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  1. Philippine Airlines looks to hand back Airbus A350s, Boeing 777s The airline, considering a Chapter 11 restructure, could return at least two Airbus A350s and four Boeing 777s to leasing firms. By Bloomberg News, May 15 2021 Share this article: Up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points - St.George Amplify Signature Receive up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points when you apply, are approved and spend $12k on eligible purchases each year for
  2. July 20 set as new tentative date for restarting flights by Porter Airlines Français NEWS PROVIDED BY Porter Airlines May 17, 2021, 09:30 ET TORONTO, May 17, 2021 /CNW/ - Porter Airlines is resetting its tentative date for resuming flights to July 20. "It's encouraging to see the recovery of the aviation industry in the U.S.," said Michael Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines. "As vaccination rates in Canada increase, we are hopeful travel restrictions and public health
  3. Qantas cancels international flights through to December Qantas now doesn't expect to see the bulk of overseas travel return until 2022. By David Flynn, May 12 2021 Share this article: Up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points - St.George Amplify Signature Receive up to 200,000 bonus Amplify Points when you apply, are approved and spend $12k on eligible purchases each year for two years. Convert your points into Virgin Australia Veloci
  4. Sad.......you keep ignoring the harm factor.. My neighbors are not likely to be holding a function with dozens of people flaunting the laws and those are the ones I would report , not my neighbours.
  5. Ratting out?????? If they are dumb enough to think the rules to protect others do no apply to them, REPORT THEM>>>>>>>> If not then indeed ignore such behaviour but don't cry when the results of that behaviour end up kicking you in the teeth and harming those dear and near to you. Remember we are talking about HARM...PHYSICAL.... not just dogma.
  6. I can not and will not agree with you. I said And that is and will remain MY BUSINESS.
  7. The churches here in Alberta that got police response were not exactly small work parties but rather large numbers of church goers. Two have been closed down as they continued to defy the law and host large groups. Re turning people in .... well if their activity is in violation of our laws then I would report them for the same reason I would report any activity that is in breach of our laws that has spin offs likely to injure others. (for example you see a person toss a lighted cigarette into a dry field which then causes a fire that puts others into harms way) Alberta RCMP further
  8. Brian Lilley: Canada's borders not nearly as secure as government claims Trudeau keeps crowing about his `stringent' measures on travel to Canada. But they're just lies to take heat off his gross mismanagement of the situation Calgary Sun 16 May 2021 BRIAN LILLEY blilley@postmedia.com @brianlilley THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE Justin Trudeau may see nothing wrong with the way Canada is handling its borders, but the borders aren't as airtight as his government claims. There are three big lies told about Canada's border situation during COVID. Unfortunately
  9. Rex Murphy: CBC loses farcical lawsuit against the Conservatives, but secular moralizing will continue Rex Murphy 16 hrs ago CBC lost a court case yesterday. But, apart from possibly having to pay costs, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. For the few who have happily forgotten about the affair, its key points were that CBC management and their chief correspondent (named in the suit originally, but after very predictable embarrassments, her name was removed) sued one of Canada’s two main parties. To end your suspense, it was the Conservatives. Startling, I kno
  10. unless you quote, we have no idea as to which post your remark applies to? Or are you just ranting in general?
  11. Protest in Canada over what is happening outside of Canada, right or wrong? but I can not help but notice the failure to protest following current Canadian Laws / restrictions regarding the current epidemic! Surely the protest could have been held and been compliant with the current Canadian Restrictions or are the protesters somehow exempt? Thousands gather at pro-Palestine demonstration in Montreal | Montreal Gazette
  12. The outcome, to try, will depend upon the colour of the 70 year old. If of a colour is other than White, and the opportunity to try is denied, then headlines of racial bias will be in the news.
  13. Heritage minister ignored his own officials over controversial Bill C-10, documents reveal Anja Karadeglija 19 hrs ago Months before the Liberal government removed a section of Bill C-10 in a controversial amendment, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault was told by officials within his own department that it was an “important limitation” on regulatory powers. A briefing note prepared for Guilbeault in December 2020, and obtained through access to information, outlined which online services would be covered by Bill C-10. It pointed to section 2.1, which excludes individual users
  14. FedEx Crosses Milestone With 100th Boeing 767 byJake Hardiman May 15, 2021 8 shares 8 3 minute read ADVERTISEMENT US logistics giant FedEx has reached a significant milestone in terms of the contents of its fleet. Specifically, yesterday saw the Memphis-based cargo carrier receive its 100th example of Boeing’s 767-300ER freighter. This represents FedEx’s second deli