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  1. Thank God I had a gas generator!
  2. Will it be back on again now that Canada has banned Huawei and CTE? (sp)
  3. Although Air Tindi pilots scabbed when Air Ontario went on strike!
  4. When I retired I took my pension in a lump sum and so far I am glad I did. Buy almost any bank and get at least 4% in dividends (That is if the NDP/Liberal parties don't get their way)
  5. Too bad her mother didn't have one!
  6. Anita Anands " as soon as possible" will be right after Trudeau plants his 2 billion trees! And that is IF there is any room for them after the Ontario Liberals plant their promised 800 million
  7. China yesterday announced they intend to burn an additional 300 million more tons of coal this year!
  8. Not to worry - he will be on the loose again in a maximum of 25 years or earlier!
  9. Seeker- perhaps you will start a go fund me for my loss(Understanding the reason for the drop I really don't care!)
  10. Is it me or is the radar tilted down too far?
  11. "More than a dozen complained"- WOW what is Canada becoming??
  12. CH - did you happen to leave anything behind?
  13. I have bought pressure treated spruce decking last summer (I'm still alive and it is supposed to last about 20 years.)
  14. Why would anyone or company relocate to Canada ( and provide jobs) if you are too successful Singh and Trudeau are waiting on the sideline to tax the h*ll out of you?
  15. However, did you see the masses as Trudeau addressed the European Parliament?
  16. What about the drive thru at CDG?
  17. Deicer-last night I watched a show on TV showing the deicing at YYZ - did you happen to run one of those elephant trucks? (They are quite the machine!)
  18. Bought CJT yesterday!
  19. Another great Liberal who supports Canadian jobs and will continue to do so. (I have heard this song many many times before!)
  20. They also froze Joe Biden's assets, however, they hadn't realized he is Joe Jr. Joe Sr. is dead (RIP) and couldn't care less!
  21. I think Trudeau is stock pilling snow balls on the Arctic coast as we speak!
  22. Pls - there was a video of him walking down a Polish street with a nice new pair of red socks on!
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