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  1. No problem whatsoever amigo. When "she" speaks here I have the same reaction!
  2. I think this may be correct. Everything so far has been 15L... 170118 CYYZ TORONTO/LESTER B.PEARSON INTL CYYZ RWY 15R/33L CLSD, AVBL AS TWY NORTH OF TWY H 1702250540 TIL 1702251700
  3. Metar data for approximate time... CYYZ 250528Z 06009KT 3/4SM R15L/P6000FT/U R06L/P6000FT/D R05/6000FT/D R15R/P6000FT/U -SHRA BR VV002 03/03 A2951 RMK FG8 PRESFR SLP998 CYYZ 250515Z VRB07KT 3/4SM R15L/2600VP6000FT/U R24R/3000V6000FT/U R15R/3000VP6000FT/U -TSRA BR VV002 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC SLP016 CYYZ 250500Z VRB02KT 3/8SM R15L/2800FT/N R24R/3000FT/D R15R/3500FT/U -TSRA FG VV001 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC PRESFR SLP018 CYYZ 250450Z 22005KT 170V230 3/8SM R15L/3000FT/N R24R/3500V5000FT/U R15R/3500FT/U -TSRA VV001 03/03 A2959 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC PRESRR SLP028 CYYZ 250429Z VRB03KT 3/8SM R15L/3000FT/N R24R/3000FT/N R15R/3000FT/D FG VV001 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 PRESFR SLP017 CYYZ 250400Z 12006KT 1/2SM R15L/4500VP6000FT/N R24R/4000V5500FT/D R15R/3000V5500FT/D FG VV002 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 SLP017
  4. Morning Kip see my post Runway 15L excursion YYZ AC623
  5. Some initial photos from Tom Podolec Twitter on photo too view more.
  6. SWISS C Series and Patrouille Suisse at the spectacular airshow above St. Moritz
  7. A Google sat image of the "closed" Sweet Bay airport. I little different than the picture provided in the story.
  8. I show that AC33 on Feb 05 diverted to BNE and recovered to SYD.
  9. For those of you with Netflix (Canada) this was a commendable effort of his life story....
  10. Lot's of interesting stuff going on in that video. Love the frozen wipers and what the hell is in those containers they are loading. The fuel leak passed the drip test as well.
  11. Once again a masterpiece from Capt. Maciej Hatta Snowbird 3 now Snowbird 7. Canadian icons and Canada 150 should be awesome....
  12. In all her glory.......
  13. Interesting Op-Ed piece from @Enrique77W on LMI2933. Perhaps a bit simplified for this audience but well worth the read..... Edit...apologies I did not read moeman's previous posting....
  14. Kip: That was an eye opener. Our educational institutions have become an embarrassment.
  15. Not much of a "newbie". I know the internet is often judge, jury and executioner but this has to be one of the biggest PR and corporate blunders in history. How could someone with this background reach this conclusion then act on it? Even after the reversal now "recommending" the poppy be worn on the opposite lapel. I think my head is going to explode!