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  1. I didn't realize we had an LGBTQ etc. forum?
  2. I once had the privilege of turning the "cream separator" to start a 1927 Fairchild _- owned by someone an old-timer might remember, ex AC 747 Captain JRW.
  3. I couldn't agree more! Lets hope they find out who they are!
  4. The last paragraph (last part) sounds like it came out of Trudeau's playbook!
  5. Watching Singh in question period is a real joke as he tries to ask tough questions to the liberals!
  6. If a Tesla battery costs $26,000,how much will these batteries cost to replace?
  7. Thanks Rick - will do as I am a survivor also!
  8. SO: - if I identify as a cow today do I have to eat grass?
  9. Hi Rick, Do I just fill out the form and then get a bill?
  10. I was flying the Toronto Maple Leafs once. My daughter had asked me to get some autographs for her and her friend. Rick Viave (a regular cockpit visitor) came up so I asked him for the favour. He took the books back and got them both signed by the whole team I left them both in my flight bag and eventrually left them in some hotel room. I still hear about it today!
  11. Only 400,000 more to go and Trudeau will have his quota for this year! If Mendicino says any thing about this you will probably misunderstand what he means!
  12. I heard our glorious Minister of Transportation on the news today saying ArriveCAN is here to stay for now as it really speeds up movement thru the airports?
  13. I got my Enbridge gas bill in the mail today and it would make any NDP/Liberal proud - HST on the HST
  14. My druggist told me his house is full of past due date drugs!
  15. NO, however, that would be a god idea!
  16. Sounds like more fodder for The Aviation Herald esp when it comes to smaller/northern airlines!
  17. Sounds good -paint todays history with yesterdays brush!
  18. RE: price of farmland, a farmer up the road from me died, so, the family put his 50 acre farm up for tender. A person I know bid $22,000 an acre(he was out bid)so he didn't get it. Jaydee your brother is probably worth a lot more than you think - stay friendly with him!
  19. I hope your name appears in his will!
  20. Seeker - you need the option of a like for your posts, esp the last one!
  21. So Jaydee - what would his operation, including the quota, be worth if it was sold?
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