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  1. Maybe should be a new thread? Interesting story for sure.
  2. Hi Kip. There would be no way for the controller to be aware of the single pilot OPS for sure. The first solo pilot I was referring to was Cessna N65251 that was in the pattern to land after the Cirrus and Metro collided.
  3. Have to cast a shadow on the somewhat sloppy ATC procedures going on here as well. The Metroliner was a single pilot OPS with little or no view to his starboard and the encroaching Cirrus in a starboard turn with poor vision to his port sets things up nicely. The Cirrus at that density altitude (5885 ASL airport elev) is clipping along like CF-104 on final! Interesting note the pilot in the Cessna that reports the CAPS deployment of the Cirrus was on his first solo! Welcome to aviation.
  4. May want to change title of thread to almost kills several swimmers.......
  5. Here is a little more detail of the behaviour of the ejection seat. Hard to believe that a Western Tanager songbird started this tragic sequence of events. https://legionmagazine.com/en/2021/03/bird-strike-caused-fatal-snowbirds-crash-report-confirms/?fbclid=IwAR3b86rhV4hp9VRvOdJh7ADOT2_ICfR-mKeERcRdiGrL3yh-gzaKYjUc70c
  6. Ah the great green reset all on display on the AEF the airline website.? Should pretty much be the proverbial "final nail" for our beloved industry except for Emirates and China Southern of course.
  7. He was not a member of Trudeau's wedding party so I suspect he will be ineffectual as Transport Minister.
  8. If 2020 was a B17...Happy New Year everyone!
  9. Memories of many many Christmas spent at work getting people home for the holidays. Merry Christmas and stay safe everyone! A Nordair Christmas Une Noel Nordair.mp4
  10. Will always treasure this letter to a 20 year old sprog from this icon with some really solid advice and guidance. Clear skies Max!
  11. Here is a link to the Maclean's article from January 4 1958 https://archive.macleans.ca/article/1958/1/4/the-toughest-flying-country-in-the-world#!&pid=14
  12. Interesting. My first thoughts went back to TE901(Air New Zealand) in November of 1979 and the Mt. Erebus disaster. Initial investigation and conclusion of pilot error was later found to be false and a correction of a waypoint in the flight planning computer was not giving to the crew. I bit of a watershed accident for sure.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/117377633/memories-of-the-erebus-crash-a-first-plane-trip-lost-friends-absolute-disbelief
  13. Rudder are these AC's numbers you are quoting?
  14. FYI the original link above is a live "google spreadsheet" and therefore is being updated as the data comes in.
  15. I believe this to be a legitimate synopsis of the current situation and is being updated as changes come available. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cRgtHZ4sRPj4BdcJa2y09SKaG8SRrLLtntHSegfmmoU/htmlview?sle=true#gid=1072793355
  16. Good synopsis from Juan Brown on the ATSB preliminary report..... https://youtu.be/3pPRovcTXJw
  17. Well worth watching from what I consider a no BS source on aviation accident/incident reporting......
  18. Not the best quality but a good synopsis of the comms during the incident.
  19. Sorry having one of these operating in an active international airport control zone with no apparent Command and Control system is not an ACCIDENT. SA-15 TOR-M1SAM
  20. Tweet from Tom Podolec about the fracass......scroll down for the after pictures... https://twitter.com/TomPodolec/status/1211803214401720327?s=20
  21. Is the AC rondelle backwards on the starboard side of the tail? Asking for a friend.
  22. Great synopsis of one of the greatest engines ever designed. Nothing like the sound of four merlin's at once. In this case Merlin 224's. Last October was fortunate enough to observe an engine runup aboard CWHM Lancaster Mk X.
  23. For what it's worth and hoping I've have done the GMT math correctly here is a screen grab of the turnaround point and the appropriate SIG WXX chart. Certainly not the best predictor of potential CAT but it seems to be fairly benign wxx SW of HNL. Reports say the CAT was sudden and not anticipated I suppose wake turbulence from nearby aircraft will be investigated.
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