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  1. The march to Canadi>n 2.0 continues.
  2. I agree CanadaEH. Transat chose to handle it this way when lots of other options existed. I'd be furious too. OMG no food? They were trapped in a tube 200 feet from the terminal. This was ridiculously unnecessary.
  3. Based on the behaviour of passengers escaping recent crashes (the fact they reach for the smartphone camera and film it in the first place is a big hint) getting carry-on bags, taking their sweet time, the confusion on board - I would suggest most packed flights would have difficulty emptying the plane through half the exits in 90 seconds.
  4. I think ModerateChop is onto something.... From the weekly airliners.net posting with the US OAG changes: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1369125 WS FLL-YUL NOV 1.3>0.4 DEC 1.2>0.6 JAN 1.1>0.5 FEB 1.1>0.6 MAR 1.2>0.6 WS LAS-YWG DEC 0.6>0.3 JAN 0.5>0.3 FEB 0.6>0.3 MAR 0.6>0.3 WS MCO-YHZ MAR 0.6>0.4 WS MCO-YOW NOV 0.6>0.3 DEC 1.0>0.5 JAN 1.0>0.4 FEB 1.0>0.4 MAR 1.0>0.5 WS MCO-YUL DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS MCO-YVR NOV 0.2>0.1 DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS MCO-YWG JAN 0.6>0.4 WS RSW-YOW NOV 0.3>0.1 DEC 0.3>0.2 JAN 0.3>0.1 FEB 0.3>0.1 MAR 0.3>0.2 WS TPA-YOW JAN 0.4>0.3 FEB 0.4>0.3 MAR 0.4>0.3
  5. Join a company knowing it isn't unionized. Then try to unionize it once you're there. If you don't like it - leave - there are tens of thousands of people that will do it knowing what the conditions are
  6. How much we made before interest and taxes. Imagine how much more you'd make of you didn't include interest and taxes....
  7. A different forum is reporting Porter is leaving Pittsburg and North Bay. So I would suggest that a daily flight into New Brunswick isnt necessarily a sign that things are amazing at Porter.
  8. Greedy and horribly run Airport Authorities who build ridiculous over-the-top nonfunctional palaces (hey YYC)
  9. The reduced service is relative to last Summer's schedule. YWG-LGW is Saturdays, June 24-Aug26 Here is the same fantastic CBC from January: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/manitoba/westjet-gatwick-winnipeg-1.3923588
  10. The London summer scheduled was announced months ago - so this story isn't about the reduced flying - it's just a way for, this time it's the CBC "journalists", to trash an airline. These types of stories must get a lot of clicks.
  11. I took my last United flight a few years ago because in my opinion nothing is worse. Certainly not AC
  12. As long as both sides don't get too greedy or stupid, the relationship can work fine and really there shouldn't be too much change. If it quickly becomes advisarial by either or both sides, could get really messy. Good luck to both parties.
  13. When flying into the US, I choose Comfort+ on Delta. Seeker is right. These seats are a choice of the travelling public. I make my choice. They make theirs.
  14. The 787-9 is very popular, more so than the -8. If the business doesn't work out or the pilots become a problem, couldn't WS just flip the airplanes to someone else?
  15. Meanwhile the rest of the airport authority clowns continue to build their insane palaces... Congratulations to @City_Abbotsford & @yxxairport as they prepare to eliminate the airport improvement fee (AIF) - http://fly.ws/AIF https://twitter.com/WestJet/status/859098336267087873/photo/1 http://fly.ws/AIF
  16. That's a lot of seats and a massive jump in size.
  17. .... this may explain the timing of the announcement.
  18. As Seeker says, this just causes problems. I wonder how serious they are vs. This just being a warning shot to the proposed ventures and an attempt to finally convince NewLeaf that if you continue, it's about to get uglier. Why not to US style and offer a basic economy seat, no changes, no bags, no carry on, no seat assignement etc..
  19. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/westjet-announces-intent-to-launch-ultra-low-cost-carrier-619941133.html 10 x 737-800 in high density layout
  20. We plan to launch a new ultra-low-cost-carrier by the end of 2017. More details below. https://blog.westjet.com/westjet-announces-plans-to-launch-a-new-ultra-low-cost-carrier/?sm_cid=social:ws-world:ulcc-announcement:twitter
  21. In my opinion, these are stupid at the best of times. Now to even do it on the wrong day... shows it's all about retweets, likes and free advertising. Guess you can't blame them - it's too bad so many think it's "so funny", "I love WestJet", "WestJet is the best because they are fun", "I'll never fly Air Canada again, because my neighbours friend got stuck in Halifax in 1996"..... Rant over
  22. "The new terminal is long on aesthetics and short on functionality,” he said in a recent interview. no kidding
  23. @Airlineroute WestJet expands Montreal service in S17 ✈ http://ow.ly/htxU308Vl2H WestJet in summer 2017 season is expanding service at Montreal, as the airline introduces 3 new routes, which will be operated by WestJet Encore’s Dash8-Q400 aircraft. Reservation for these new services opened during the weekend of 11FEB17.eff 15MAR17 Montreal – Halifax 2 dailyWS3451 YUL0915 – 1201YHZ DH4 DWS3453 YUL1815 – 2101YHZ DH4 DWS3450 YHZ0745 – 0843YUL DH4 DWS3452 YHZ1650 – 1748YUL DH4 DOperational schedule varies on/after 30APR17eff 15JUN17 Montreal – Quebec City 4 dailyWS3448 YUL0745 – 0840YQB DH4 DWS3438 YUL1200 – 1255YQB DH4 DWS3516 YUL1600 – 1655YQB DH4 DWS3434 YUL2000 – 2055YQB DH4 DWS3449 YQB0615 – 0707YUL DH4 DWS3439 YQB0930 – 1022YUL DH4 DWS3515 YQB1400 – 1452YUL DH4 DWS3433 YQB1730 – 1822YUL DH4 Deff 15OCT17 Montreal – Boston 2 dailyWS3652 YUL0715 – 0845BOS DH4 DWS3610 YUL1600 – 1730BOS DH4 DWS3653 BOS0925 – 1057YUL DH4 DWS3611 BOS1815 – 1947YUL DH4 DIn summer schedule the airline is also introducing additional trans-continental service to/from Montreal, including:eff 01MAY17 Montreal – Calgary Increase from 2 to 3 daily on weekdaysWS215 YUL0645 – 0924YYC 737 DWS213 YUL1200 – 1439YYC 737 x67WS217 YUL1815 – 2054YYC 737 DWS214 YYC0100 – 0705YUL 737 DWS212 YYC0900 – 1505YUL 737 x67WS218 YYC1235 – 1840YUL 737 Deff 01MAY17 Montreal – Vancouver Increase from 1 to 2 dailyWS565 YUL0800 – 1028YVR 737 DWS543 YUL1925 – 2153YVR 737 DWS542 YVR0825 – 1616YUL 737 DWS546 YVR2315 – 0706+1YUL 737 D (eff 30APR17)
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