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  1. Johnboy

    Lancaster crash in Alert

    Greg fascinating article. She was a Canadian built (Malton ON) Lancaster MkX KB965 C/N 37266. From the Bomber Command Museum Website is her pedigree...... Flown to England; issued to #405(B) Sqdrn as code 'LQ-D'; returned to Canada 17.6.45; attached to #664 Wing, Tiger Force; converted to Mk.10MP; issued to #405(MR) in 1949 marked AG-965; served until crashed at Alert. NWT. on 31.7.50 killing W/C D.T.French(P) and seven others; while dropping two batches of supplies to weather station at Alert, one parachute caught on the port elevator and fouled the controls; with the drop at 1000 ft. there was no time to recover before striking the ground; All crew killed on impact; SOC 16.8.50
  2. Johnboy

    Air France 787 Vid in 8K

    Oh mon dieu c'est un Boeing! Great vid.
  3. Johnboy

    747 at YHZ

    Now headed for the beer can factory. I wonder if it will be subjected to the aluminiun tariffs?
  4. I recently completed a project involving analyzing a WW2 log book of (Bomb Aimer Lancaster) Gordon "Ed" Deschaine DFC of the RCAF on behalf of his family. Ed was my mother's cousin and I remember him visiting our home in Windsor many many times. I knew he was in the RCAF during the war but after completing this project I was dumbfounded to learn the extent of his bravery and sacrifice. As we near Remembrance Day I was moved to create a johnboy Production to honor Ed and all those that gave up everything. #LestWeForget
  5. Johnboy

    Lion Air Down

    Of some interest from Aviation Safety Net Website unconfirmed ACARS maintenance message from inbound flight.... "The previous flight of the accident aircraft, JT043 from Denpasar, showed similar erratic values in altitude and airspeed after takeoff. After 8 minutes the values stabilzed. An unverified tech log item for that flight, sent to ASN, remarks "Airspeed unreliable and alt disagree shown after take off.[...] Identified that CAPT instrument was unreliable and handover control to FO." While this particular purported tech log note is unconfirmed, Lion Air did confirm that the aircraft had a "technical problem" on the previous flight, "which had been resolved according to procedure,” according to the airline." Young airframe only operated for 3 months since new.
  6. Tweet from Tom Podolec concerning medical diversion yesterday that unraveled fairly quickly. Initial diversion to YEG scrapped after aircraft developed other issues with Hydraulics/LDG then diverted to YYC at it's 14,000 + FT runway. Job well done. I don't see a lot of flap hanging out on landing. Scroll down to see landing video......
  7. Thanks for sharing this Don. The AIBN got this one right and pointed their finding in the right direction.
  8. Johnboy

    A 51 Year Old Story

    Thank you GDR for sharing this inspiring story.
  9. Johnboy

    Question on new ac employee site

    My explanation is this seems to be an Apple IOS anomaly mostly related to portable devices iPhone iPad. The software recognizes the nine digit number as a possible phone number. If you tap the red (highlighted) number it will give you an option to (Cancel) or (Call) what the software thinks is a phone number. Sorry no conspiracy theory here.. I believe the previous site behaved the same way. Edit: I changed the screen shot to remove any trade secrets. I don't want any P.I.'s going through my trash...if you know what I mean.
  10. Johnboy

    Question on new ac employee site

    A city pair and corresponding date would be helpful.
  11. Johnboy

    Memory Lane

    Probably 1977 or so. Gate 1 at YQG. Had the world by the tail or so I thought.
  12. Johnboy

    WestJet flight in Sint Maarten

    The issue I raised in the original thread on this subject was that the incident was not reported immediately to (DX-FLTOPS) so that DFDR and CVR could be re-covered. As well it appears that 2 EGPWS warnings and an GA at 39 ft did not warrant suitable notification as a "reportable incident" to the TSB. Am I to assume (ass out of you and me) that the TSB investigation was initiated by media and social media reports (and pictures) of the approach? 1.11 Flight recorders The aircraft is equipped with a digital flight data recorder (DFDR) and a cockpit voice recorder (CVR). Because the occurrence was originally assessed by WestJet as a non-reportable event, it was not reported directly to the TSB. The CVR and the DFDR data were overwritten and were not available to the investigation. The quick access recorder (QAR) data file was sent to the TSB laboratory for analysis. QAR data is recorded by the aircraft's digital flight data acquisition and management unit, which stores the data on a Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) card for flight data monitoring (FDM) purposes. The data on the card is an exact duplicate of that collected by the DFDR; however, the DFDR is crash-protected whereas the QAR is not, and the latter typically holds many more hours of data.
  13. Johnboy

    NTSB report on Air Canada at SFO

    Agreed I have never seen this much detail and personal information in an NTSB document. Two items that standout for me was despite the FMS Bridge Visual for 28R why wouldn't the ILS/LOC be turned for "reference" and the fact that there was 1 tower controller on duty for TWR/GRD at SFO with this runway configuration is absolutely egregious.
  14. For effect here is the TSB photo evidence of the de-icing equipment at Fond-du-Lac.....
  15. Spotted yesterday at the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum was a group of Star Wars spies no doubt gathering intel on the Dam Busters raid. With video proof from You Tube..