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  1. Hello everyone, I am a relatively new permanent resident in Canada and will appreciate advice on how to get back to flying here. Brief background about myself: Education background - BSc Economics, MSc International Business, FAA CPL/IR (H) and NCAA CPL/IR (H) and Bell 412EP type certification. My total hours are about 240hrs and Bell 412EP time about 60hours so as you can see I am a very low hour pilot. As a young pilot I made the mistake of going for a type rating rather than build my hours as I was looking for a job and the employer I ended up working with required that I self sponsor a type certification in the Bell 412EP as a pre requisite for employment. I ended up there for close to 3 years flying barely 60hours as contracts where few and far in between. I moved with my family here as a permanent resident about 4months ago and have had to take up a job to keep up with my financial responsibilities but would like some advice as to how I can get back to flying here. I will do a medical and convert my FAA licence to CAA first but I’m at a loss for how I will be able to get a job with my low flight hours. Should I convert then do a fixed wing conversion? Will there be employers willing to take me on with my flight experience? I have viewed job postings and there is a general 1500 hour barrier to entry. Please any advice you have will be appreciated, I’m at a point were I have no direction and your experience with the Canadian market will come in very valuable. Thanks!