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  1. Yeah, try flying with some guy who has a new baby in the house and see how much sleep he is getting. This concern for the well being of the Old Gaffers sounds very touching but I'd say that it is not the issue to hang your hat on if you really want Status Pay. Somewhere in Calpa's archives there is the report from a committee that looked at it in some depth, about 10-12 years ago, lots of pros and cons. No doubt some will feel that times have changed but is it a priority issue for these times?
  2. "Whereafter they are translated into Canada's Second Official Language" Ahem, I'm sure you meant to say "Other" official language, regardless of which one of the two, the original was written in
  3. Right next to the crew rest seat, and the doors do not close quietly.
  4. You can add "The pilot that acts as banker at a crew dinner will come out six dollars short and still be expected to leave the tip"
  5. Dagger, are you assuming that RP means Reserve Pilot? RP in the long haul scenario means Relief Pilot. They are authorised in the seat above 10,000'.
  6. Ah yes, The Airline Watchers and Analysts. They are like the Harem Eunuchs, they are around the activities and maybe even get to see a bit of it so they feel they are experts at it and can tell every one how it should be done. Phooey.
  7. The economics of this proposal by AC are puzzling. (If we want to give them the benefit of doubt) Imagine you are with Airbus Industrie as a sales rep. XYZ airlines are interested in the 340-500 for their long haul. They have seen all the route performance economic figures but they ask, Why does Air Canada (an experienced Airbus operator) see the profit margin to be so razor thin with this aircraft that they are demanding crew working conditions that are at the extreme in the industry, and are not even considered by some countries? Can any money be made with this aircraft? Are the design economics so marginal? Did you get the figures wrong? I would love to hear how Airbus presents the economic figures on the aircraft. Why do I keep thinking about Judge Winklers comment that need not greed should be the criteria for some of the negotiations?
  8. Your point about who gets to see and verify the returns is spot on. As has been pointed out here, anyone with a couple of seniority lists has access to a big chunk of employee #s. Unless there is some sort of security to make sure the returns are not all coming from the same internet cafe the poll could be stuffed and the results spun.
  9. Malcolm, the 200,000.00 really comes very late in the career (if you get on the equipment) and does not last long. The bulk of the career is spent at lower rates.
  10. "I see that one of the options you can choose is that you want more info before deciding. If enough people make that selection, I bet that's what will happen." Ya think??? That option looks to me like the, "Click here if you want to be removed from our mailing list", that comes with Spam. It lets them know they've got a live one on the end. Or is that just being paranoid? :|
  11. "Imagine what a coup it would be to pull it off again, after all the changes. That prospect has to be irresistable to some." I think you are correct. The effect on the Western World's confidence in its ability to defend itself and preserve its way of life will be shattering if they can stage a repeat given all the resources deployed against them. The economic fall out from loss of confidence will be immense and guess who will be among the first industries to feel it. Call me naive if you wish, but I find it hard to believe that the security people play with states of alert or cancel flights just for fun.
  12. "Howewever, AC is losing domestic market share and should continue to do so for the forseeable future." Well you may be right but it would appear that who ever is putting up the money for the Embraer/RJ purchase does'nt see it that way. Might be prudent to find out what they know before writing them off. It is an awful lot of money.
  13. "Clearly the trend is for AC to do less domestic not more." Well Milton did say something about domestic being less of a priority but the RJ and Embraer order would seem to (ahem ), fly in the face of that.
  14. I don't think the GTAA "gives" anybody anything.
  15. Ah I see, thank you. The quote "Absolutely adamant" was in a news clipping that carried the 19th Feb as the date so I had understood it to be that recent. If that term is now "inoperative" then perhaps rigid stands have softened.
  16. Well then I would say that "Absolutely adamant" is a funny way of saying it. Sounds like a rigid position to have to back away from.
  17. from CBC Online news: "Trinity has said it is "absolutely adamant" that the unions accept its Feb. 5 plan to change the terms of the pension plan to reduce the financial obligations on the airline." You would have to think that "Absolutely adamant" leaves little room for much compromise. Sort of painting your "Face" into a corner, if I mix a bit of innuendo into a metaphor.
  18. "Guess that is what keeps the economy going around" Perhaps, but when the jobs are finally relocated to Bangladesh, India, Viet Nam etc. and the North American labour force has minimal disposable income after funding the basics, who will the corporations sell all these SUVs and Nikes to?
  19. Going non stop outbound may work but I would think the return will be tough as JNB is at 5500 feet ASL.
  20. I did'nt hear about that one. I believe that the threat from AC was based on the fact that the Logo was theirs and left no doubt about the identity and therefore they had the right to complain.
  21. I believe that AC threatened to take action against some site that put that Photoshop creation into circulation. It is a splice using some footage from some explosive tests conducted in the US.
  22. Hi Don, I have a partial knowledge of the amount of help the captain had from CALPA. It was considerable. The public perception of what unions do is more often coloured by the industrial relations actions that make the press, than a lot of their other activities. The assistance that they provide members in more individual matters, from the dramatic, usually concerned with an accident/incident, to the behind the scenes personal help with employee assistance programs ( much of it necesarily confidential) usually is forgotten or not newsworthy enough for most people.
  23. If you are not a member and your dues are not going to the union are you sure that they owe you representation? I'd be surprised if they did. The point about being left out on your own is worth thinking about especially if you are flight crew in trouble in another part of the world. The Canadian captain on contract with Korean, who was involved in an accident comes to mind.
  24. "That is an odd one... I wonder if he doesn't think it's important to do so?" (Have the employees behind him) CBC AM Radio yesterday around 1015. A professor of business administration was talking about "the myth of the happy employee being more productive". I was not sure that I heard correctly at first but he went on to say that figures show that a happy employee is not more productive than the unhappy counterpart. This prof had gained much of his education at Harvard so maybe that is where it comes from and Milton and Rovinescu seem to buy into it. I can't believe he is correct, especially in public contact and service type of industries, but I guess I am not a professor. I still believe that the extra mile is more likely to come from an enthusiastic employee than a driven one. The Royal Navy of times gone by would seem to agree, they had a saying that a volounteer was worth ten pressed men.
  25. Thanks for the post. Zurakowski fought in the RAF at the height of the Battle of Britain. He is in one of the displays at the Battle Of Britain section of the RAF museum at Hendon. An amazing career.
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