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  1. I was referring to the entire branding package. The map is obviously inspired by this
  2. So at first look I was confused and not sure I liked it. But looking at it today more and along with the other branding (did you see the new route map - totally a play on the late 70's/early 80's if I remember correctly) I'm seeing the appeal. I don't mind it actually
  3. WestJet isn't stupid enough to bail on those flights now. I'm sure they won't be back next year though. Clearly only reason for them was to damage NewLeaf - how ironic
  4. Allegedly impaired Sunwing Airlines pilot arrested in Calgary before picking up passengers in Winnipeg & Regina. http://bit.ly/2itt6Jj https://twitter.com/ctvwinnipeg/status/815288800352108548/photo/1
  5. Get hired by a company knowing full well it's non-union just to try and get a union. Keep voting until you get the answer you want. I never understood, if you don't like the company then why not just leave. Not trolling. Just asking....
  6. He's absolutly right. To disagree is to be disconnected with reality and how the world actually works. But for lots of reasons he's never going to be PM.
  7. Then do the nice gesture and be quiet about it, instead of the annual rollout of professional videos and social media litter.
  8. And here comes WS http://westjet2.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=1188 CALGARY, Nov. 18, 2016 /CNW/ - WestJet announced today it will begin serving Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport from Calgary and Edmonton starting January 19, 2017
  9. To channel Bean.... WS ASL of 907 vs 1,752 for AC. CASM may be the same but it's really not.
  10. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/newleaf-temporarily-put-brakes-flights-000526102.html NewLeaf to temporarily put brakes on some flights out of Winnipeg CBCSeptember 16, 2016 Just seven weeks after taking flight from Winnipeg, NewLeaf has announced it will stop offering some flights from the city.
  11. Wonder if this puts the BA LHRYYC route in jeopardy?
  12. I'll be taking advantage of a few hidden city trips with these fares. No checked luggage and $ in my pocket.
  13. Some here tracked the fuels stop in SFO when WS first started Hawaii and made a deal out of that. I suspect the daily tracking of the '67's to LGW will end eventually too.
  14. These Delta people aren't dumb. They see that AC/UA have had a lock on transborder for 17 years.
  15. One day people will acknowledge it has nothing to do with people being cheap or not understanding how expensive it should be, it has everything to do with trying to limit the feeling of being ripped off, likewhen the guy beside you tells that he paid $280 less for the same flight. Buy a YYC-YVR-YLW cheaper than a YYC-YVR. Or trying getting to a US hub - $591 YYC-MSP but the flight to Florida via MSP is $493 Airline pricing is insane and no one likes feeling like they were ripped off. Imagine sitting at the Cineplex and everyone watching the same movie has paid anywhere from $3 to $45 - or some people paying $5 but they get to watch the next movie for free. So of course people want the lowest price.
  16. This just may be one of the more rediculous discussions ever. #trolls
  17. It feels very last minute and reactive. BNA? To borrow from Bethune, "who's girlfriend lives in Nashville?"
  18. Has zero to do with Harper. I understand 3 Q400s heading east. It's the responsible thing for WS to do during this economic period.
  19. Grab the cheap fares WJ and AC matched before they yank them (if they haven't already)
  20. Looks like AC7076 C-FNNQ just ferried YVRYYC. I'm guessing this is to operate the YYC-YYZ Malcolm's earlier post holds true "Terrifying photos of the aftermath inside the plane provided by passenger Helen Zhang" #AC88 https://t.co/ZGKR2dUWmq
  21. I probably used $30 in data just watching the 7th inning. Unbelievable. I'm with Firefox. Give us Cubs/Jays!
  22. Does this pretty much kill off the 50 seat CRJ?
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