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  1. Wow are you full of it. It was 25 million, during record profits and record share price. The ALPA deal is 180 million on a 1.5 billion dollar deal with 13.5% above baseline. Trip Rigs, Pension, and Years of Service. We were that far behind. The WJPA actually laughed at all of those concepts and even campaigned against these points in their anti-union drive. The disparity of wealth was in the inner ranks who have done much better now. Maybe your turn is next but it takes unity and engagement. Not constant destabilization and infighting that the WJPA specialized in. Oh the WJPA did get us
  2. To the question about WS pilots signing an LOU. Why would WestJet pilots do this before having a first CBA in place? I beleive the expansion is limited within the existing network as the bargaining unit would have a right to follow their work. Canadian Labour laws date back 100 plus years addressing another company starting up to circumvent a union. (long time lurker)