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  1. better4me

    AA orders more 787’s.

    The consensus doesn't apply to the AA order. Yes Boeing did stop selling the 788, but mostly because they offered discounts on the 789 and not 788. A good salesman always uses the line "For a little more money, look at all the extra features by going with the upgraded model. In AA case, the decision was either stay with the 330neo or go over to the 788. They didn't have a mission for another 50 789s. Put it another way, if Boeing said "sorry we're not making anymore 788s", then AA would have said "sorry" to Boeing. The bigger Q, does this mean Boeing will open the 788 to other airlines? If Boeing does open up the 788 to discounting, I could see both AC and WS making follow on orders for the 788.
  2. better4me

    Saretsky gone!

    The $8 million PFO cheque includes a do not compete agreement. I believe the territory is North America. So nothing stopping Saretsky from going to Australia, Asia, or South America. But if I was Saretsky. I would open up a consulting business in Cancun. Broad band internet to the home and good camera I would take paid spots on News programs. To provide colour commentary to the media. I would also go to YOW any chance I got to speak before senate of HoC issues, especially the pax Bill of Rights.
  3. better4me

    Saretsky gone!

    According to the Westjet 2017 Management Information Circular, page 52 Exectuve compensation for Mr Saretsky under a termination without cause scenario, he gets an $8million golden parachute. Highly unlikely the Board would terminate for cause as this would most certainly result in a n ugly lawsuit. Further, termination with cause could make null and void the non compete clauses in his final release.
  4. better4me

    BA to launch LGW-YYZ

    Thanks for the ride report. WestJet's doing much better in their sophomore year on the LGW run. The 763 scheduled flying reduction coupled with enhanced maintenance in the shoulder season has paid dividends. But the unsung turnaround has been in how the FA's are operating on the flight. Last year I was hearing lots of stories about the FA's being unable to adjust the service style to 7-10 hour flights, and the FA's were just as shocked about the difference in passenger expectations for service. WestJet's next major challenge will be to figure out the true frequent flyer persona. Yeah I'm talking about the DYKWIA types that frequent Flyertalk, lounges, and have an Amex Platinum and Priority Pass cards in their wallet instead of a Capital One Visa. The tremendous increase in corporate/business flying will bring about a new type of customer that WS front line staff will have to adjust their soft skills. Case in point, last year's family trip to San Diego. I'm watching the gate agents do numerous last minute seat swaps. The airplane on gate was a 73G as advertised. Now 4-6 people I could see displaced if the aircraft had a slightly newer slim line seat, bit not enough of a change to account for 10-15 pax. I got my answer once onboard, the seat swaps were to accommodate lap infants to allow the family to have an empty middle seat. There were a few other seat changes to re-unite adult families into the same row. As I said above, the gate agents response to pax queries was " last minute aircraft change". Onboard the FAs response was "this is a short 2 hour flight to San Diego". Both responses are minor issues for the once per year flyer. But the once per week flyer will be severely impacted if the same thing happens over and over. The DYKWIA flyer is also an expert at your airline's schedule, aircraft, customer service standards, etc. Overall WS is adjusting to the new traveler mix, there will be more turbulence ahead, but hopefully only minor chop or a quick altitude change will solve the problem.
  5. better4me

    BA to launch LGW-YYZ

    The rouge 763s have 4-5 rows of rouge plus. Regular economy seat with extra legroom. Wh are these seats not good enough for a 6'4" person?
  6. better4me

    Frontier Coming to YYC

    The Fares on YYC-DEN are high because there is a lot of business traffic booking either last minute high value nonrefundable fares or high value refundable fares 21-28 days before departure. There is a good reason for avoiding the lowest possible nonrefundable fare. Way back in 2012-2014 time frame I worked for a large global Oilfield Services firm that was YYC based with operations in both DEN and IAH. At the beginning of 2014 we all saw the oil glut and predicted the drop in Oil price. The belt tightening followed in March. New marching orders were to book all air travel 21 days in advance and book cheapest ticket. The company was willing underwrite the risk that the business meeting could change and this would cost increased change fee. First class travel was banned. This was even true for Y-up or discounted fares with instant upgradeablity to First Class. I made a request to travel discounted business P fare that was cheaper than economy fare, no go. All of us towed the company line and booked out 1-2 months worth of travel. Then one day in late August the axe fell on 20 of us frequent travelers. I got out with a $1,600 USD travel credit with UA. The business development and senior code developers got out with a lot more, 3-5k in travel credits that could not be returned onto the company credit card or transferred to another employee. Two weeks after being let go I had coffee with the VP Finance. He let me know of the travel credit situation. I reminded him about the meeting back in March when I proposed buying cheap refundable instant upgrade tickets when it made financial sense. We discussed that there was no option but to have travel booked really close in, like within 3-12 days before departure, otherwise employees who know they could be cut will use the marching orders from HR to book out all their budgeted travel as much as possible. From the YYC end, the major head office players that have operations in DEN are Suncor (huge gas plant west of the airport), Encana (multi-billion purchase of Tom Brown Inc. gave them a big presence in downtown DEN where Encana consolidated their US office), and TransCanada Pipelines. Plus there is a large number of mid size oilfield services firms with an office in Denver. I believe its Suncor that is pushing for WS to enter YYC-DEN. WS all ready has all the FBO charter flying for Suncor and WS is primary air travel vendor for all other trips. YYC-IAH was started at WS when 3 major players went to WS and agreed to support the route. I suspect the same is true for YYC-DEN.
  7. better4me

    Frontier Coming to YYC

    Considering the flight leaves Calgary at 10:10, near the start of their major transborder operations, I gather that WS is hoping for connecting traffic from YLW, YKA, YEG, YQU, YMM, YXE, YQR, YWG. The YEGgers who have lost ORD, SFO, and seen downguages on DEN and IAH will be thrilled to learn that WS has joined the legacy airlines in pushing traffic through YYC. One thing is for certain, this flight does not help to YYC based flyers, a good 8am departure is perfect for getting atleast a 1/2 days work done in DEN. but the 10am departure is too late most of the productive day is gone by the time one reaches the worksite. The return s even worse. A mid afternoon departure from DEN means the YCC based business traveler will have to overnight on at least the return end of the journey. For two companies I have done weekly trips YYC-DEN early Monday morning and DEN-YYC late Friday evening. I would lose a 1/2 day to travel on the Monday and be on the 6:30am or 8am departure, but could gain a full day on Friday with leaving the office at 4pm to catch the 7pm departure. This WS schedule ruins the trip on both ends.