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  1. Air France A380 engine failure

    A different perspective on the ground in YYR...catastrophic failure in cruise at relatively low power setting...Yikes!
  2. WestJet 737 Max

    I love how registrations come and go but C-FNAX caught my eye. Reincarnated from former Nordair L-188 Ice Reconnaissance / Environment Canada CF-NAX. Photo Credit George W. Hamlin
  3. Although it was not a full on demo by any means it was nice to see the F35 in the flesh. Nice heritage flight as well with a P-51D. 40,000 lbs of thrust seem to be enough and this Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems F35 HMD custom fitted for the individual pilot runs about $500,000 CAD a pop. Not interested in another food fight about this vs Super Hornet blah blah blah but this thing is on a whole other level. It does take air to ground fighter to the next generation and beyond and with a 20:1 kill ratio at a recent Maple Flag 17-1 ....impressive.
  4. Captains of the Clouds

    Malcolm I have been trying to find a copy of this movie for a while. I think it shows up on TCM (Turner Classic) every once in a while. Here is an interesting background on the filming from Vintage Wings....
  5. Nice little recap from the visit here in YYZ with some kind of gyroscopic stabilized GoPro.....
  6. Irma

    I don't know if anemometer reading are accurate at this speed but Barbuda took a direct hit from Irma. This could be devastating.....
  7. Ha ha thanks. The best were the "observers" at Deception Bay that worked for the mine with their glorious reports of clear conditions and light crosswinds.
  8. Vsplat thank you for your well thought out words. Dryden was a watershed moment for "flight operations" in Canada. C.A.L.D.A. (Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association) had to work very hard to pursue licensing (settled for T.C. certification) with a lot of pushback at the time from pilot groups. Interesting enough back in 1979 when I was hired as a dispatcher at Nordair all of their dispatchers had to obtain their FAA Dispatchers License within a year of being checked out. We were sent to PIT to write the FAA exam (at the time an ATPL exam) and return for a face to face exam with an FAA inspector. For 33 years I tried my absolute best everyday to provide the "eyes and ears on the ground" for all the flights under my operational control. There were days when I felt a lot of pressure from System Operations Control (commercial side) to operate into unsafe or hopeless conditions and I had the good fortune to work with a professional pilot group that backed me up. Working on and after 9-11 and hundreds of "weather events" and Christmas blizzards gave me an appreciation of all the professionals I had the good fortune to work with. It was a great career. In my humble opinion any criticism leveled at the dispatch profession here could easily be turn back around in the mirror but mutual respect has to be earned. Great post Vsplat.
  9. SFO Incident

    This my friend is exactly explains how the aircraft ended up where it did. Is this an AC Procedure for this approach..I do not know. Approach plates and approach briefings can be a real gotcha even in VMC conditions/transitional approaches.
  10. SFO Incident

    If I am reading the approach plate correctly the only guidance available is the GP for 28R and no LOC available for guidance. But not privy to AC SOP for flying this type of approach. Flying the LOC would put left of the desired the desired flight patch (Quiet App).
  11. SFO Incident

    No where near being a subject matter expert but offering this in the interest of discussion only. The NTSB reports AC759 was cleared for the FMS bridge visual runway 28R approach. This approach places the aircraft in a right of centerline (28R) on a somewhat converging course to the runway (see attached plates) vs an ILS 28R approach which of course places you on the LOC/GS. The weather conditions were VMC and SFO was in a somewhat unusual configuration with DEP and ARR on 28R. I assume that the runway lighting system for 28L was off (reduced setting) due to the runway closure. All of these factors sets the aircraft up in a position to line up with taxiway C bearing in mind close proximity of the parallels at SFO 28/01's. The crew is convinced there are lined up with the correct runway (visual approach) with no ILS backup and the aircraft on the taxiway are more than likely invisible to the crew until closer in (aircraft taxi lights would be off). Please note AC would be using Jeppesen charts but the comparison would be a very close comparison. Not sure at what point back would the blue lighting of the taxiway become evident to the PF. The visual and the (jedi mind trick) leading you into thinking all is good. This video of the FMS bridge visual runway 28R approach is DVFR fast forward to the 8:54 mark.
  12. B17-g

    I would say with confidence that it was The Commemorative Air Force "Sentimental Journey". It has been floating around Kingston Ontario for the last couple of days. She is a beauty.....
  13. 150 years young

    Agreed they missed the boat on this one. Snowbirds have added a "Toot" in 150 scheme .....
  14. Interesting departure pattern for eastbounds...