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  1. Shaking complete. Unfortunately for your argument, the facts are important. I wasn’t in court and I doubt you were. The trial was presented evidence and the jury was deciding if this was a murder. They decided it was not, based on the evidence. You can make any judgement you want. But your posts are a prime example why there is due process in this country and not a mob deciding these things. Too bad our Prime Minister and some members of his cabinet couldn’t stop from passing a judgement either.
  2. Give an inch, they take a mile. Are we EVER going to make people take accountability for their actions? Spirit told me to flush it (allegedly) so I committed animal cruelty? One, that’s not a crime?? Two, if Spirit told her to go run in from of a speeding bus, would she?
  3. “Disgusting” eh? So you were in the court room, heard all the evidence? Bold making such a statement - you sound like the Prime Minister and some of his cabinet. The system functioned as it should and this was the outcome. Have some faith in the system and not make judgements based on some news articles you happened to read.
  4. Greed kills. ....and let me clarify - I’m certain both sides are being greedy.
  5. I’m always interested in these type of threads. There is such a passionate difference of opinions. I personally believe that no one is entitled to a job or to keep one. That labour is just another commodity. I’m willing to sell my skills and the employer or “buyer” is willing to pay for those skills an amount which we both agree. I do not understand the idea that something is “ours”. If you don’t like it - why don’t you leave? If you get paid one rate and many other are willing to pay less, then that’s the market saying “that’s the new equalibrium”. Unions are monopolies and disrupt the market - screwing it up in my opinion. You may not like that the market is willing to price labour lower than what you want or currently get. But two words - too bad. Take a microeconomics class and this is all clear in the first 20 minutes.
  6. For a couple of years around 2003 - WS did know what AC was doing I think those charts of fares says a lot about the ridiculous AIFs charged by some of these idiot Airport Authorites.
  7. WS sure is building up the YYC hub - another flight to connect into that massive 10:30am bank to everywhere
  8. I can’t imagine a case for A380 at the US3
  9. YYC is a joke. How’s WestJet agreed to let that ridiculous new terminal with flaws everywhere to be built is a massive failure on their part. I’ve heard numerous complaints about US and International connections there and people intentionally avoiding it, preferring Edmonton and Vancouver. Disclaimer: My only personal experience was departing from the hell hole that is the D70-73 swing gates. But at least there are animals to pet.
  10. What does this even mean? Trashing Trump is popular, pedestrian, bandwagon and boring. He was democratically elected by having 63 million Americans vote for him with a present approval rating higher than 8 of Canada’s premiers. Don’t turn this into Trump bashing thread, in my opinion, the righteousness of some Canadians is a bit much for me. The AC commercial played up a certain theme with little to do with Air Canada itself.
  11. Airbus paid $0 for CSeries. I’m guess Boeing is about to pay a lot more than that for E. Reactionary and self inflicted
  12. Talk about a tick-every-box commercial..... But I agree with Malcolm - better than Canadian 2.0’s commercials.
  13. They mention de-icing at the gate, so a bit off topic: but which Canadian airport handles de-icing the best? Which worst?
  14. .@Delta and @WestJet agree to form joint venture | Delta News Hub http://ow.ly/drg130h2YyR ATLANTA and CALGARY, Dec. 6, 2017 — Delta Air Lines and WestJet have agreed to deepen their existing partnership by entering into a comprehensive transborder joint venture that will increase travel choices between the U.S. and Canada. The airlines have entered into a preliminary memorandum of understanding regarding their intention to deepen their existing partnership to form a commercial joint venture arrangement, which will offer customers access to an extensive transborder route network, world-class airline products, enhanced frequent flyer benefits, shared airport facilities and amenities, and a more seamless travel experience.
  15. Did I miss something? Holly is pretty well connected... “Great Pre-Turkey day issue of PlaneBusiness Banter including the news that @WestJet has thrown over @AmericanAir for an exclusive codeshare relationship with @Delta”
  16. Wonder if they dumped them dirt cheap in a high profile attempt to say “$@&? you” Airbus for the cSeries deal. Plus may kill A380 once and for all...?
  17. I think we can all agree this is an attempt to cut off any new entrant from the market. What rational investor wants to dump money into a new airline when WJ is willing to do whatever it takes to sink you. My how things go full circle
  18. More @CBCNews: Europe's Airbus to buy majority stake in Bombardier CSeries program. http://cbc.ca/1.4357572 Airbus will acquire a 50.01 per cent interest in the CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership (CSALP), which manufactures and sells the plane. Bombardier will own 31 per cent and the Quebec government's investment agency will hold 19 per cent.
  19. Unless two separate and independent sources told them, then the "journalist" didn't do their job.
  20. Word is the "journalist" got it wrong and he is still alive in hospital.
  21. The dumbest name. The ugliest livery. With the sole purpose of doing exactly what WS screamed and went insane over in the early 2000 - to eliminate upcoming competition. Wont take very long for people to disparagingly call it "poop"
  22. http://business.financialpost.com/wcm/eb3d0930-3606-486b-ba7a-d1cf6e742f88 WestJet Airlines said it will offer fares that are 40 per cent cheaper than those currently available in Canada as it unveiled new details about Swoop, the ultra-low-cost carrier it plans on launching next summer.
  23. 84.9 this morning at Winnipeg Costco
  24. I have no concerns at all - the Globe story shows that private ownership isn't a bad thing.
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