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  1. I checked most of the loadies and both have a ton of points too.
  2. What is this in the ratio of amount of testing? Has the number of tests increased?
  3. The point system makes no sense then, if you are correct. By your statement both @Marshalland @deicer are gods of this forum then? But it appears tge News, Kip, Malcom and Dagger are leading in points? So points are about likes?
  4. I said I would not look at this post again, but here I am. its really striking to me to see extreme views. And it seems to be getting worse. I suppose it has to do with an election coming. And the fact that I never paid attention before. Seems clear to me (at this point) that the US institution and how they've set up their government is heavy. It also seems to me that the democrats appear to be loosing their sanity. I've researched both candidates and their accomplishments. I'm leaning towards the Republicans as they seem the least corrupt. But I'm sure the left wing and the
  5. @Jaydee actually that statement makes a good point.
  6. I noticed people have points. How do you get those? I mean its pretty hard to get them im guessing. I have 1 point it seems
  7. is there a place to find out directions or FAQ? Sorry if my post is in the wrong place, but I can't find out things. TYIA @administrator
  8. @JDunkin I just watched that video of Obama. Why is he speaking this way? I've heard him speak before and he does not have this accent? Anyway, I agree with you about policy. I'm new to following US politics. I think the world has eyes on the US after the whole BLM/antifa riots. I am starting to wonder about all the faciad. It's an interesting experiment
  9. Too funny, but this will be the last time I spend searching links for you. If you want to have an educated discussion on Joe Biden, then let's do that. But I'm afraid it will be a Bill Murray in Ground Hogs day. I'm guessing you are an American. Here are the debate questions about Joe Biden. Please do not post massive LARGE PRINT copy and paste. We can all read Facebook and twitter. Since you asked me to get links @deicer Answer these questions. 1. Have you seen any videos of JB touching children and sniffing and touching them
  10. There are many. Here is one
  11. I've been avoiding this post as it's a daunting long 183 pages. Wow, you guys talk alot ☄ What I have a hard time understanding is that Biden's campaign wants to defund the police and take away your firearms. But at the same time have no problem with the 'peaceful protests' where mayhem is killing people. Common sense would make you question the Democrats position after all that's happening down there.
  12. Thank you @Marshall for the hint. I now understand what you mean.
  13. You're still not clarifying what your post about the 'real' BLM is that you are referring to? What is the real BLM?
  14. Has anyone tried to get a 3 year old to do anything they don't want to? No me. The folks running the plane should have deesculated this. There must be more to this story, as why would they cancel the employee benefits. He must have been there, or raised a ruckus?
  15. @Marshall holy smokes, thats great information. Thank you for spending the time to dig it up!