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  1. Out of curiosity would anybody have the $$$ value each airline got to keep thru the cancelled ticket "voucher" idea. The government gave the airlines a pass already and looked the other way. 2 x I tried to recover my money properly following the DOT guidelines -told no. So if the airlines get money, a lot of people are going to want their $$$ back before the ink dries. Best to all affected by this chaos.
  2. Hi Mitch, I've been a reader of this forum for a long time and have always enjoyed your posts. I wondered if you had just moved on from posting. Dec 22, 2003 you posted what I felt were some very heart felt words in discussing my dads flight. Some incorrectly speculated and arm chair QB about the course of events but you put yourself out there and genuinely showed you cared. I'm glad your doing better. https://theairlinewebsite.com/topic/10770-ac-a330-fuel-leak-pics-yvr/ I wanted to add a Robert Milton story if I could. My dad was dead heading on a Tango or Zip flight. He bought a bottle of wine for the seat mates next to him thanking them for supporting AC post bankruptcy. Short time later a bottle of wine showed up at the door with a letter from Milton. Take Care Tyler Ferguson
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