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  1. The 67 was a great workhorse for AC, guess that baton passes onto the 87. Be interesting though if the rumours of Boeing planning a 767 plus materializes
  2. Covid-Stay-at-home journalism at it's finest. Have a few drinks, post a nonsensical story.
  3. It's statements like that, that make me question the validity of the reporter/article. Only one person knows for sure and that's CR.
  4. It is without a doubt, and which has been said many times, that this is unprecedented time in aviation. So my question is, how do those (ie-AC, YVR airport, etc) claim that it will take 3 years to return back to normal? To me that's just guessing. This is after-all unprecedented. There is no measure to go by. All just ass speak. Perhaps I'm being optimistic, but I think things will return back to normal much quicker. People are itching to get outside, to travel. This is a reminder how easily things can be taken away for most who've taken air travel for granted. Maybe the 3 year claim is a play for bail out money who knows, but I do think we should take what the "experts" say with a grain a salt. (and to be clear, I'm no expert in anything). So what do you think of the 3 year call for return to normal?
  5. So they're form Newmarket. Passed YYZ spent a night in a hotel to get on Swoop. Just how cheap are they to justify the costs and time?