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  1. The Wrights and their impossible 1904 flights This is the most recent free book about one of the greatest technical frauds of the twentieth century. The work is based only on primary sources, mainly documents of the period 1903-1905, in majority letters of the two brothers and the answers received by them, plus newspaper articles (all quoted in full). After reading the letters and articles you start to ask yourself how is it possible that so many authors credit Wilbur and Orville Wright with building the first heavier-than-air man carrying plane that ever flew when, in fact, the two
  2. The Wright brothers and their imaginary 1903-1905 flights Link for the video: The Wright brothers and their imaginary 1903-1905 flights The Wright brothers did not even finish the 1903 plane at Kitty Hawk, NC. Flyer 1 never flew as can be seen in the following 1904 article: The Wilmington Messenger, Wilmington, North Carolina, May 26, 1904, col. 1, p. 6. "Elizabeth City Economist: A gentleman visiting this city whose home is in Kitty Hawk, is responsible for the assertion that the Wright brothers, of airship fame, will return to Kitty Hawk in the near future and resum