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  1. Not sure yet where DEC swoop pilots go, I am very confident that the intense pressure from WJ/Encore pilots will squeeze these pilots to their date of hire positions at the bottom of the list. There is no other solution that is acceptable or non grievable.
  2. Show us an example of this outcome in this airline industry at this present time ? Please cut the **bleep** , “ be careful what you wish for “
  3. Yes too bad it’s come this far. But it has. You can’t bring a gun to a gun fight and not have any bullets!
  4. Pilots at West Jet have been authorized by ALPA to commence a strike vote. It has already commenced.
  5. “ Cost Creep “ was a distraction of why casm went up. Having the largest q400 fleet in a country with 35 million people was the root problem. Large planes lower casm small planes raise casm. Offering low fare tickets on a plane that requires high yields was foolish. There is no such thing as a low cost turbo prop operator! GS’s justification for the q400’s was that they needed smaller planes to feed larger planes. The problem was that WJ stumbled on the large plane implementation. First hint of trouble was when WJ asked Bombardier for a delay in deliveries, and they refused. Four 767’s (doing work of 3), static 737 fleet and over 40 q400’s. Do the math, CASM increase. Swoop won’t help as it might have lower cost but also lower revenue. Most labour groups on frozen wages and or below market. Cost creep is minimal at best. Successful wide body growth is the only way out of this. Along with successful management.
  6. This is a Scab Airline, designed to undermine the pilot union at WJ. Beware that this will not go unchallenged.
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