sault College who was retired RCAF. He was in an accident in his Tutor back in the day (1970's I think) and had to eject. Certain aspects of the flight had been filmed, including the accident IIRC (mid-air collision). He told us the story, and showed us the film footage. It was very emotional for him to tell the story. The part that I'll never forget was his description of how violent the ejection was, and that it was as if his teeth were in jello afterwards. I believe they ended up in a lake.
  5. I personally e-mailed Mr. Grabish (the CBC "journalist") this morning and called him out on his lousy story. My two main points of contention were his inaccurate report on the "airline's policy" that some of you caught above, and also the fact that this passenger is an "ambulance chaser", and reporters (especially at the CBC) are tripping over themselves to report on this bull$#%& for the sake of selling sensationalist news. My backup to that claim was how this pax claimed to have "travelled all over the world..." (ie: an experienced world traveller) , yet he was "Confused, lost and depressed" at a relatively minor travel glitch (never clearly explained because Mr. Grabish never collected nor reported ALL of the FACTS). I questioned Mr. Grabish as to how do I trust reporting in other areas of society (medical, education etc.) when I read this uninformed, incorrect and inaccurate reporting in my line of work.... The response I got back was "...thanks for reaching out..." I'm about ready to delete the CBC News app off my devices. I'm getting tired of this garbage.
  6. This is getting ridiculous http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/air-canada-passenger-bumped-wants-compensation-1.4114718
  7. Would love to see the shots the photographer at the fence got... Brave guy, or a tad crazy perhaps!
  8. I always liked this video of some operations in Spain. There's also a 50 minute documentary if you search for it, and understand Spanish. Would love to see the Ontario MNR produce something similar. CL415's and maybe 215-T's ?
  9. I sense another "#OwnersCare" episode in the future, starring Cooper It is a good ending though. Nice to hear.
  10. A little off topic, but always makes me smile... (For those that don't know, that's rapper Kanye West, and Mr. Neil Peart of Rush)
  11. Saretsky wins oxymoronic term of the year in my mind.
  12. I'm not sure what's worse, the laughable "journalism" or the weak statement released by AC. Honestly, can anyone be a journalist these days? That aside, would the crew not have brake temp monitoring that would suddenly go offline when the brakes disappeared? Or is that something you'd only see if you were actively looking for it on a synoptic page?
  13. Montreal's finest... (Thread drift but they do look ridiculous). I'd be fired if I pulled this stunt
  14. Hi bd. Almost guaranteed that it was a last minute thing that Republic crew sked did because of IROPS in some way/place. DH's (for an entire crew like this) are normally scheduled and in the system long in advance, be it the mainline or regional contract carrier. If that were the case here, there would have been 4 seats available for them. It would appear that the Republic crew sked opened the flight after it was closed by United sales agents (usually no less than 30 minutes before sked), and added the 4 DH crew. That left the United agents probably swearing under their breath and then going down to the already boarded airplane to look for the volunteers. The bottom line in this case is that is a part of the CPA that Republic and UAL have. They (crew sked) can do that. The sales agents then have to deal with it at the customer service level, which they deal with on a regular basis I'm sure. Unfortunately they ran out of tools ($$) that night, and were left with having to expropriate a seat in the end. My question now- did this guy (and his wife) initially agree to compensation as I've read ($800 ea) but then change his mind? Timeframe? One seat or now two saying 'no'? Usually 'denied' boarding (or seat expropriation) has a protocol to follow (non-rev, fare structure, card member status etc.... then down to last pax checked in). Who checked in last? I imagine when they initially accepted the compensation, they were "offloaded pax" (in the res system) quicker than you can say "UNTIED". Dr. D then decides "you know, that's a big ol' negative. I've changed my mind... I'm gonna stay", and a whole new set of problems have now arisen. The United agents were probably strapped for options now, and so they escalated it. I believe there are many parts to this story, and the public will never know (nor understand) everything that went on. The general public don't understand airline ops on a good day. Throw in a "CPA" and they really don't get it (even the media often gets it wrong). So many sides to this issue- even the cops dragging the guy off probably had no idea the complexities of it. Charter a flight to move the crew- great idea now that we've seen what happened. But I'm certain it's not in the CPA (who pays for that, Republic or United?). The reality is, the United agents (specifically a CSA manager) need to be able to offer whatever they need to in order to make things happen. An offer of '4 free tickets in the system' would've probably got them their damned seat, and cost them next to nothing in the end. Someone would've bit. My 4 observations: 1) Dr. D should never have been treated like he was 2) Dr. D behaved like a child for everyone to witness 3) Airlines need to have provisions (read $$ and management) to deal with this before they call 911 4) I always check in as soon as the flight is open to do so... IMHO
  15. Well for starters there was a passenger interviewed earlier on an American network who basically said as much. He appeared to be the guy in the row (aisle) ahead of the removed pax. Not that I'd take his statement as gospel, but what would he have to lose by telling the truth? Maybe I'm naïve to think that way. After all, some people do get weird at airports. But I'll bite. Why do you believe he threw a tantrum the first time he was asked to give up his seat?
  16. I highly doubt that Dr. Dao threw a tantrum the first time he was asked to disembark. He likely behaved normally (although perhaps belligerently) up until the moment the smartphones were turned on.
  17. An ambassador from the Barrie area (Wyvale, ON), and Sault College Alumni is taking part in the event. Brent Handy
  18. Hopefully they do it right. I'm no "tarmac" expert (yes, I just said that), but the repairs made to YYZ taxiways over the past few years have been pathetic, both in the amount of time spent working on them, and quality of work. Anyone been down Bravo between S and B1 lately? It's horrible.
  19. For the 'spotters', I'd suggest not waiting at the end of the runway to take picutres
  20. Even this "young guy" knows it's called "Three on the Tree"...
  21. Sorry Vsplat, but can you explain how you Temp Comp vertical speed?
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