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  1. Indigo vs ONEX vs Air Canada and Canadian Government. bring on 2022
  2. https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/air-canada-mandates-covid-19-vaccination-for-all-employees-1.5561132
  3. Anyone having problems booking Reciprocal Jumpseat on Air Canada ???
  4. The Giver belongs in a different category, but definitely a hall of famer in this certain category.
  5. I had an experience with a comet. “Hey...is there traffic at our 12? No... it’s comet xxx.” It looke like a plane had blown un 10 miles in front of us.
  6. Its just crappy times all around. Here is to hoping we’re all at the bottom and we all can grow in the better direction.
  7. This is horrible news and I just can’t help but think, WJ is spot on here. Again, like pulling out of the east that this is a shot straight across the government’s bow. Before this announcement I believe WJ was down to approximately 4500 employees across the system. This will bring WJ to around 3500 total employee’s most are pilots, around 2200. Operating the size of 2001, yikes.
  8. Wow, they really did come out of nowhere or, nobody was paying attention. I wish them luck.
  9. Could Air Canada be deemed an “Essential Service” and be told, not allowed to pull out of some of these communities? Whats the difference between pulling out and striking?
  10. The last line of this article says, negotiations haven’t even started with the government.
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