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  1. WestJet to launch ULCC???

    Econair: circa 1974 it seems...
  2. Thank you Innuendo. You are right - of course. I do have install discs for Win Vista. Would that do me any good? I am also trying out the 'Opera' browser at the moment as they seem to still support XP. John
  3. Thank you Kip. I tried it on this post but I am using out-of-date Chrome with out-of-date XP. I intend to hold on to same until I am out-of-date.
  4. Excellent - thank you
  5. Captain Blues Deville, You have described my 55 years to a tee. Including my father's career. Although he was RAF/TZ/PWA/CAIL. Two of his 'rides' attached (sorry about the poor quality). Technical Forum question: Am I able to reply directly to someone's post? Or just the last post of a thread? Thanks, John
  6. Hello All, Long time reader. Finally decided to sign up. Thank you Malcolm for starting this thread and for the article. I attach a transcript from a FSF Foundation talk in the 80's. The speaker is Dr. Frank E. Dully Jr. . I have met and spoken with Frank many times over the years about this very subject. Thanks and all the best, John Managing Pilots.pdf