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  1. The Federal government's vaccine mandate applies to Airlines. When the Federal Transport Minister presser'd the October 30th first dose vaccine requirement, it set in motion numerous media requests, it was probably easier to release the internal document rather than answer each journo's questions.
  2. I would venture a guess that AEF demographics of white, male. above average income are aligned with Conservative voter ID.
  3. Announced on today's Alberta Healthcare conference call, Flight Attendants and Pilots are exempted from the 14 isolation in Alberta. There are other exemption on a case by case basis.
  4. I'm 43 years old and clearly remember the cut over to RES3; so it can't be that RES3 was implemented over 40 years ago. I do also remember that RES3 was sourced from British Airways Business Systems (BABS) that was several years old all ready. Also, don't knock old computer systems. The core of SAP's system that powers majority of fortune 100 (largest companies in the world) is closing in on 40 years old. The core programming code can't be replicated, many have tried. The super big systems instead have wrap around processes so the user experience isn't a green and black screen. My understanding is that SabreSonic still uses the original core of Sabre mainframe.
  5. The 737-300s for CPA were for Attache, the full airplane J class option for YYZ to YUL/YWG/YHZ/YVR. The route was an attempt to get 737 service onto YYZ-YVR. That's where the A320 really showed its capabilities. When AC introduced the A320; cabin configuration was 100Y/32J and could do YYZ-YVR all day everyday if needed. When PWA bought up CPA, one of the first things was to cancel the 737-300s and get as many A320s as possible (which was like 14 at the time). It was a great strategy, too bad Eyton decided to buyout Max instead of purchasing another 10 A320s.
  6. BCN on the Dreamliner from both YYC and YYZ. My Alternate prediction would be Westjet YYC-AMS 3x per week.
  7. I can't be the only avgeek that giggles every time there is mention of ZBAD airport. What were they thinking when that code was registered.
  8. Completely off topic, but shouldn't Super 80 be revealing a new handle seeing as AA is retiring the last mad dog today.
  9. The TransAt YYZ operation that must remain in T3 (because not everything can come into T1) will be separate for operational purposes. I can see TransAt Holidays remaining separate. YUL has a phenomenal opportunity to integrate everything into AC and AC Rouge as the airport would become a crown jewel fortress hub for TransAtlantic operations.
  10. This is not a pure Competition Tribunal public interest assessment, the report goes to the Transport Minister where a political decision will be made. Unless WS comes to the table with significant commitment to fly YUL or YYZ international and truly replace Transat flying flight for flight, route for route; the TC Minister is going to approve the takeover. WestJet won't take the A310 or A321 and they appear finished with purchasing more 763s. This leaves redeploying the additional 7 Dreamliners they have on order. If WestJet enterred into an agreement to increase competition, they would have to deploy the Dreamliner onto such great routes as YYZ to CDG/AMS/FCO/AGP on a year round basis. Additionally they would have to put the Dreamliner onto YUL runs. This would significantly and negatively impact the strategic plan as it would push back Asia operations a good 2-3 years. I expect that AC will have to give up some slots and gates in YYZ, but probably not much else. Maybe YUL to sun destinations for Sunwing to takeover with additional frequencies. IMHO the public interest assessment is driven by a desire to paper the takeover as much as possible for the Americans and Europeans. This keeps Canada in control. Minimal repercussions to AC because anything less will put QC jobs at risk.
  11. I would hope that AC Dreams Take Flight would congratulate Boeing ECF on a great livery and all the good work they do. End the congratulations with a standard request for donation and offer to cross promote each employee charitable initiatives.
  12. At its most basic element, an assault is any unwanted physical contact. You touch someone with a feather and it counts as an assault. That said the local police have enough power to distinguish between a slight shove and knocking someones lights out. If the FA presses charges, the aircraft becomes an investigation scene and the flight will get cancelled. Better to just offload the offending pax, close the door, get their bags, pushback, and deal with the ban after the fact.
  13. In the new super speed up of information and news, Companies have to report within 24-36 hours of board approval. The BoD probably rescheduled their meeting for Thursday 25th and that forced a Friday 26th early morning reporting. The Onex deal will have an effect on the transaction as well. There is a blackout restrictions for insiders releasing information to the outside world before quarterly release to the stock market and general public. For example, Onex putting $2.4B request for funding the WestJet deal is predicated on WJA.T having released their Q2.
  14. I expect the 310s and 737NGs to get removed from the fleet. That will pull down the overlap in YUL to a great extent. The big question is how does the TS purchase and consolidation with Rouge go for gate space in YYZ. I could see Calin making a deal that includes TS giving up gates in T3 to WS to expand their international widebody operations. In exchange TS/RG go to the infield terminal with a better bus connection to T1. This would likely solve the competition issues in YYZ. Another question is will Garneau use his new powers from the Transport Canada Modernization Act to overrule the Competition Bureau?
  15. The last period of unprofitability was 2005 to 2006. Hidden in the past were a few other factors: (1) There was a problem with the interface between the back office Revenue Management System and the OpenSkies Passenger Sales and Service system that had a knock on effect of Openskies not updating the external GDS systems with price adjustments. (2) There was a second problem within the Openskies system being unable to handle sales with a few combinations of YYT-HNL/OGG because this was the first time WS had itineraries going over 24hrs in travel. (3) The first two problems combined into a drop of 10's of millions in revenue as seat sales were not properly posted to the GDS system nor to ws.com. The IT department borrowed Clive's Amex to get better/faster servers installed in 24hrs notice. It was the treasury department that alerted Management to the GDS problem because the bank was getting drained fast. (4) WS also had to pay $15 million to charity to settle out of court the case involving hacking into the AC employee booking site. (5) Jetsgo shut down unexpectedly and WS took it upon themselves to offer deeply discounted airfares to the affected pax.
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