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  1. Given the number of parked acft I would imagine they will operate some narrowbodies as cargo only flights. These will be high profit flights.
  2. AVI traffic is pretty limited right now. AC's 787 fleet can take approx 1000kg of dry ice per acft and the 777 can take 1500kg. With the use of Enviro-containers they will be able to handle large amounts. As long as the temp requirements are accurate. Good time to invest in Cold Chain technologies.
  3. Deleted. apparently there is something I was not aware of. I will not trouble this forum any longer.
  4. I doubt that over the next 3 or 4 years airlines will have little trouble finding staff to fill any position.
  5. Companies like Leger will tailor questions to get the desired result for the client.
  6. One of Mondays PVG-YYZ flights was a 777C. In addition to the pallets in the belly it had just over 9,000 kg loaded in the cabin. It was quite impressive.
  7. More cargo only routes from AC This next phase of our expansion kicks off June 1, with the introduction of scheduled cargo-only flights to five destinations: Bogota (BOG), Lima (LIM), Amsterdam (AMS), Dublin (DUB), and Madrid (MAD). Flights will be operated on our newly converted A330C aircraft.
  8. J pos pass expiring Dec 2021, no other incentive for employee's eligible to retire. Other options of extended unpaid leave or reduced hours.
  9. Layoff Mitigation email sent out this am to all non-pilot or non-management employees. I don’t see many employees taking advantage of it though. It isn’t much of an incentive.
  10. Here’s mine: Cousin, early 50’s (nurse in UK) She has been in isolation at home for 5 weeks after contracting covid at work. She is begging her friends and family to ignore Boris Johnson’s easing of restrictions and continue to “safe distance” and avoid group gatherings. She is normally very healthy, but while she does not require hospital care it has left her very weak.
  11. I can’t see the leisure market coming back for at least a year. How do airlines that rely on that market for their bread and butter survive? With The implementation of CleanCare + turn times have to increase. This will be an industry wide issue. That will put more pressure on carriers that rely on high acft utilization. The next 12-18 months are going to be brutal. Gov’t money isn’t going to save everyone and as seen in the US there are going to be strings attached. Strings that may be more than some are willing or able to accept.
  12. Notices went out to us last week. IAM approx. 65% laid off.
  13. BA is laying off 12000 and we are hearing rumours that AC is laying off 65% starting Jun 7. No confirmation of numbers at AC just a post from a shop committee member but layoff notices are going out. WJ recently announced more as well. It seems that airline management is going into survival mode.
  14. Hello folks, it’s been many years since I was active here. Life has a habit of rearranging your free time priorities very effectively I found. I am closing in on retirement from AC, maybe sooner than later if rumours of early retirement packages are true. Pilot’s and Management have recently been offered. Here are some of my thoughts about this industries future. After 9/11, we all saw the immense change due to new security measures. I think we will see similar new “medical security” measure introduced. Ie: Body temp checks, medical clearance to fly, 24 hour contact info m