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  1. Interesting link here that tells the story (comms). I imagine there are some tough questions being asked about perimeter security at LAS. https://youtu.be/7wsOqoHbuiI
  2. End of the TMZ report indicates that police believe he breached a perimeter fence. How easy would it be to get up on the wing of an -800 from below, assuming it happened after pushback? Brings a new appreciation to how big (high) a widebody is when you consider this is relatively low for an airliner wing. Ah well, I'm sure he's doing just fine. Probably fixing to sue Alaska Airlines for the slippery surface and the fall...
  3. I took that as moeman calling John Gradek, the "former" AC Exec bitter. Because that's what I was thinking as well about Gradek.
  4. Freeland says "detailed talks are underway with the airlines", while NACC says the Canadian Government is at "Stage Zero". I know who I believe. I honestly think Trudeau et al would prefer Canada to be a country connected by rail (no disrespect to rail folks- there's a place/requirement for rail in Canada too). Hey Justin, Marc and Chrystia- 2020 just called and everyone is waiting for you to show up at the table.
  5. Agreed. Figure out your TAFB (time away from base) per month and work out that hourly rate. For a lot of First Officers and Flight Attendants in this country, that $19/Hr Fedex delivery job is a raise. Quick math - an FO making $60,000/year working a typical year at a regional might do upwards of 320 Hrs/Month TAFB. Considering Vacation/Stats, that works out to just over $17/hr. The things we do to fly airplanes...
  6. I think there's also a requirement (IOSA) for 705 aircraft to be equipped with a portable ELT for transborder/international travel. Our aircraft are equipped with a second, portable 406 ELT. Would be nice for Garneau to deal with the real issues at hand instead of this distraction (not that I disagree with the new requirements).
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/max-ward-obituary-1.5788258
  8. Thanks for the observation Bains. You and Garneau really have this all under control; I can sleep better tonight. Seriously, are there any prerequisites to being a Government Minister in our country?
  9. Bold plans to build maintenance, operations and office facilities there and run a DH8 and or CRJ around the patch. I'm pretty sure that if BLS couldn't make a go of it with PC-12s, "GGN 2.0" isn't going to pull this off with a 50-seat RJ. Just a hunch.
  10. Same airplane. Did a go around on the first attempt, then put it off the runway the second time. Avherald report shows winds of approximately 240/15G26. Total "amateur hour" and an embarrassment to the profession. For the non-pilots on here, watch the rudder (and aileron) in both clips and you'll figure out why.
  11. Alex Lifeson of Rush. Blah, Blah, Blah...
  12. Looks to be a utility pole in the background on the same side of the road as the badly damaged wing. Probably where things became real.
  13. Been (mostly) lurking since March of '97... I think I had a different handle then. Regardless it's always nice to read the thoughts of other professionals here. Thanks to the hosts for providing this site, and the contributors for keeping civil undertones.
  14. This is the same aircraft that was just rebuilt because of another landing mishap this past summer. https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2019/a19w0094/a19w0094.html
  15. Sounds like a reasonable decision. The name of the "airline" on the other hand... Is there no pride or integrity in this business?
  16. Not for much longer. The CRJs are returning to Jazz and/or the lessor, and the GGN pilots (pre FEB 2019) are in the midst of transferring to Jazz or going to AC and elsewhere. Scuttlebutt was that GGN and WJA were in talks for an eastern CPA (like WJA has with Pacific Costal in the west). https://nationalpost.com/news/regional-airline-loses-1-5m-passenger-contract-with-air-canada-but-denies-safety-concerns-a-factor
  17. Even the US stopped taking Boeing's tool/ladder/junk laden KC 46 for a period. Boeing obviously isn't done, but what a mess.
  18. That accident began before it even left the originating airport. 25 Yr old FO with less than 400 Hrs TT was just along for the ride. Captain shouldn't have held a driver's license, let alone a pilot's license. Sad and scary to read. US-Bangla Airlines Flt 211
  19. The Youtube video is great. The DC9 is still one of my favourites... wish I could've flown it. A bit of thread drift... sorry Malcom. Interesting DC9/MD80/MD90 Info Simple Elevator Design Description (with pictures) https://youtu.be/7R0CViDUBFs
  20. There is provision to do it under extenuating circumstances in our Q400s, but gate 135 in YYZ isn't that ?
  21. Radar plot I saw online shows a rapid increase in vertical speed (descending) through around 8000'. Not sure how accurate those things are online but it was doing -7000 FPM when it was lost off radar. Weather was in the area, however it looked like they had yet to transition through the worst of it.
  22. If I'm in the left seat I'll gladly oblige!
  23. Amazing to think that he likely had a grand total of about 3 minutes of hand-flying time in the machine before this event occurred. Trying to figure out the wording; would the FO have done previous legs as the monitoring pilot?
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