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  1. Human has been taken out of humanity and replaced with desensitized mass formation or people that have been brainwashed to think that they are superior to others who chose to not be. Simple as that. Unvaccinated are much better off, period. Read the other side of real scientific data. I challenge you to. In the meantime stop the posturing just because you want to feel you’ve done right by the pharmaceutical and government's direction to your obedience. One day you’ll wake up after your 8th or 10th jab and wonder wtf? you have 18x less immunity than the person without max vax. Look up the Israeli science data on over 2 million test subjects. No bull
  2. Just putting this out there. Curious as to what all healthy lifestyle living individuals with a mindful discerning approach to all risks, known and unknown have to contribute to the topic in this link? https://youtu.be/iY98nuD3Bco
  3. https://www.facebook.com/700945560/posts/10159111991770561/?d=n As your nick implys, thought you’d get a kick out of this
  4. Funny how some “trolls” protect their decision to go with the narrative and then punch down on people who don’t. The bible talks about people like you. So vaccines work then, right? Good luck with your righteous decision but don’t forget to dribble on yourself once you receive the 3rd, 4th, 5th dose to try to ward off what natural immunity does.
  5. Funny! Maybe change your nick to “Can’t get the blinders off” You should do your research. Israel’s breakout cases are amongst the top percentages of people already vaxed with one and two doses.
  6. Israel = most vaccinated country on earth=Real scientific data study=most breakout cases= Vaccines do not work=Cover-up by main stream media
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