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  1. But it makes for great TV, so that's probably why the reporter did the story. A better story would have been to tell viewers to download the airline app and put BP into the passport app. The passport app automatically updates the BP and I never lose the BP, saves trees too.
  2. For the above reason, I think there is more to the announcement than just a bunch of new flights.
  3. I would be surprised at the C Series order for WS at this time and it doesn't jive with the Eastern guest focus. My guess; Parlais vous francais? Oui! At least one French speaking FA on every mainline flight. Plus French language ability at all major airports in Canada. Goes with the YMM contact centre from last year.
  4. Interesting article, thanks for posting. To summarize; - The 332 problem is caused by the untimely parking of the Turkish Airlines fleet. What the article does not mention is how serious TK is at remarketing the airplanes. Would |TK let the aircraft go for deep discount or are the airplanes on short term park until their domestic political situation is resolved. - The 333 problem is the same, if TK takes the exSkymark aircraft the market is in balance. - The 772ER problem is caused by MH parking and deeply discounting their entire 772 fleet. The fleet has shown some resiliency in price considering that MH basically ran a Priceline "name your own price" auction with no minimum reserve bid. Conclusion: If the coup in Turkey had not occurred, there would be no issue with 332 or 333 fleet values. Further, it could be hypothesized that no coup would have also fully stabilized the 772 valuation as a complementary competitor would not be diving down prices.
  5. Next trick will be to get either DL or Broward County law enforcement to confirm the shooters routing or airline. I'm getting very concerned that Canadian are about to stuck with an inaccurate connection to another US domestic terrorist incident.
  6. Rethinking the security requirements for each venue opportunity would be a welcome cost reduction for these types of events, Recent example from my own life. Just before Christmas I attended the Calgary Chamber of Commerce breakfast event with Justin Trudeau. There were 1200 in attendance. At the same venue 16 months prior, Premier Notley had 1500 in attendance. Both events were about climate change and pipeline construction. The 300 person difference was entirely due to RCMP officers at every table. Despite everyone requiring a pre-existing relationship with the Chamber and being advised to expect airport style security and prohibition on coats and large bags. It was fairly easy to figure out the RCMP officer dressed in a suit at your table. The breakfast period includes a networking program where everyone trades business cards. The RCMP officers all said the same thing ("I forgot my business cards at home"). Additionally the undercover RCMP officers had very little conversation to offer for the networking period. Rather than have 300 RCMP officers at the event, a smaller contingent with the portable walk through metal detectors from Saddledome could have done the job for less cost. The RCMP seemed most concerned about the potential for environmental protesters disrupting the event rather than a terrorist attack. During the networking discussion I mentioned that it would be nice to have an environmental disruptive event to break up the monotony. That comment perked up the RCMP spook. There was similar heightened RCMP presence for Premier Wynne luncheon a few months earlier. However for Cabinet ministers, AB premier, and Mayor Nenshi there is no such visible security. Finally, the PM does not practice what he preaches. It will be interesting to see increased gas bill for the PM 4 SUV, 2 sedan, 4 RCMP vehicle motorcade. Another accountant at the Breakfast event is well known for travelling between meetings in a Vespa. I joked he should offer PM Trudeau the use of the Vespa and claim the associated carbon tax rebate as payment.
  7. WS3 cncl due to lack of crew. Now. WS610 cncld for same reason. Overall 4 WS flts cncl this morning no associated with weather in winterpeg. Could this be an indicator of industrial action at WS?
  8. In mathematical terms, a 5% increase compounded over 5 years results in 27% increase in costs (2 points due to compound factor). Extend that same increase over 10 years and the increase is 70% (20 points due to compound factor). Retirements, deaths, and other termination events make the comparison at 15 and 20 years much more difficult. . Growth in the company is meant to keep the high cost portion of the business to as small as possible. The most interest comment to come out of Saretsk's mouth is that 737 and Q400 growth is almost all gone, no more low hanging fruit in the Canadian or North American marketplaces. Essentially, Westjet is seeing its own version of "peak oil" where chasing additional traditional markets will not yield profitable growth. Where westjet needs to grow is the widebody operation, Further, they have to institute some provisions to force pilots to transition to larger aircraft in order to move the high cost component to more profitable flying. Additionally, an up or out provision would push some pilots to either accept lower pay for better working conditions or force them out of the company (to be replaced by low cost new pilots).
  9. After reading the latest presser, I have to think that all Saretsky got was an increase to the number of 763/widebody aircraft allowed into WS. Were working conditions and or pay part of this new agreement? Devil in the details indeed.
  10. On the 319/321 flying, I agree its substitution. But I don't agree the vast majority of 763 flying was substitution. AC didnt fly to half the rouge European destinations and the other have of rouge flying was unprofitable with the last mainline flight going back to Claude Taylor & Pierre Jeanniot days. As for competitive pressure, I think the main cause of 763 expansion is to eat TS lunch before WS has a chance. On the LGW WS operation, I am reminded by a quote, "A goose with a lawn chair on its back could make money" to LON (LGW or LHR). There are not many other routes with this characteristics.
  11. I have heard there are significant renovations required to bring the infield terminal up to effective operational condition (both from a lack of mtce in the preceding 10 years since it was closed and because of the Syrian refugee operation resulted in some modifications). Further, CBSA facilities at T1 and T3 are at capacity during peak times, with aircraft densification and increased gate utilization; both terminals are now over their originally intended passenger capacity. Could either terminal handle an additional 10 gates of international flights? Also specific to T3, preboard security is at or near capacity, could preboard security handle the additional flights for a 10 gate operation?
  12. Removal of Hangar A would only yield 2 additional 737 sized gates. So far the GTAA has not presented publicly the net steps for air terminal development.
  13. The problem with YYZ eastbound argument is that there is insufficient gate space at T3 to operate additional flights. GTAA cannot grow terminal and gate space if they are only getting more narrowbody aircraft. The efficient growth needs to come from more wide body flights or at a minimum the addtional services need to be a balance between regional, narrowbody, and widebody growth. Through rouge, larger regional aircraft, and mainline seat densification, AC has been able to significantly grow T1 passenger count without requiring additional gates. I doubt WS could do the same without additional wide body aircraft on both international and domestic sectors.
  14. Do I have it correctly, the rouge contract is two pay scales 767 and 319, where do the 321s fit in? Purely reading the tea leaves, ouijia board, and tarrot cards; it have heard that the 321s will be transitioned to Rouge from mainline once the max9 arrives. If this proves to be true the rouge fleet could be 10-20 319s, 20 321s, and 35-45 763s for a 75 aircraft operation. For argument sake, lets say that there are 20 A321s in the rouge fleet, could AC go towards capping the upper end of the 319 pay scale and raising the lower end of the 763 schedule. Further AC would introduce a pay level between 319 and 763 for the 321.Finally the upper end of the 763 pay scale could be increased give these pilots a bit better separation between 319 and 763.
  15. Doubtful there will be much 737 growth with or without new wide bodies. Lack of gates at hub mainline stations will be the WS primary problem on a go forward basis, YYC hub will be the exception.