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  1. Interesting that some posters are implying that people on the ground are over reacting after a couple of professional pilots dumped fuel on them. I'm even more surprised that the two professional idiots were able to maintain control of the airplane on final since the emergency must have been extremely dire. I have been doused in JP4 and it wasn't very nice. I hope it never happens to my grand-daughter. Calling them idiots is my over reaction.........after carefully reconsidering the incident and not knowing all the facts I would like to retract the idiot call in favour of just two average pilots with limited situational awareness skills and tenuous grasps of basic airmanship being put in a situation where they fell in love with checklists and the peter principle came into play. Now that is a rant!
  2. I impersonated a pilot for years but was never caught although some First Officers suspected the truth.