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  1. Hello,I am a prior service US Air Force meteorologist in search of go/no-go horizontal wind shear thresholds for the 737. I am in an engineering thermodynamics class and created a project to show the potential to kinetic energy convertibility of CAPE within a convective updraft. My professor stated the project must be relevant to industry, so I chose to apply it to the 737's flying out of Houston Hobby climbing through weak tropical convection. In my example, I have calculated the max updraft speeds to be ~ 15 m/s (30 KT) from surface to 12,000 ft AGL. I need a documented source with operational parameters to see if this is too fast for a 737-300 climbing out at around 240 KT with a rate of climb of 2300 ft/min.Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!Houston Green