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  1. First time replying to a Post. I should tell you at the onset that I am a person that is 16 years into a Cancer Diagnosis.. Three Autologous StemCell Transplants, Heavy Chemo and a Maintenace Treatment of meds every day have kept me on the right side of the sod Suffice to say I have a compromised Immune system and Antivaxxers with no Medical Reason get no sympathy from me. I think one of the problems with our Society is some people refuse to think there should be no consequences to decisions. I am a firm believer that there are consequences to all decisions made in life, whether good ones or bad ones. Many years ago, it became a requirement that smoking must be done in certain areas and those areas are outside. Smokers that decided to continue knew what they had to do. Either quit or go outside, again with the consequences. I see no difference here with opting not to get the vaccine.. I read earlier that COVID is a minor health issue. Really!. Last time I checked well over 640,000 Americans are dead. A lot of folks down there still call it a hoax! Some hoax. Stay safe everyone! My rant for a Friday Evening
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