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  1. Conrad Black is a big fan of Trump and employs Trump's method of spouting lies that are blindly accepted by those who wish to believe them and use his sound bytes as "truth". The Greenland ice sheet is melting at its fastest rate in at least 400 years, new research suggests. And the melting is only speeding up. Melting is now nearly double what it was at the end of the 19th century, the research suggests. And the scientists say a significant increase in summertime temperatures—to the tune of about 1.2 degrees Celsius since the 1870s—is mainly to blame. ... Sea levels have risen 5cm in the past 20 years alone. NASA's data reveals that, although the picture is complex, sea levels overall are rising faster than they were 50 years ago — more quickly than expected — and that the speed will likely increase in the future, primarily because of melting ice sheets.
  2. Conveniently ignoring the part about how the progressive tax system helped you and your family when you were young in a a low income family, but now refer to it as Economic Racism now that a flat tax would help you in your current tax bracket.
  3. Every democratic country in the world uses a progressive tax system. It is not a socialist plot. It does not make everyone equal. Middle to high income earners still have vastly more options than low income earners in any progressive tax system. Many low income earners in Canada work VERY hard, often working 16 hours a day for most of their lives. Yet they still can hardly make ends meet. The reason they work so hard is often so that they can provide for a better life for their children. Fortunately, most people whose lives are made better by others' hard work are willing to share their good fortune. I have no need to reach into your pockets, Jaydee. I worked hard and made lots of money, saved and invested wisely, started a couple of companies outside my flying career, donated much to many charities and every time I complained to myself about how much tax I paid, I remembered how lucky I was that I had the opportunities that I had... mostly because of my parents' sacrifices and somewhat because I was born in Canada. I was also able to provide the same support for my children. I'm now retired and have the life experience to know that I am not wrong in my "socialist" views. I have no problem paying a higher percentage of my income in tax than someone who may never be able to get into the middle class, no matter how hard they work. Many of those who have entered aviation in the past few years will make literally millions more than I did during my career, just because of the retirements and growth in the business. They are very lucky people. They did not "work hard" to create that situation. It took me 16 years to get to the right seat of the 767 and 19 to become a Captain. New hires go direct to the 767 and will be Captains, if they choose, within 5 years. Yet, I often found that some (a small number, fortunately) were apt to complain about pay and impatient about advancement. So, I may have flown with you. Oh... and since your family was not well off when you were a child, I should point out that you were the beneficiary of the same progressive tax system that you now wish to deny others. I wonder what opportunities you might not have had had you been even more destitute under a flat tax system. ST27.... the problem is that many high money earners do not spend their money hiring local workers. They often buy German cars, American boats and Asian electronics and buy homes in Florida or Arizona and take trips to other countries. Or, they just keep it, trying to make their pile of money even bigger by speculating in the stock market. And don't let anyone tell you that they are investing to help create jobs. They are investing to make money.
  4. I think a good question would also be, why does the right not want to share? Should a person who makes $120,000 per year have a lifestyle 3 times better than someone who makes $40,000 per year?Of course they should.What makes up lifestyle?Quality of home, transportation, food, entertainment. Maybe a couple of other things... protection against unforeseen circumstances. The $40,000 earner can't afford a house, so we have to deal with rental comparisons.Under the current tax system, a person making $120,000 nets $83,458 in Ontario. An average tax rate of 30%.The person making $40,000 takes home $32, 028. An average tax rate of 20%. Sounds terribly unfair. The high earner pays 10% more and only takes home 2.6 times as much as the low income earner.But let's look into it further.Let's say that a basic 2 bedroom apartment in Mississauga rents for $1500.Basic food costs about $1000 for a family of 3.That leaves $2,028 to buy clothes, get to work and the occasional movie. Forget the movie.Not much of a lifestyle.Let's let the high income earner rent an apartment for $3,000 per month. Easily arguable that this is a big upgrade from a $1500 apartment. And let's let them eat premium food... $2,000 per month. You can only consume so many calories.Their total base costs are $5,000 per month. leaving $23,458 in remaining funds at the end of the year. With that money, they could spend $700 a month on a car lease (BMW 5 series), go on a $5,000 vacation, go to a movie weekly and still have $8,500 left over. I'd say that a car, vacation and weekly entertainment plus money to put into an RSP or TFSA could easily be considered 3 times .... more like 10 times... the lifestyle of someone who basically has zero above basic living expenses. A $400,000 earner only takes home $218,000. They could live in a $8,000 per month apartment, eat $4,000 per month in food, have 2 BMWs and go out for a $200 dinner every week, take two $10,000 vacations and still have $28,000 left over. A million dollar earner takes home exactly half of their income. What will they do with the extra $282,000 while the $40,000 earner sits at home pondering their fate if they get laid off or wondering how they will put decent clothes on their kids backs so they are not ridiculed at school. Yet, the million dollar earner thinks that they are so hard done by by having to pay a higher share of their income.
  5. At the peak, in 1986, production of CFC's was 1,000,000 tonnes per year. So, while not desirable, this is 1.3% of the reported production in 1986. Canada's contribution of CO2 production is just over 2% of global production. So, we get upset at a rogue production number for CFCs produced by a foreign country , but excuse ourselves for a known production number for CO2 that exceeds the rogue number by 50%.
  6. Moon, The concept of partial pressures of gases would suggest that, as a general rule, the various components of our atmosphere would change densities in relative proportions, subject to local anomolies. Thus, a "hole" over Antarctica is symptomatic of a general reduction in other locations.
  7. I agree that the date would be tough for anyone to predict. I imagine that this is an "at the current rate" prediction. The point is that a human-caused environmental problem was identified and, despite the best efforts and disinformation of the pro-freon lobby group, the world reacted in such a way that there appears to be an improvement. I guess we were lucky that technology had a replacement for use in air conditioning systems. The first world would not have given up on Freon if they had to give up their AC.
  8. From various publications: A new study published in Geophysical Research Letters reveals that, despite the fact that mankind hasn’t fully eliminated the use of CFCs globally, the dramatic reduction in their production has allowed the ozone layer to begin to recover. That’s great news for future generations, but we still have some work to do. Ozone layer 'shows signs of recovery', say scientists The ozone hole over Antarctica will be completely healed by 2050 thanks to an “amazing” worldwide effort, scientists have revealed. So, no, not quite all the way to "all it's glory" yet but yes, it seems that if we recognize and react to threats to our atmosphere and environment, nature can repair itself. But if governments had listened to the deniers and ignored science back in the 80's how big would the ozone problem be today, and would it be beyond the point of return by now?
  9. Wind out of the east? METAR CYTZ 271500Z AUTO 07005KT 9SM CLR 08/04 A2977 RMK SLP083=
  10. That's what's so crazy... even when the plan is to send aircraft 20 miles downwind, arrivals are cleared down to 3000 ft when they could stay at 7000 or higher. Anyone buying a home within 10 miles of the airport should expect some noise, but people under the downwind at 20 miles get more noise than those on the downwind only 10 miles from the airport just because some idiot at Nav Canada decided that a slow speed and a hard altitude at the end of the downwind were good ideas. Of the top 25 airports in the world, only 4 have a hard altitude at the end of the downwind ... YYZ, Beijing, Guangzhou and a couple of STARs in Philly (surrounded by 11 IFR airports). And we all know how great ATC is in China.
  11. gator

