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  1. The last period of unprofitability was 2005 to 2006. Hidden in the past were a few other factors: (1) There was a problem with the interface between the back office Revenue Management System and the OpenSkies Passenger Sales and Service system that had a knock on effect of Openskies not updating the external GDS systems with price adjustments. (2) There was a second problem within the Openskies system being unable to handle sales with a few combinations of YYT-HNL/OGG because this was the first time WS had itineraries going over 24hrs in travel. (3) The first two problems combined into a drop of 10's of millions in revenue as seat sales were not properly posted to the GDS system nor to The IT department borrowed Clive's Amex to get better/faster servers installed in 24hrs notice. It was the treasury department that alerted Management to the GDS problem because the bank was getting drained fast. (4) WS also had to pay $15 million to charity to settle out of court the case involving hacking into the AC employee booking site. (5) Jetsgo shut down unexpectedly and WS took it upon themselves to offer deeply discounted airfares to the affected pax.
  2. The consensus doesn't apply to the AA order. Yes Boeing did stop selling the 788, but mostly because they offered discounts on the 789 and not 788. A good salesman always uses the line "For a little more money, look at all the extra features by going with the upgraded model. In AA case, the decision was either stay with the 330neo or go over to the 788. They didn't have a mission for another 50 789s. Put it another way, if Boeing said "sorry we're not making anymore 788s", then AA would have said "sorry" to Boeing. The bigger Q, does this mean Boeing will open the 788 to other airlines? If Boeing does open up the 788 to discounting, I could see both AC and WS making follow on orders for the 788.