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  1. This is a real portrait of Owens at congress interview. The woman is a fiery stubborn ass female! Love her and anyone like her, no matter her skin colour.
  2. Dear @administrator, Please change the title of this thread to be: deicer and jdunken gong show. Sorry, 'just sayin'
  3. The Dossier, as of last week to 10 days ago has been proven via declassification on US.gov site, to be a Hillary campaign push to distract from her emails. Its all there in black and white. Have a read for yourself. It's clear by your posts that you only watch fake news.
  4. Nothing about the Biden corruption drops in the past 24 hours on here?
  5. CNM: Blame the victims. Nobody knew that at the time. Regardless of what you post, the crime was 3 left wing radicals attempting to ambush Kyle, an out of state medic, who came to help the helpless. Luckily he was armed and trained to defend himself against 3 members of a domestic terrorist organization. IN FURTHER NEWS: Deicer is trying to get his head on straight ?
  6. Ohhhhhh nooooooo, what will keep me busy then??? I'll be stuck watching fake news. I am curious about multiple resurrections though ?????
  7. Pretty soon, they will have to stop censoring things they don't like. They can't stop the Q movement. WWG1WGA
  8. It's a created opportunity which, I'm sure the powers that be, had already planned the above suggested event. It's the 2030 plan from United Nations, all countries signed it.
  9. Did you watch all the videos? Or read what you posted. Nothing in the article proves this DID NOT happen. The article is hyperbole speak. https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1310768777345347584?s=19 More and more things are being exposed down south. Its quite shocking the level of corruption. How did all these politicians get wealthy on a government salary?
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