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  1. Hi, I want to buy 2 or 3 used mechanical cockpit checklists. Please let me know if you have, or know where to find. Thank you Jean LaRoche Montreal
  2. Great article! Thank you. Good read. Wouldn't it be great if we could experience this periodically, say, every 3 years or so? Of course, serious aerobatics training as part of the CPL course would also go a long way.
  3. Of course you know Kip, that I didn't write that "fighter" comment. But I am glad to read yours. Jean
  4. Hi Turbofan, The pinnacle importance of feeling the aircraft in flight is the reason why synthetic motion was questioned from day one. Solid empirical data show that training to react to synthetic motion cues and feeling the aircraft in flight don't always line up. Pilots trained without synthetic motion systematically perform just as well in the aircraft. It's got to be embarrassing, to say the least, when billions are spent on 6 DOF platforms. Could the billion dollars be spent differently? Did motion platforms contribute in reducing CFITs? Did it help the AF447 pilots? Could motio
  5. Hi J.O. ! (I am not sure who I say hi to, but it's nice to read you... hehehe) The Airport Advisory Visibility was introduced as a dispatch (departure) limitation, affecting the taxi out from the terminal to the runway (via the de-icing area when necessary). But later, an Advisory Circular quietly came out implying it also affected the post landing taxi to the gate. Hopefully this will be corrected for good: if you can land, you can taxi in.
  6. (Please advise me if this topic was posted before) Following TSB's recommendation A20-01, a revised and simplified Approach Ban Regulation will be submitted to CARAC later this year. It will mark the end of the Advisory Visibility and will focus on Prescribed Visibility. This will (or should) mean one minimum to conduct the approach for all. Special Authorizations (Ops Specs) will be used for reduced visibility. In a nut shell, the new Canadian rules will basically match FAA's. At this point, airport closure, or runway closure when Wx is below minima is not considered. Attached is th
  7. Thank you Canoehead for allowing this discussion to occur. This group of professionals is refreshingly civilized. The comments above, referring to skills and abilities acquired during simulator sessions, are correct. There is abundant, solid and unrefuted scientific evidence that students learn how to control a simulator more quickly if it has motion. Instructors feel rewarded when their trainees meet the performance criteria at the end of the lesson. Everybody is elated and all praise the device. It works! So, what's wrong with this picture? The fundamental test for any traini