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  1. Interesting departure pattern for eastbounds...
  2. I nice shot of the hanger line at Dome in the heyday. My wife says the G2 had camel suede upholstery. The days of Smiling Jack Gallagher.
  3. Is this section of the report the impetus for the lawsuit undertaken by AC towards Airbus? 1.18.2 Flight path angle guidance mode "The Airbus FCOM does not offer guidance on how to make adjustments to the FPA; for example, it does not indicate how large the adjustment should be or for how long the adjustment should be made in order to return an aircraft to the selected flight path. For a flight in FPA guidance mode, Air Canada's practice was that, once the aircraft was past the FAF, the flight crews were not required to monitor the aircraft's altitude and distance from the threshold, nor to make any adjustments to the FPA." I recall an extensive discussion on this forum about cold temp correction but headwind played a significant role as well in placing the aircraft where it should not have been. It would appear that the "cold temp correction" was not an Airbus procedure but one discovered by TC in 2009. "In 2009, while working with Air Canada, TC identified a discrepancy involving all Airbus A320, A330, and A340 series aircraft when a non-precision approach was carried out in cold temperatures. " In my humble opinion the bulk of the holes in the Swiss cheese align with this FPA procedure and how it is used and was implemented into SOP. Worth some discussion I believe.
  4. Kip: Great memories, good times. My wife always tells the story of walking to the Stores Dept. on the hanger floor to ask for them to page "Herman Nelson"! Not so sure it's as much "fun" in today's "P.C." world. Thanks for the share.
  5. Sooner or later......
  6. Outstanding Kip great memory. My memory of the CV550/440 was living in the east end of Windsor On, multitudes of then flying into DET (Detroit City) airport very distinctive sound and approach angle loaded with auto parts and who knows what else.
  7. Thanks to Eric Dumigan for turning me on to this little gem. That's Jimmy Stewart at the engineers position and I'm pretty sure that's Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H) all filmed in beautiful 70MM. Great example of technology trying to keep up military requirements.
  8. Amazing indeed. 4948 ft runway with 3934 ft available for take off and 394 ft available for stopway! The question begs what was the payload that was carried/available ? I always thought Porter's plans for this aircraft at YTZ was pie in the sky (LAX SFO etc) perhaps I need to eat crow. This thing is an A318 on steroids. Note older Jeppy 2006.
  9. My half-ass attempt from a video screen shot taken during first approach. My only comment on this "incident" is how was it reported and handled at Westjet (under SMS guidelines) and was a discussion made about procuring the DFDR and DCVR data prior to departure SXM? According to the Westjet press release and the CADORS filling this was nothing more than a GA. Nothing to see hear ....move on!
  10. Unable to find any CADOR's report for this incident. Pretty sure it would have met the criteria for filing one.
  11. Not much to glean from the article but interesting pic of the go-around and some serious wake on the water... I guess the angle the shot is taken from and my firm belief that everything is suspect (see Photoshop™)
  12. No problem whatsoever amigo. When "she" speaks here I have the same reaction!
  13. I think this may be correct. Everything so far has been 15L... 170118 CYYZ TORONTO/LESTER B.PEARSON INTL CYYZ RWY 15R/33L CLSD, AVBL AS TWY NORTH OF TWY H 1702250540 TIL 1702251700
  14. Metar data for approximate time... CYYZ 250528Z 06009KT 3/4SM R15L/P6000FT/U R06L/P6000FT/D R05/6000FT/D R15R/P6000FT/U -SHRA BR VV002 03/03 A2951 RMK FG8 PRESFR SLP998 CYYZ 250515Z VRB07KT 3/4SM R15L/2600VP6000FT/U R24R/3000V6000FT/U R15R/3000VP6000FT/U -TSRA BR VV002 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC SLP016 CYYZ 250500Z VRB02KT 3/8SM R15L/2800FT/N R24R/3000FT/D R15R/3500FT/U -TSRA FG VV001 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC PRESFR SLP018 CYYZ 250450Z 22005KT 170V230 3/8SM R15L/3000FT/N R24R/3500V5000FT/U R15R/3500FT/U -TSRA VV001 03/03 A2959 RMK FG8 OCNL LTGIC PRESRR SLP028 CYYZ 250429Z VRB03KT 3/8SM R15L/3000FT/N R24R/3000FT/N R15R/3000FT/D FG VV001 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 PRESFR SLP017 CYYZ 250400Z 12006KT 1/2SM R15L/4500VP6000FT/N R24R/4000V5500FT/D R15R/3000V5500FT/D FG VV002 03/03 A2956 RMK FG8 SLP017
  15. Morning Kip see my post Runway 15L excursion YYZ AC623