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  1. All major companies and public organizations in Canada and the US have a "whistleblower" system in place. These were put in place, primarily for financial issues following the Enron scandal, but are used for many other purposes.... non-financial criminal or immoral acts or breaking company rules being the secondary use. In many cases, they use a firewalled system so that the "company" can't see the reporter and doesn't know their identity but even simpler systems are in place allowing people to report to an email address using a temporary email. The point is that the reporter provides ini
  2. Greenpeace's view on Patrick Moore (Who was President of Greenpeace CANADA which was so "out there" that some other Greenpeace groups tried to squash it): While it is true that Patrick Moore was a member of Greenpeace in the 1970s, in 1986 he abruptly turned his back on the very issues he once passionately defended. He claims he “saw the light” but what Moore really saw was an opportunity for financial gain. Since then he has gone from defender of the planet to a paid representative of corporate polluters. Patrick Moore promotes such anti-environmental positions as clearcut logging,
  3. That's like saying that people in debt have to completely stop spending money to get back out of debt. As boestar says, Mother nature is bigger than us. She can absorb a lot of our transgressions but there is a power curve. We just need to get back on the right side of it.
  4. Not sure where you got your information from, other than just pulling crap out of the air, but it ain't so. Next someone will post that undersea volcanoes are warming the oceans.
  5. Al Gore has not "admitted being wrong". In fact, global climate change has moved more in the direction of his predictions than the other way. No, the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro has not all melted, but it is shrinking. As far as the grand solar minimum, it may have the effect of a single degree, while human caused global warming will have up to a 5 degree impact by the end of the century. That single degree in the 1600s caused a "mini ice age". Think of the global effect of a net 3 or 4 degree increase. Who predicts grand solar minimums and their effect on climate? It's the scientists,
  6. >>> When George Washington was eleven years old, he inherited ten slaves; by the time of his death, 317 slaves lived at Mount Vernon, including 123 owned by Washington, 40 leased from a neighbor, and an additional 153 "dower slaves." <<< At least the Americans don't try to erase the memory of their founding fathers. OTOH, there's a lot of them who think that slavery would be a nice thing to have today.
  7. Don't see any schooling. Just a politician avoiding a question and insulting the news station he seems to have enough respect for to agree to an interview. On the other hand, the question was inappropriate for the context of the interview.
  8. It's more than the science... it's the Earth itself.
  9. Can you back up your statement? I am advised that CBSA officers take the same gun training as police officers.
  10. I don't doubt that, Rich. But I would suggest that very few, even Officers in Her Majesty’s not so secret service, have had had the opportunity to discharge a firearm in an arrivals hall full of people. So everybody is a rookie at it. Gun training at CBSA is equivalent to police gun training. But if there's a maniac in there firing at will, I'm sure there would be many very happy people and their families if an armed member of Public Safety Canada (the same department that oversees the RCMP) is able to stop him early in the process. This is notwithstanding the importance of sel
  11. I'm glad our CBSA officers do their job with professionalism. As far as the RAF situation that Fido mentions goes, the officer's job is to ask the questions. If they didn't do the basics, and one of the boys committed a crime in Canada and had a criminal record or something, the officer would be reprimanded. In asking the questions, they can sometimes determine if someone is nervous or sketchy. Especially an "old", experienced officer. Many police officers have the same type of attitude as your experience with CBSA. Some much worse. Does that mean that they shouldn't carry a gun? In
  12. Of course, by posting a link to sites like this, we just encourage more of this type of illegal and potentially destructive activity. Almost like making terrorists and mass murderers immortal by publishing their names, pictures, life stories and manifestos... it just encourages others to follow in their footsteps.
  13. Conrad Black is a big fan of Trump and employs Trump's method of spouting lies that are blindly accepted by those who wish to believe them and use his sound bytes as "truth". The Greenland ice sheet is melting at its fastest rate in at least 400 years, new research suggests. And the melting is only speeding up. Melting is now nearly double what it was at the end of the 19th century, the research suggests. And the scientists say a significant increase in summertime temperatures—to the tune of about 1.2 degrees Celsius since the 1870s—is mainly to blame. ... Sea levels have r
  14. Conveniently ignoring the part about how the progressive tax system helped you and your family when you were young in a a low income family, but now refer to it as Economic Racism now that a flat tax would help you in your current tax bracket.
  15. Every democratic country in the world uses a progressive tax system. It is not a socialist plot. It does not make everyone equal. Middle to high income earners still have vastly more options than low income earners in any progressive tax system. Many low income earners in Canada work VERY hard, often working 16 hours a day for most of their lives. Yet they still can hardly make ends meet. The reason they work so hard is often so that they can provide for a better life for their children. Fortunately, most people whose lives are made better by others' hard work are willing to share their g