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  1. There is a state park south of Carmel (I think it is south) called Point Lobos State park, (it is a long time since I was there). It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
  2. He could not be a lot worse than Bryce Mackasey was. . Now that was pork barreling.
  3. Kind of like chartered accountants. Their association sets the standards and the exams and they make sure they do not flood their field with graduates.
  4. This health scare will not help either. Especialy on Asian (HKG) routes although with any luck it could be short lived.
  5. You certainly have been out of touch, on an interplanetary voyage perhaps Sept 2000, Bombardier shares were $24.85 and were well recommended by Merril Lynch. They also liked and recommended Nortel @ $106.70, JDS Uniphase @ $153.55. There were some, suggesting that AC could reach $27.00. They are now, Bom $3.42, Nortel $3.12, JDS $4.45. they also liked GE at $46 which is now $26.60. AC as you know is $2.77 (guess the decimal point slipped). Guess you can't single out Merril alone as goats, the Quebec pension fund and Ontario teachers have lots of red ink. There are not many who have avoided some sort of a meltdown but it does give me a rather jaundiced view of the "analysts".
  6. Hey Dagger, apologies for the "spelling police" post, but I thought demoral (verb ?, remove inhibitions/principles etc ?) as an inflight concept could be interesting on a long boring flight. PS demerol is great stuff when you really need it.
  7. I don't know if you could get a commentary feed via the internet but there are a lot of radio broadcasts available on the net. Perhaps ITV do a broadcast. Brundle et al are with ITV. In fact there is a lot of F1 stuff on ITV.com from the broadcast crew. Incidentaly, if you want to be mildly amused you should read the letter from Ron Dennis and Frank Williams to Mosely about some of the new rules and his response. Reminds you of some of the AC vs WJ vs Jazz spats here on AEF. It is in FIA.com.
  8. "Shetzen's experiment." Boy he really got around. I did not realise he worked for CP (?) as well as AC. I remember him giving a presentation at a Flt Ops road show. He was like a Whirling Dervish at the podium. It was exhausting to listen to him, man of many talents I guess.
  9. Yes, I have got to look into it. Brundle and co. were doing the ITV cover. http://www.brundle.free-online.co.uk/ has a few of his comments from the race. I got an automated response from TSN where they assured me that they took all comments seriously. Hmmmm.
  10. Hey Starman, I just fired off a question to TSN via their Web site asking if Speedvision was it for the rest of the season's coverage and offering my opinion on the commentary. I was going to say that it was barely better than Brian Williams but thought that was a bit mean I have a nasty feeling that they have signed for the season. Any ideas how to connect to ITV's feed such as satellite feed or internet. I just got a new graphics card that will do TV (if I read the manual)
  11. The notice of recruitment ban is still in IFALPA's website. I presume that it is up to date.
  12. David Hobbs has a lot of experience as a driver but not in F1. Brundle of course has driven for a number of F1 teams and really knows the ins and outs. He also is (was?) manager for some of DC's F1 business matters. This broadcast does not have access to a reporter in the pits as does the Brundle/Allen feed. Looks like TSN have gone elsewhere for their broadcast cover. Too bad it is a large step backwards.
  13. I am very disappointed that the broadcast is being done through Speed channel. David Hobbs is OK but does not have the insights of Martin Brundle and James Allen. Looks like the contract is for some time.
  14. I think a lot of these new rules would not have been quite so necessary if BMW, Mercedes and Honda had reduced the number of times they produced clouds of blue smoke from their engines. Schui would still have prevailed IMHO, the reliability he and Rubens enjoyed was amazing but you do have to finish.
  15. Bonuses also do not contribute to compounding at the next contract. In fact a bonus will do a lot to prevent your compensation from keeping pace with general inflation and the relative compensation of others in the economy at large.
  16. I wonder how many of those J pax are actualy big spenders or are they "baksheesh" upgrades?
  17. Zipped, the person who knows what is going to happen two years from now will be in great demand in this world of ours, don't you think ?
  18. Reach for the sky author is Paul Brickhill, he also wrote The Dambusters. Clostermann's book must be hard to find. It was published when I was in school (about the time of the formation of the Rockies) I had it memorised then and still have it
  19. No Kip, I don't think this one was 12 O'Clock high. "Piece of Cake" was a squadron in France that was driven out to the UK with the rest of the British forces. It was as much about the characters on the squadron as it was about flying, although the Spitfire flying was very well done. It was on Masterpiece Theatre and is probably on DVD somewhere.
  20. If it is the one I am thinking of, PBS put it on as a multi part series on Masterpiece Theatre. It was actualy pretty good with some excellent flying scenes using Spitfires. Don't know how they managed to assemble the number of aircraft that they did but it is worth seeing again.
  21. Thanks for that. The photo is pretty impressive though don't you think? Close to leaving wheel tracks in the sand.
  22. Great photo of using ALL the runway in Airliners.net. Search for photo ID 312682 and 321482. I'm sorry I don't know how to create the address using an underlined "HERE"
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