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  1. NO where did I "scold" you. I merely made a comment that all comments be welcomed. And yes, since I'm new-ish here, how would I or other non long timers here know the inter-relations you or others have. An admin calling someone (new poster) Karen, for no reason, is a bit immature, but hey, you do you, just my observation.
  2. While I and other may not agree with him all the time (like anyone else's posts), I say he's very welcome to post his opinions. Without freedom of speech.... which we are losing today, especially if it doesn't conform to far left views, we become slaves to ideology, and cease as individuals.
  3. I wonder if it's because Finland is better managed financially than Canada? Also, I do know they are more concerned with Russian aggression than we are. For what it's worth regarding Russia, I'm less concerned about them, than I am with the US (Biden/Harris or Trump), they have a more impact on us than any country. Which, as an independant country... shouldn't be the case.
  4. I wondered the same thing, it's ludicrous of any leader to go into hiding during a crisis. Certainly one of this magnitude! Health, finance, jobs, lives, the very essence of the Canada's well being, are all at risk! All so Trudeau can have a "cabinet retreat" to squirm away from another corruption into another win for the brainless-washed sheep. (to note, I feel like venting today)
  5. I'm too lazy this afternoon to look up an article I read earlier today/yesterday, however, I'm sure most of you read about the reason of having Freeland as finance minister. Which is to move along Canada's "recovery" in a green fashion which removes the country of dependance on tar sands (or althogether). I get a laugh at when the socialist claim about of x jobs will be created. But they never say at what cost of xxx amount of jobs will be lost. If anyone wants a article link, I'll try to find it tomorrow or next time I'm on (sorries)
  6. I in no way liked Harper, but the fact the leftist to this day think he's a puppet master says to me he was a more effective PM than he really was to the left. The conspiracy theory is right up there with Bill Gates being behind the 'rona virus for world domination. And, given the choice, I'd reluctantly choose Harper over corrupt Trudeau. Also to clarify, I in no way vote Liberal, so I didn't vote for the Turd. (and I also didn't vote Harper)
  7. So now we have a drama teacher for PM and a journalist as finance minister... what could go wrong?
  8. Admittedly, it's been awhile since I looked at any covid numbers, last time most places had flattened or declining. Looking at it now, and yeah, still a mess in a lot of places. I guess what I should be alluding to is similar to the European approach, in allowing unrestricted travel to safe(r) countries.
  9. Air Canada weighs aircraft cancellations https://www.reuters.com/article/us-air-canada-results/air-canada-weighs-order-cancellations-blames-travel-restrictions-after-second-quarter-loss-idUSKCN24W1HB Surprising if it's the 220, they seem very happy with it, aside from the altitude restriction. However, only 7 of the 45 have been delivered at the end of June, I could see deferrals. And given they are downsizing and considering further order cuts, recent finances and current restrictions, I would be very surprised if the TS deal goes through. The share price already reflects that to pre sale announcement. A US comparison of months cash on hand. https://crankyflier.com/2020/07/30/figuring-out-how-much-cash-the-airlines-are-really-burning/
  10. I agree with the indefinite quarantine. I get the US closure, but most everywhere else is under control. And I definitely agree with you Trudie will claim victory this year for reducing carbon footprint. We already know he doesn't care for certain job & GDP producing sectors, likely open the borders/skies to foreign carriers to "promote competition". On a side note, I do see AC looking for a Director of Government Affairs. Guessing the old one got sacked for obvious reasons. https://careers.aircanada.com/jobs/5418123-director-government-affairs
  11. It was a peaceful shooting, nothing to report here
  12. Sadly the masses don't catch onto the numerous false flag events, created by individuals or organized groups. Don't expect the media to properly report on it, because, hey, 'hate' is a headline grabber and the current meta to further far left agenda. When there's nothing to protest and riot about, make something up or make it happen.
  13. The gov't really seems to not want to listen to AC whatsoever, not even a care. They view them as an inconvenience rather than an economic driver. Maybe, a rebrand is in order. Something along the lines of "WE Bombardier SNC Airlines". A mouthful, but golly will it ever get the liberals attention and the cash flowing quickly!
  14. The US seems to be on it's way to getting every citizen infected. Maybe that's an unfortunate good thing (aside from the deaths), to get it over with. The death rate is lower in the US compared last time I checked to here (4% verses our 8%). It could be that the US economy will get going faster than here, where we will continue to isolate as a country well into 2021 (CEWS has been extended to December with a possibility into 2021). Our economy is going to make Greece (circa 2010) look prosperous.
  15. Yes, since I had to search "Trudeau in India". The point is, he is willing to please foreign countries more often than not, Canada. And time and time again aside from Bombardier, he has neglected the aviation sector.* *The opinions of of this author do not necessarily reflect those of other users nor AEF. Reader discretion is advised.
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