    Much Ado about Nothing or ???

    To paraphrase a common saying in our business, If you think safety is expensive, try ignoring it. Allegiant has, apparently, ignored dealing with safety for many years. I think Allegiant shareholders are about to find out. With some ex-NTSB people saying on 60 minutes that they would not fly Allegiant, and advise their friends and family not to, there will be a big bail-out.
  12. Regardless as to how long the airport has been there and how quiet aircraft are, Nav Canada should be designing STARs and SIDs that have the least impact on local residents. Forcing aircraft down to 2500 AGL 25 NM from the airport at 0530 (or anytime) is neither good for the airlines or the residents. There are areas where noise is inevitable, but there are areas where the effect of noise can be reduced or minimized by good design. As Moon suggests, CDO and CCO are strategies that would provide some relief, especially during silent hours. Unless planned properly, RNP approaches will increase concentration of noise at low altitude, often in areas that have previously rarely seen aircraft overhead. Phoenix city council recently won a court decision to force the FAA to roll back RNP there. Fortunately, after much pressure, Nav Canada hired a European company (Helios) to do an analysis of current STARs and SIDs and they identified many areas where improvements could be made. In addition, Nav Canada seems to be much more proactive with regard to community noise, at least in the YYZ area. Managing noise is one of the cornerstones of ensuring the continued use of our airports during evening hours. Both the GTAA and Nav Canada have finally come to that realization. There will always be residents and residents' groups that will ask for unreasonable outcomes, but to suggest that all affected residents should just accept the fact that they should be awakened late at night and early in the morning for no good reason other than a STAR designed by an idiot is a recipe for even more restrictions in the long run. New silent hour STARs will be introduced later this year at YYZ and will go a long way to improving the impact of arrivals on residents below the intermediate approach area by reducing residential overflight and employing CDO. At the same time, they will reduce flight time, fuel burn and cost when compared to the current procedures.
  13. gator

    Is This Your Canada?

    Really ? If you really believe that, it means that you would prefer to live in Hungary than Canada. Is that what you're saying?
  14. gator

    Is This Your Canada?

    Hungary... an example to the world and a leader in human rights.... Human rights problems [in Hungary] included police use of excessive force against suspects, particularly Roma; new restrictions on due process; new laws that expanded restrictions on speech and the types of media subject to government regulation; government corruption; societal violence against women and children; sexual harassment of women; and trafficking in persons. Other problems continued, including extremist violence and harsh rhetoric against ethnic and religious minority groups and discrimination against Roma in education, housing, employment, and access to social services.
  15. gator

    Is This Your Canada?

    I read somewhere that 99.9% of gun violence was gun related.