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  1. On the apple website you might want to look at the refurbished area. I have been happy with the iPad Pro and the 21 in iMac I purchased. They come with same 1 year warranty that new items have. https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/mac
  2. It seems Apple has stopped offering this program. I have a friend that received it at another big corp and they no longer get it as well. All links on the Apple site are dead. They do still offer the student discount for post secondary education. https://www.apple.com/ca_edu_93120/store
  3. There is a post going around twit/gram/book that a Vet posted. It was asking all those using a veterinary medicine to fight covid to please also get themselves spayed and neutered while they are at it.
  4. The whole incursion into Afghanistan was doomed from the start. After invading there was no plan to exit. Were the Americans going to stay forever? What would constitute a victory? Were they just going in after the 9/11 plotters? Someone in the Pentagon should have been asking those kinds of questions of the politicians. Trump wanting to withdraw the troops was not a bad idea, it has just been implemented badly. No one has been able to tame Afghanistan for hundreds if not thousands of years. The country is just a collection of tribal factions willing to turn on each other at a moments notice. The Taliban being one of the larger and stronger factions was able to unite enough other factions to kick out the Western forces. They will control the cities and leave the countryside to the different tribal factions to fight over. The Americans did not learn from Vietnam, they did not learn from Iraq and they didn't learn from Afghanistan. You can not fight a war using conventional forces and tactics against an unconventional enemy. When the troops do not know who is friend and who is foe you have already lost the battle. When rules of engagement hobble the effectiveness of your troops, you have already lost the battle. Afghanistan will go back to harboring and training terrorists with Pakistan's help and in a number of years we will have another 9/11 type event.
  5. Stand by, https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/high-frequency-rail-project-1.6090930 "The federal government is moving forward with a plan to build an all-new high frequency rail line connecting Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. The proposed lines would reduce travel times between the cities and make trains more reliable, according to plans for the project." More taxpayer money being wasted. I can see it now, a Quebec construction company will win the bid. If it gets built it will be over budget and delayed years past sched. It will run at a loss until someone realizes there is not enough traffic to make it profitable to operate. It will eventually be shut down but not before some politicians and affiliated companies have sucked every possible nickel from the project.
  6. Population of Japan is approx 125 million while Europe is approx 746 million. Distances are shorter and the infrastructure has been in place for over a century. Europeans have been using rail transport for over a hundred years and it has been improved constantly. With mandated security adding to longer airport/flight time it is an easy choice to choose rail. The money is spent to insure reliability and OTP are as high as possible.
  7. That bit made me laugh. I was told by quite a few of the junior managers in cargo that they were told they were taking a pay cut or they were out the door. I guess technically it is true. "Fred, we will have to let you go unless you take a pay cut" Most of them starting looking for work elsewhere and I know of 2 that found better positions.
  8. I have a favourite book that was written in 2009. It is a alt history/scifi story. The author had an uncanny ability to write about things that have since come to pass. In one part a large container ship was taken over by terrorist and used to block the Suez Canal. It was rammed into one bank and then swung around to block the canal. I am waiting to hear that the steering was wrecked on this vessel. In case anyone is interested, it is available on Amazon. It is a long read so be advised. Magestic by Geoff Wolak.
  9. Thank You. 34 years and 3 months. 20 years in Cargo, 10 years in Cabins and 4 years in Commissary. I would have liked to have finished 35 but with the pandemic, mass layoffs, my overall health and caring for my parents it wasn't fun to go to work anymore. Someone got called back when I left so that is a good thing.
  10. AC has been recalling staff from Off Duty Status and layoff in YYZ in dribs and drabs for the last few months. All for Cargo. I retired Feb 1 and they were just starting to ramp up the new e-commerce plan and increase freighter ops again.
  11. Given the number of parked acft I would imagine they will operate some narrowbodies as cargo only flights. These will be high profit flights.
  12. AVI traffic is pretty limited right now. AC's 787 fleet can take approx 1000kg of dry ice per acft and the 777 can take 1500kg. With the use of Enviro-containers they will be able to handle large amounts. As long as the temp requirements are accurate. Good time to invest in Cold Chain technologies.
  13. Deleted. apparently there is something I was not aware of. I will not trouble this forum any longer.
  14. I doubt that over the next 3 or 4 years airlines will have little trouble finding staff to fill any position.
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