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  1. A formation take off on the wing with all your attention focused on lead and then something happens and you have to bring your scan inside to quickly diagnose what has happened adds a second or two to a very challenging scenario. A passenger could also add some minor complications, such a sad event. Capt MacDougall is a friend of my son's and we are relieved to hear that he is recovering. Like all Canadians I am extremely saddened by Capt Casey's demise. I think her significant other may also be a team member so the Squadron has a lot to deal with. My training for EFAT on SE jets was similar to Richard's with the addition that once when I asked about a possible turn to low key my IP looked at me and casually remarked, "you are as stupid as you look"............. no place for snowflakes and unicorns in those days....... although he did add that low key might be a good destination to head for only if and after I got a relight. Aerobatics, mirrors and aligning vertical stabs.......hmmm...... interesting stuff. I do remember using the section lines in Sask and once upon a time, when I was a boy, attempting a night loop for the hell of it over northern NB.............. stars mixed with scattered farm lights led to using the unusual attitude recovery training that I had received. Another life lesson learned.
  2. Jeff=JO=Jeff O=penny dropped Thanks for the kind words and the cooking lessons in Templepatrick many years ago. Kip, I'm sorry I offended you, but I'm glad you got to fly airplanes that I dreamed of and I guess you don't shop at Metro or have a CFOne card......good for you. I guess my hangar flying sense of humour is an acquired taste. To all the other ex-military pilots I offended by suggesting that we don't really deserve nor need free stuff, I also apologize. To any airline pilots getting free trips in retirement I didn't mean to cause you offense. The one thing I didn't understand is how talking about having fun in airplanes and throwing barbs in humour at pilots on other Squadrons or aircraft types is being bitter; but if it is I am one bitter SOB. I must admit that if I had known about the VIP perks while I was in I might have swallowed what was left of my limited pride and tried to fly Cosmopolitans although the controls were a bit heavy...........oops there I go being bitter again....... but it is a slippery slope....... Cosmos one day and before you know it you're a Boeing pilot. I promise that in the future I will attempt to be nicer to my fellow pilots, well almost all of them. I reserve the right to insult Airbus pilots since everyone knows the airplane flies them around not the other way around as God intended...............well that is what a Boeing pilot told me so it must be true. These are sad times, be nice to some one today. Sorry for thread drift. -30-
  3. Interesting that some posters are implying that people on the ground are over reacting after a couple of professional pilots dumped fuel on them. I'm even more surprised that the two professional idiots were able to maintain control of the airplane on final since the emergency must have been extremely dire. I have been doused in JP4 and it wasn't very nice. I hope it never happens to my grand-daughter. Calling them idiots is my over reaction.........after carefully reconsidering the incident and not knowing all the facts I would like to retract the idiot call in favour of just two average pilots with limited situational awareness skills and tenuous grasps of basic airmanship being put in a situation where they fell in love with checklists and the peter principle came into play. Now that is a rant!
  4. I impersonated a pilot for years but was never caught although some First Officers suspected the truth.